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Sexual Teasing

74 women and 162 men have answered
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  • Most like this kind of teasing. Only 5% of men and 15% of women were negative or ambivalent.
  • Forty one percent of women and 52% of men “like it a lot.”
  • For about a third of men and women, this is sometimes good, sometimes not.
  • Among women, age was a big factor for liking this a lot:
    • 20’s 38%
    • 30’s 29%
    • 40’s 62%
    • 50+ 25%
  • For men, age was a factor for liking it provided “later is soon”:
    • 20’s 71%
    • 30’s 33%
    • 40’s 33%
    • 50+ 31%
  • Several men and one woman noted they had to be sure later was going to happen. Two men specified later had to be the same day.

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  • This was less popular – 1 in 5 women and 12% of men do not like it.
  • Only 19% of women and 25% of men like it a lot – about half as many as for the first question.
  • As with the question above, women in their 40’s were far more into this:
    • 20’s 4%
    • 30’s 10%
    • 40’s 48%
    • 50+ 13%
  • For men, age was again a factor for liking it provided “later is soon”:
    • 20’s 50%
    • 30’s 34%
    • 40’s 36%
    • 50+ 31%
  • How long between tease and please was important for many men and women.
  • For about a third of men and women, this is sometimes good, sometimes not, depending on their mood.

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  • Women were more likely than men to not like this or not like it much. Women who find it difficult to reach climax at times understandably do not find this fun .
  • Age was a factor for women here too, with the numbers who like it a lot going up steadily with age:
    • 20’s 25%
    • 30’s 43%
    • 40’s 48%
    • 50+ 63%
  • No significant age difference for men on this, but men in their 20’s were more likely to to be the one to choose when they do climax.

Women’s Comments:

  • A lot of times, if I get close, but then held off, I can’t get back to where I can climax. It’s kind of a one shot deal, so I don’t like missing out on it. 🙂
  • Now that it is much easier for me to have an orgasm, I really like the delay! Makes the orgasm much more intense.
  • I love it when my husband takes control and all I have to do is enjoy it. I need the feeling of not thinking and just being able to feel.

Men’s Comments:

  • Playing around and arousal is fun. I know my spouse and I know she’s going to want to get me there eventually, so why not enjoy it and let it take as long as it takes?





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