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Sexual Fantasy

155 women and 533 men have answered
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  • If the numbers for men seem low, realise a fantasy is more than a thought.
  • Age had only a small effect on men’s answers, with most ages varying only a couple of points from the average. In the 50 and up age range the number who said daily was about 25% lower, but not at all and less than once a week was almost identical to the average.
  • For women there was a strong increase in frequency of fantasy amount the 40-49 age range, with the number saying more than once a week, less than daily almost doubling.

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  • Both younger and older women were less likely to have fantasies about anyone other than their husband. The percent who fantasized about others never on less than 10% of the time by age for women:
    • 20-29 73%
    • 30-39 52%
    • 40-49 70%
    • 50 + 90%
    • In men, age made very little difference.

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  • One man mentioned he and his wife share their fantasies, and that is a big plus for them.
  • Several men and women said most of their fantasies are remembering the past with their spouse.
  • Several men and women made the point that the “others” they fantasize about were not real people.
  • Some fantasize about their spouse doing things he or she will not do. Other find it difficult to fantasize about their spouse because of the things the spouse refuses to do.





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