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sex survey © Sue Harper | Dreamstime.comWe do a weekly survey, which we announce on facebook and Twitter. Below are links to the survey results. Most surveys are still open, and you can add your answers if you like. We recalculate results from time to time.

These surveys are not representative of the population as a whole, or even of Christians as a whole. Based on demographic surveys we know our respondents are very serious about their faith (based on frequency of church attendance, the metric used by George Barna) and more sex positive than Christians as a whole.

Current Survey: Men: Do you want to climax every time?

Most Recently Posted Results: Sexual Teasing How do men and women feel about being teased for a while before they are pleased?

All Surveys:

Lingerie for Christmas? Do women want sexy undies under the tree?
Premarital Porn Use How much porn are men and women using before marriage?
Was 2013 good for Your Marriage? It was a good year for most!
Sexual Fantasy How often and are they about your spouse?
Porn Use and Attitudes How many use it, how often, is it wrong?
Love or Respect? Which is more important to men and women?
Should the Wife Orgasm Every Time? Do all women want to climax every time? How do men feel about it?
Sex: How Often? How often do couples have sex. How often do husbands and wives want to have sex?
Masturbation in Marriage How often do married folk take matter into their own hands, and why do they do it?
Sexual Teasing How do men and women feel about being teased for a while before they are pleased?

More Surveys The following are all on one page (we are working on separating them)

  • Anal Sex
  • What colour lingerie do men prefer?
  • Ladies, what does your husband do that makes sex really great for you?
  • What wives do to make sex great
  • Birth control survey
  • What is most lacking in your marriage?
  • Infidelity Survey
  • Faking Orgasm (women and men)
  • Attitudes about breast size
  • Do you pray as a couple?
  • Are you “getting enough” sex in your marriage.
  • Sex while staying in someone else’s home?

Older Surveys – All on one page (Most of these will be run again and replaced over time)

  • Are you having “enough” sex?
  • Wives and oral sex
  • Husbands and oral sex
  • Masturbation and the married man
  • Masturbation and the married woman
  • Foreplay
  • Aftreplay
  • Sex positions
  • Did you have sex before the wedding?
  • Sex During Menstruation
  • Have you seen the clitoris? (Asking women if they have looked at themselves.)
  • Too tired for sex
  • Sex toy survey
  • Saying yes, then getting into it.
  • Ever been to a strip club?
  • How long does sex last?
  • Do you sleep naked?
  • Pubic Trimming
  • Would you masturbate if you could have all the sex you want?
  • Saying no to sex.
  • First porn exposure and first masturbation
  • Wedding night sex
  • Best time for sex?
  • First intercourse
  • How often do you climax, and is it enough?
  • Lights on or off during sex?





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