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Too Cold for Sex?

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  • Thirty-eight percent of men and 23% of women say the cold makes them want to cuddle and have more sex.
  • The cold limits sex for women far more than for men. Twenty-seven percent of women say it reduces their ability to enjoy sex, 22% say it reduces their willingness to have sex, and 19% say it reduces their interest in sex, and 9% say it interferes with them reaching climax. For men these same issue were true for only 1% to 4%.
  • Both men (26%) and women (24%) say the cold changes what they do in bed.
  • Only 23% of women say the cold does not affect them (combination those who said no and those who said no, but it does my spouse). For men this combined score was 63% are never affected.
  • Other answers included several who avoid getting naked, and a couple with a small heater or heat lamp sex up for sex.

Women’s Comments:

  • I also have fibromyalgia, so that makes the cold even harder to take. But our room has radiant heat separate from the rest of the heating system, so I just turn that on in advance and that makes a huge difference.
  • Winter in the north definitely changes the ways we have sex. We are empty nesters so the whole house is ours all the time. Cuddling in front of the fire on the sofa in the family room is a very special cold weather activity. We get warmed up under a blanket as the fire begins to warm the room. We use this opportunity to cuddle, kiss and fondle each other. It doesn’t take too long for the room and both of us to get warm enough to shed the blanket. There is something special about performing oral on each other with the flickering light and random crackle of the fire. Of course the ultimate warmth is feeling of fullness of my husband inside me and knowing that I am engulfing him as we pull each other together. It certainly makes winter more bearable.
  • Heating a room to a comfortable temperature for me to be naked is almost impossible! We’ve tried using the electric blanket on low but being warm underneath doesn’t help when the top half of me is freezing! Last night, we investigated trying the spa bath, it was very warm but so relaxing I lost interest in sex after a very small, almost unnoticeable climax, and just wanted to sleep!
  • I am pretty sure that my husband hates that I have to wear socks at all times (even if the rest of me is naked) because I have cold feet. He’d also love for me to sleep naked, but there is no way that I going to happen- even if I have on 5 blankets. I wear lots of clothing layers which isn’t too physically appealing to him. I am a person who is almost always cold. I love my husband and enjoy sex but he still calls me frigid!
  • It definitely changes what we do. I need to feel warm and when there is a chill in the house, it limits our sex to the bedroom and under the covers. The kitchen is definitely out (all the cold, hard surfaces) and the family room sofa or office chair are not warm enough for me to relax and finish. In our bed, while I am able to enjoy my husband behind me (doggie) and still keep warm for a while (sometimes long enough to finish), I can’t spend a great deal of time on top of my husband, either forward or reverse, and still feel as warm as I need to climax. Missionary and spooning are the best on a cold night. Of course, feeling another body inside is the ultimate warmth. I know my husband has also said that being surrounded by me is the warmest feeling he experiences on many levels.
  • If anything, it is the other way around, but we live in a hot, humid climate.
  • My prince likes to see me uncovered–without goose bumps!
  • I live in SWFL but grew up in Ohio. I prefer a cool room. But love sex, hot or cold room!!!
  • We just turn on a heater and place it near us!
  • It changes how things start out and what I can enjoy until I have warmed up. We are limited to be under the covers. Although I haven’t had a time that we’ve started out under the covers that by the end we haven’t thrown the covers off because we’ve gotten too hot, but by then we are too far along to add other forms of play in.
  • My husband has to wrap himself around me first and get me warm before we can move to anything else that leads to sex. But we do have an electric blanket on the bed which we try to turn on in advance of bedtime, to warm up the entire bed. We turn it off when we go to bed, and it helps a lot.
  • My husband recognizes this and so tries to plan ahead, heating up the room so that it doesn’t affect our love life. If it was cold there would be more sex under the blankets.
  • We start out under the covers and after a while…we don’t need the covers anymore.
  • I almost always keep on my socks during sex when it’s cold. Otherwise I’m too cold and can’t relax and enjoy intimacy. I hate being cold so it is sometimes challenging to change my mind set to want sex especially if there are other distracting factors like fussy children, tiredness, unfinished chores, etc.
  • We do warm the bedroom with a space heater, but that requires forethought and communication, so we definitely have fewer spontaneous encounters. We also resort to plain vanilla more often. We don’t have a clear system of who is responsible for preparing the room, so there’s more tension surrounding the event as well.
  • Blankets!! And turn up the heat just for 30 minutes or so 🙂
  • We often times correct the temperature and then I am fine.
  • It just makes it more likely that we will try to do it under the covers rather than tossing them to the side.
  • We always do anyways. It just isn’t me doing the asking. And I’m never sorry or cold after.
  • My husband and I disagree on the coldness/ warmth of our house. He gets hot very quickly so he is running the ceiling fan on high and the temperature on the thermostat is set to keep the house cool. I don’t like being cold and will put on extra layers or grab a throw to cover me so I won’t shiver. Heading back to the bedroom, if the room is too cool for me, I will do manual/ oral sex for him, but I don’t want him to touch me because I will get too cold
  • Being cold is very distracting and makes it hard to focus. But covers or turning up the heat fix that easy enough. 🙂
  • We may start under cover, but once things get heated up the covers come off even in the cold of winter.
  • We live in California. 🙂
  • It isn’t the cold that stops sex. It is the hot. If the room is too warm my husband refuses sex.
  • How is it possible to be too cold for sex?
  • I live in Texas where the summer heat makes it hard to touch and snuggle sometimes so the cold is great for that and the occasional fire in the fireplace is very romantic.
  • My husband is always cold. I’m always warm. These are the kind of things you find out after you get married. I never thought to ask about temperature of the house. He likes it at 80 degrees. We compromise at 70 degrees overnight.
  • If it’s too cold in a room, I don’t want to remove clothing.
  • It’s hard to think about anything sexy when I’m freezing cold. But my husband tries to rearrange things to warm me up. 😉
  • Yay for space heaters! 😉
  • Heat with humidity makes me want sex less.
  • Getting under the sheets to keep warm helps a lot.
  • Two words: electric heater
  • If I am cold, it really makes me not want to undress, ha ha! However, if hubby helps warm me up then I am good to go 🙂
  • I don’t like receiving oral sex when I’m cold because it involves no blankets to snuggle into. Bring on summer….!
  • I’m extremely sensitive to a chilly room. So we have moved in a small space heater and get the room toasty so I can enjoy. It takes a few minutes but so worth it!
  • If it’s cold, we make our own heat!
  • cuddles are easier when the room is cool.
  • If the temperature in our room is too cold, it certainly effects my husband. It just gives me an incentive to find a way to warm him up 😉

Men’s Comments

  • Cold makes an already low sex interest even lower for my wife. ….making an already frustrated husband careen towards depression (again).
  • Honestly, freshly cleaned sheets are our aphrodisiac more than room temperature.
  • It greatly decreases what I get to see of my wife, which reduces my enjoyment somewhat. From Canada.
  • A big duvet and an electric under blanket are two of my favourite things in life. If things get too hot you can just push the quilt back 🙂
  • My DW does not like things to be cold in the bedroom when we have sex as she does not like to be under the covers.
  • When the weather man predicts that is it will dip below 20 we declare a “Snuggle Alert!” Nothing better than seeking out the warmth of your spouse on a cold night. Sex remains the same, though possibly a little more likely to be under the covers.
  • It affects us, but we adjust. During the winters here, it’s hard to heat up our rooms adequately. We also both tend to get cold hands so we have to work on warming up adequately. We will start out under the covers, but once we really get going, the covers come off and we just go for it and the cold doesn’t matter anymore.
  • I’ve installed a radiant heater. Works wonders.
  • As long as the covers don’t get pulled off. Hard to enjoy sex if your shivering
  • Had to get a heater for our room because of this problem. Great idea, and lighting candles helps too.
  • Space heater does the trick in our bedroom. If it is really cold, we lay on top of an electric blanket
  • My wife hates being chilly so I’ve made a neck warmer & bed warmer out of rise for her.
  • We just adjust. If it’s hot, we’re not under the sheets. If it’s cold, we cover up until we get hot!
  • As long as I warm up my hands, we are good. She does wear socks sometimes, though. Doesn’t bother me!
  • If your room is to cool for your spouse to get naked, get a space heater and warm the room.
  • My wife has specifically stated that adding a fireplace in our room would heat up more than just the room. 😉
  • Blankets yes vs blankets no
  • The main thing it effects is me being able to do oral on her, which is the only way she can climax.
  • She’s always sexually cold. Barely enough duty sex to so she can’t say we don’t have sex. I have to do everything. One position. I am getting done with her, but she refuses to do anything to support herself and I won’t put her on the street.
  • Warm rooms are better for adventurous sexual activity for us. A space heater can help warm the room.
  • Love to cuddle in warm bed which may or may not lead to other things. We have heated mattress pad which helps.
  • We are only too happy to heat up the bedroom specifically for a loving session!
  • We just snuggle under blankets and warm up then let the sparks fly.
  • Never stopped us. may change what we do, but we still “do it”
  • Cold hands and feet aren’t any fun for either of us. If it’s cold and we are planning on getting together, I’ll kick the heat on a little before we start to give the room time to warm up. Personally, I rather like it on the colder side because we can cuddle under the covers in the beginning. Inevitably, we warm ourselves up enough that we don’t need them any longer! When I do put the heat up, it’s so DW is more comfortable. She too warms up on her own after we start, but I don’t want her to feel uncomfortably cold in the beginning of our session.
  • More sex in winter because it is easier to get the kids to bed on time when the sun sets at 5pm
  • We use a space heater to warm the room without having to warm the entire house at bedtime. We prefer the house to be cool when we are sleeping, but if it is too cool it is hard for my wife to relax, be aroused, and climax.
  • Too hot does, we get overheated. Cold doesn’t affect us we make our own heat.
  • I made my wife one of those neck warmers out of rice and a sock (covered in felt for looks). I also made a giant warmer ~12×12 inches filled with rice. When it gets chilly (or her feet are cold in general) I warm it up in the microwave for a minute or so and it warms her feet right up. She also likes my warm feet next to hers when she’s chilly so extra closeness for me. 🙂
  • Mostly her chest just get cold, so we might choose a position where she is face down.
  • We have a small heater in the bedroom for this purpose. Also have a warming heart thing to warm up under the sheets.
  • Doesn’t matter the temperature my spouse never is interested. 15 years of marriage it has not changed. I have tried numerous things, come to realization that it is not me, she just makes excuses. Good for about 5 times a year
  • Sexless marriage for three years
  • If my wife is cold it cuts the activities way down. She often wants to keep her gown on and hurry the activity along. Yes, I am still willing, but it is like going out for fast food verses going out for a nice meal – both take care of hunger, but there is no real comparison.
  • My wife is extremely cold natured. Sex is always better when it’s warm. That’s a no-brainer.
  • My wife is very reluctant to get naked in a cold room and winters get pretty cold up here in Michigan. She really wants to be comfortable in order to enjoy sex properly. We invested in a small space heater for our bedroom. If I know that sex is on the menu, I’ll make sure it’s turned on beforehand so the room is a much more comfortable warm temperature. Best investment I ever made!
  • I live in a hot place and we depend on air conditioning. The temperature that is comfortable for me is too cold for her. Not serious enough to block sex. As far as temperature is concerned, what’s good for the goose is NOT good for the gander!
  • My DW gets cold very easily. If it is cool/cold and I know that we are going to be intimate I use the microwave to heat up a sock full of rice and stick it on DW’s side of the bed. That warms her up and helps to make things more enjoyable for her.
  • Never really bothered by temperatures in a normal range of maybe 65-80 degrees. Wife is very sensitive, but her sensitivity changes making it hard to keep the room at a temperature that is acceptable to her.





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