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Sex Positions

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  • About half of couples use four our more positions regularly.
  • Very few are limited to one position, and less than a quarter are limited to two.
  • The numbers by gender are fairly close except for the 6 or more category. Are women more likely to see minor variations as different positions, or are we seeing the sex positive aspect of the women who answer our surveys?

Percent of men and women who have tried various positions:

Female Male
Man on top/Missionary 100% 100%
Woman on top 100% 99%
Rear entry kneeling(Doggy) 97% 94%
Spoons (side by side not facing) 87% 82%
Seated, facing 86% 79%
Woman on top, facing away 85% 72%
Woman on back, man standing 76% 80%
Rear entry standing 74% 72%
Side by side, facing 68% 67%
Seated, not facing 66% 53%
Standing, facing 58% 60%
Standing, man holding woman 51% 51%

How much do men and women like the positions they have tried?

Female Male
Man on top/Missionary 1.3 1
Woman on top 1.2 1.5
Woman on back, man standing 1.2 1.2
Rear entry kneeling(Doggy) 1.2 1.5
Seated, facing 1 0.9
Spoons (side by side not facing) 0.6 0.7
Seated, not facing 0.5 0.9
Rear entry standing 0.4 1
Side by side, facing 0.4 0.2
Woman on top, facing away 0.3 1.2
Standing, man holding woman 0.2 0.2
Standing, facing -0.2 0.1
      • Responses from those who had tried a position were weighted with great = 2, good = 1, okay =0 and dislike = -1
      • Missionary was the favourite position for women, but tied for the fifth favourite for men.
      • Men liked woman on top and rear entry the most (tied).
      • Woman on top facing away (reverse cowgirl) was highly rated by men, but lowly rated by women. (This position gives a woman no direct clitoral stimulation.)

      Women’s Comments:

      • My husband and I like variety but usually finish with a rear entry type position. These are the best for me because he really hits my G spot and gives me the strongest orgasms. If I am on top, I can set the pace and time our orgasms together. In rear entry, I can tell when he’s about to climax really feel him pulsing when he does and that’s very satisfying for me. Sometimes I climax again!
      • There is too much of a height difference for any of the standing positions to work.
      • This is really all from memories of better days. I am in a nearly sexless marriage against my will. If I’m lucky, my husband will have sex with me about once every 9 months or so. It’s been MANY years since we “made love” rather than “had sex.” He rejects me in just about every way…but for the last several years, the few times we’ve had sex, it has been in the missionary position.
      • Our favourites are doggy and non-facing spoons/scissors but we love trying new things too!
      • Newlywed for the second time around. Having a ball discovering new things with my favorite husband. I thought we were doing well to try new things but I see a few we’ve neglected.
      • Missionary and Doggy are the favorites because he can use long slow strokes and he’s in control. These positions afford good depth. My partner is about 6 to 7 inches long and 5 1/2 inch around so deep penetration is good. Doggy gives me a very different orgasm from Missionary but they’re both good.
      • Husband overweight and can’t be on top or I can’t breathe. Would love to try other positions but he’s not interested and can’t get on his knees.
      • This is a great question I also like scissor both laying down one leg over her leg
      • Any position I can also use a vibrator is better. If I cannot get one between us it’s not as good. Sometimes HIS favorite position is MY favorite position–not because I like it, but because he LOVES it. Doggy style almost always gives me a UTI. Love the feeling but hate the complication of it.
      • The pleasure of any position that requires one person to stand is going to be dependent on height issues, i.e. the height of the man vs. the woman, the height of the bed, etc. Woman on top is a reliable way to orgasm for me, especially if I have had good stimulation beforehand, but there is also something so sexy about doggy style that is very exciting. In addition to rear entry kneeling, we’ve tried rear entry in which I am laying down, hips slightly propped up on a pillow, legs closer together. It’s nice!
      • When people are heavy or have medical conditions, positions are less about what is pleasurable more about what is possible. Of course, that provides motivation to be creative in finding other ways to make it great, so having fewer options doesn’t make much difference.
      • What guy has a long enough penis to do some of these positions?!?!?
      • Body size and weight are issues for our choices. Plus my ever-growing stomach, now at 8m pregnant. Back to kamasutra fun positions in 4 or 5 months i am sure…
      • love. don’t hate.
      • All of those “Ok” answers are due to trying something once or twice, but not often enough to really figure out whether it “worked” for us or not.
      • Even though many of these positions I dislike or rate as okay, I do them for my husband. The reason I don’t care for them is it doesn’t hit my body right therefore I can’t orgasm from them, and a couple of ths positions cause me pain internally.
      • We try some varying positions and haven’t had success, its not that we don’t like them. Left out one of our favorites rear entry with man lying down. Also there are so many variations on missionary that the survey doesn’t take into account.
      • I’m adventurous and will try anything once but I tend to notice I Perfer the “common” ones more.
      • some of these positions, basically the OK ones, don’t hit all the important spots to get a woman aroused…so she has to be pretty excited “going in”. Some depend on the height and weight of the partners as to if they work or if they are just plain awkward. We are well past Standing, man holding woman…as well as Getting Twisted Up Under the Steering Wheel of the Car.
      • I enjoy just about any position, but have trouble climaxing unless I am on top. Orgasm is not something I need or attempt with every encounter though.
      • Lots of positions I still want to try, if I can convince him.
      • I have a tilted uterus, so some positions hurt quite a bit if we’re not careful. I’m sure that effects what positions I like.
      • Yes please
      • Any where you can’t face can be improved with the use of a mirror ??
      • I like to do at least two or three position before finishing but don’t always have time for that. So our go to position is wife on top which allows for a quicker finish for both of us.
      • Sorry, but you missed a great one. Woman lying on side with top leg towards chin. Man straddling lower leg.
      • My hubby and I have found that ‘old fashion’ missionary is The Best and not sure why it has such a bad rap….
      • Male shape, size of body and genitalia in direct relation to me and mine is certainly relevant to position preferences.
      • How about tried and almost died laughing because it didn’t work????
      • You missed my favorite. Husband in missionary position, upright on his knees. Wife lying on her side. 🙂
      • I have recently had a baby, so we have not had intercourse much since it is still quite painful for me. So we’d usually be using more than 2 positions in 3 months, but not right now! Seated facing is my all time favourite, and the only position I can orgasm in, save one time with woman on top.
      • There’s no such thing as a truly “Bad” position! 😉 I have my favorites, but they’re all good.
      • In the 20+ yrs of marriage, I have not been sexually adventurous-I really had no desire to try anything new. until about 2 years ago I found a few marriage blogs on fb & wow! I’m a new women… Life is GOOD 🙂
      • He is a lot taller, so standing positions are a challenge.
      • I love pretty much all positions, but can only get an orgasm if I am on top.
      • My husband is a lot more adventurous than me, but I am hesitant to try certain things from being over weight. I’m not huge but still self conscious and don’t want to look bad or be to heavy for him trying to hold me. Once I lose some more weight I will be more comfortable to do and enjoy more things. I will say that since the beginning of the year when I started working out I am more flexible and do enjoy more!
      • There are so many more amazing positions that are left out of this survey. Therefore, it isn’t complete and weighted 🙁
      • I enjoy trying different positions but often find only one (woman on top) brings me to orgasm.
      • Husband only likes the “spoons’ position, and I get VERY bored with it. I enjoy variety, he does not.

      Men’s Comments:

      • The absolute favorite for us is Flatiron/Jockey – woman lying face down, pillow under hips, man on top straddling her legs. She can hold a vibrator under her for additional stimulation. Makes the vagina tighter and very pleasurable for both!
      • My wife and I frequently try a lot of different positions and most are enjoyable but due to some physical limitations of my bride and a greater than average height difference we almost always ending up back at a few of our go to positions.
      • Hate to say I dislike any position
      • Any position where I can see her butt is a fav.
      • Positions that allow manual clitoral stimulation are almost always best
      • I’m currently separated which is why I haven’t tried any positions recently.
      • Working our way through the 139 positions* on SexInfo101 iOS app (Pro version) 🙂 I think the Pareto rule applies – we use less than 20% of the positions more than 80% of the time. She likes the old favourites (doggy, especially) – I’d like to try as many as possible .. *includes 42 for oral sex
      • My wife won’t consider being on top and straddling me, though I’ve asked her. I really liked it in my previous marriage and both felt it was our most intimate position for kissing, stopping to cuddle to prolong the lovemaking, sharing how it felt. Now it’s only missionary or reverse entry standing in the shower.
      • you failed to mention 69–great.
      • I wuld lyk 2 try the 1s I’ve neva try
      • Our version of missionary is her legs are closed, his are open. This puts his legs on the outside. This allows for excellent kegal technique for her and a tighter/larger feel for us both. Rear entry is most like when she’s laying face down and he’s standing up on the edge of the bed. Standing and spoons doesn’t work for us due to lack of his length and his back problems.
      • Not real picky on positions, but when I orgasm, I really like to make contact with my wife’s breasts with my hands or mouth at the time, that heightens the experience.
      • I am really not qualified. My wife says “…sex, I can take it or leave it..” So, we leave it. “The Gatekeeper” has “let me in” one single time in the past 6 months.
      • Any position is great, as long as my wife is actively participating in making love and not just lying there, expecting me to do everything.
      • Both of us like deep penetration and the rear entry or woman on back seem to give us that. I’m about average — 6.5 inches — and every once in a while too deep penetration can hurt but that’s rare. Missionary is very good as well especially when my wife pulls her knees to her shoulders. Long slow movements in all the positions seems to bring the greatest satisfaction to both of us. We get to appreciate the subtle ridges of each other. The standing positions just seem too dangerous for us.
      • Wife not generally interested in “other” positions although we have tried some others over the years.
      • Lots of ways to mix up “standard positions” just a little change – can make it fresh and new! 🙂
      • My wife is pretty much up for any position. Just found out missionary worked GREAT this past weekend! !!!!
      • 69
      • I’m up for any and all of these, but it’s difficult to bring her around to trying new things.
      • Wife had a baby 2 months ago. Very understandably we haven’t tried different positions since then.
      • I dated a girl who loved doggy style. The woman I married doesn’t love it, but lets me do it every once in a while.
      • We almost always do missionary. I prefer rear entry positions since I get to see and touch my wife’s butt. I prefer any position that allows me to use my hands and not just hold myself up.
      • Some positions are not practical for every couple due to body shapes. Some are better for the same reason.
      • I’m much taller than my wife. That makes standing positions very awkward at best.
      • Facing away positions are great but due to distrust issues arising from past adultery the question of “Who’s she thinking about?” comes to mind when she wants a facing away position. “Does she just like the position or does she want to not look at me so she can concentrate on someone else more?” Aside from personal scars clouding the view I would say that any position(s) that you both enjoy are great and trading back and forth those positions that aren’t favorites of your spouse would allow you to meet their need while keeping you open to the possibilities of new positions. Painful positions, both emotional and physical, should be left out of the equation.
      • For intercourse, there is not a lot of variation, but we like what we like. My spouse prefers ‘Doggy Style’ for intercourse, so we do that a lot- in front of a permanently positioned mirror. However, my spouse loves giving oral sex even more [edit]. Mostly, though, we like what we call, ‘fun sex.’ And yes, before we became Christians and got married, we both appreciated the erotically lazy, visual and audible arousal of porn, both privately and together, and we know that we learned a lot about what we like doing from it. But, with each other, now, 9 years later, we chose, instead, to give ourselves the freedom to indulge our sexuality in the other’s willlingness, which has considerably dimminished our desire for that unique, bisected and detatched arousal we got from porn. After all, the aromas and the tastes and the sensuous feelings we get from engaging the real thing, along with the visual and audible arousal we get from doing each other, is so much better for our souls! It is because of what Christians like you are doing that we realized we didn’t have to give up our sexxxuality to be Christian!
      • My wife is great at allowing for and enjoying some variety. Even if it’s for a few minutes during a session, it keeps things fun!
      • On the rare occasion we have sex, it is horrifyingly routine but I dare not complain or it will disappear all together. It wasn’t always that way, hence a few positions other than cowgirl.
      • Any position is great. I am having sex with my wife!!!!!. When you have a time where it physically hurt her to have sex and now she is not in pain anymore, let’s just say it is a very exciting time in our bedroom
      • I got shot down proposing new positions for years and I don’t even ask anymore.
      • We seem to be in an extended dry spell, but used to be adventurous. Not sure what is the issues ( believe multiple ). Funny that my wife got me started with TMB and Generous Husband, I have done a lot to step up my role as husband and support and she has seemed to withdraw and I can’t seem to get her re-engaged. But we used to have an adventurous and active life.
      • Positions are getting fewer because of health problems
      • Favored positions are those resulting in deepest penetration.
      • Woman on back with man standing requires a wedge pillow to elevate her hips so that the genitals align. Helps if she puts her heels on the man’s shoulder. Allows for deep penetration and G spot. Love it.
      • Variety of positions has changed as we have matured.
      • Great position and one of my favorites is her laying on her side, top leg in front of her as in full kick, other leg straight in line with her body, me straddling that leg. Really enjoy woman on top, it is like she is taking control, and makes me feel like she is into it more although I know it is not her #1 position. Rear entry her kneeling on the bed, me standing works better than kneeling with our height difference. Previously I would ask for switching positions during in an effort to last longer but after much communication have learned that it inhibits her ability to enjoy it (she cannot seem to orgasm from intercourse alone, but she knows that I will ensure her orgasm by any means necessary if she desires), and sometimes causes her discomfort. So unless we are in a crazy moment and need to switch as we progress room to room we usually are a single position per encounter.
      • We use a magic wand when my wife wants to have an orgasm and most times, she is able to have great orgasms with my entering from behind. It’s almost guaranteed.
      • My wife prefers missionary because it’s a very quick entry as she begins to orgasm from manual stimulation or a vibrator. I find missionary good but the view from from rear entry (doggy or me standing with her kneeling on the bed) or my wife on top is a fantastic turn on for me. She has a fantastic waist and hips and I love to hold them while we make love.
      • it’s whatever strikes us at the moment that we want to do / never plan a position
      • I am more than a foot taller than my wife.
      • almost 100% missionary. Tried rear once when we were young. Think I hit the G spot and she didn’t know what to do and didn’t like it.
      • Physical limitations have eliminated almost all but missionary but have enjoyed most others is earlier years.
      • My wife is short and standing positions don’t work well for us. She also prefers any position where we face each other due to the face to face connection.
      • Wife is not adventurous.
      • I would definitely like more variety than our “go to” positions and their variations.
      • For us it is almost seasonal. We change it up every couple weeks and then try something new.
      • Unless there is unnecessary strain or body contortion, there are few positions that we wouldn’t consider. We did lots of variety when younger, but now have our “go to” positions that are primarily what we use for almost every session.
      • I love sex with my wife! The only reason anything is less than get is because of size difference.
      • One of the things I really like about having my wife on top is that I can run my hands all over her body, She thinks she is fat (around 200 pounds), but I so enjoy running my hands all over body. I really enjoy touching her bottom, her thighs, her back, the sides of her body and her breasts. She may think is fat, but she has a perfect body!
      • On couch, kitchen table
      • Doggy style kneeling is my absolute for simply my pleasure. My wife seems to enjoy spooning with her facing away and my hands rubbing her while we have intercourse.
      • My wife is not so adventurous. I would love to try all of these and more.
      • Only missionary allowed. Rarely, like once per year she will be on top.
      • Best is woman on her side, man not so it is sideways
      • My favorite is rear entry with her standing but bending across the bed. Seems to give the best penetration and the tightest fit.
      • Sometimes different positions are difficult for me and my wife. I am 6’4 and my wife is 5’1. We make it work but the height difference makes it tricky a lot of the time.
      • Would love to try all these. And even the ones we’ve tried, I’d love to do more, but my wife experiences a lot of anxiety if I ask for anything outside of the usual laying down and facing each other. Then she can’t enjoy it. And if she can’t enjoy it, 99% of the time it means it’s not going to happen at all.
      • She prefers missionary (I call it the “just get it over with” position) because it requires the least amount of effort on her part. Some of the other positions are difficult because either I’m not long enough (side by side, seated) or our heights aren’t right for it (standing). Best position is either her on top facing me or me standing with her on her back with legs to the side.
      • I am very open to trying ANY position, but my wife has never seemed receptive or enthusiastic about trying a variety of positions. For years it was missionary only. Lately she’s open to a few more, but we still have one GOTO that is mostly all she is interesting in doing.
      • Fav: 69
      • Love 69
      • It’s about connecting and when we aren’t facing, I don’t feel like we’re connecting. We could almost be in seperate rooms.
      • Our most common ending position is a collapsed doggy style, him laying on top of her, rear entry
      • We have about 5 “go to” positions, I’d like to try more but she’s not into trying different things
      • I would love to spend time in more positions, but 2-3 in the last three months is par for the course though.





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