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Men’s Sex Changes With Age

Men's Sex Changes With Age

  • Men and women gave a very similar range of times on this.
  • About a third of men are too soft to keep going within a minute.
  • About a third remain hard enough to continue intercourse for three minutes or more.
  • Just under 2% can keep going and climax a second time.

Men's Sex Changes With Age

  • Age did not have a huge effect on how long a man can stay firm enough for intercourse after he climaxes.
  • Men 45 and older were much less likely to be able to keep going indefinitely.
  • Men 55 and older were somewhat more likely to become too soft after a minute.
  • A second orgasm without losing erection was most common for men 25-34 (4%) but it was still possible for almost a many men age 45-54 (2.9%).

Men's Sex Changes With Age

  • About a third of men said it makes no difference, and another third said they didn’t know.
  • Roughly 10% said longer or more intense sex caused them to lose their erections faster.
  • About 25% of men said longer or more intense sex caused them to lose their erections more slowly.
  • The more slowly effect seemed stronger for older men. Perhaps this offsets an age related speeding up of erection loss.

Men's Sex Changes With Age

  • At 72% the youngest men (25-34) were far more likely to be able to climax again in half an hour.
  • 30% of men 35-44 can climax again in half an hour.
  • 24% of men 45-54 can climax a second time in half an hour.
  • 8% of men 55 and over can have another in half an hour.
  • Among men 25-54 5-8% need 12 hours or more.
  • A third of men 55 and over need 12 hours or more.

Men's Sex Changes With Age

  • At the age of 25 almost a third of men could climax again in less than 15 minutes, and three quarters could do so in less than an hour.

Men's Sex Changes With Age

  • Age has very little impact on this one.
  • Roughly a third have had a maximum of two orgasms in a day.
  • Just under a third have had a maximum of three orgasms in a day.
  • 12% of men 25-34 had five or six orgasms in a day. 10% of men 35-44 had 5 or 6. For men ate 45-54 it was 5%, for men 55 and older it was 2%

Men's Sex Changes With Age

  • At the age of 25 a small number of men experienced many orgasm in a day at least once.
  • 41% never had more than 3.
  • 16% had 7 or more, and 6% had more than 10.

Men's Sex Changes With Age

  • Age was not a major factor here.
  • Most men find continued stimulation uncomfortable or painful after orgasm. 63% of men under the age 44 experience this, dropping to 42% at age 55 and over.
  • Very few men (4%) report continued stimulation as painful.
  • How uncomfortable continued stimulation is, and how long it’s a problem is fairly evenly spread.

Men's Sex Changes With Age

  • Most women say sex now is better than when he was 25.
  • Almost all of the “much worse” came from women age 45-54.

Women’s Optional Comments

  • I am guessing the survey was asking about complete ejaculation climaxes. For his birthday last year I gave him unlimited access to me and lube. By mid-day we had four and he quoted Zapp Brannigan (Futurama) “The spirit is willing but the flesh is spongy and bruised.” We had a good laugh. We managed a round 5 that night.
  • It is not the sex only but his whole outlook on life that got much worse, the negative view of everything and everybody makes him miserable to be around. I know that older people can get snarly and self centered but sometime its unbearable to be around him.
  • Hypertension meds, will not exercise or monitor nutrition. Takes Viagra, but only works 50% of the time, erections are not very firm, orgasms less than 50% during intercourse. No spontaneity. No longer initiates sex. Just accepts things the way they are.
  • I didn’t appreciate that long erection back then only because I hadn’t peaked sexually and was still a prude. Now that I’m out of the box, I certainly wish I could have his 25 year old erection back!
  • He no longer desires sex with me. We haven’t had sex in almost 2 years.
  • Part of it is because we are doing better as a couple in every aspect then when we were younger. Part of it is because I’ve loosened up sexually & am far more visually generous & sexually confident [even though I don’t quite look like I did after 3 kids]. Part of it is because we just know each other better emotionally & sexually. I’m usually a one & done gal. When I climax, it’s over. I can’t take the extra stimulation. However, when I have the time to really just focus on him & fulfill his needs sexually it isn’t hard for me to get a 2nd round. A bit of effort for a third. A challenge for fourth & I haven’t conquered a 5th yet. It’s my next vacation goal! 🙂
  • Never wants to have sex. Does have difficulty achieving erection and maintaining erection. Haven’t had sex in many months.
  • Low testosterone and previous porn use made him a selfish lover. I’ve only had orgasm with him maybe 8 times in 30 years of marriage. It was always quick and nothing for me.
  • Became impotent at around age 40, he’s now 53…lost all interest…won’t get help. I’m miserable.
  • Even though he is a little less responsive physically now, we are much more connected emotionally and have a better understanding of how we can pleasure each other after 31 years of marriage.
  • My husband’s sex drive has greatly diminished over the years to now we hardly have sex at all. I don’t think it’s much about his age but about his weight and lack about caring about his health issues. I have friends who’s husband are the same age and they still have sex several times a week.
  • I’m 27 hes 28. hubz can last 4ever when wants to but if he climaxes it be game over. he need chill time. I’m a anal gal. can’t get enough & orgasms be so good. my xmas wish was nothing but butt time! I know he love me cause he told me if i got him up id have him as much as i wanna. i made a game out of it with sexy santa & pepamint paste. 1rst time i woke up erly for xmas! lulz. allday we snugglin & bumpin. i dunno how many ihad but he climaxed 5x tho.
  • Stress at work has made a huge impact on our intimate life to the point where even if I initiate it is only when he wants to


Men’s Optional Comments

  • Getting older changes sex! 70 & counting
  • I suspect some of my answers relate to lesser fitness. My job has me sitting too much and I’m overall not as active. After realizing this, I’m taking steps to address it.
  • Used to be very sensitive, easy to get an erection and maintain it. After my prostate surgery, difficult to get an erection and difficult to maintain the erection once I get it.
  • In regards to the last questions (sensitivity after climax) it depends on the activity. After a hand job, if my wife even touches me 10 seconds later, it causes me to jump (a frequent form of teasing and laughter…) but if I climax before her during intercourse there is no problem going on until she is able to orgasm (usually with the help of a vibrator held between us).
  • I’d sure like to find out how many orgasms I could have in one day, but I will probably never get the chance to find out, unless I do it myself.
  • I like stimulation before sex
  • I wish my penis still worked like it did when I was 25!
  • It goes soft much more quickly now than when I was younger and I can’t go again right away. However, there is more of an issue with frequency with my wife being available. It has gotten better, going from 1-2 times a month to generally once a week.
  • When I was 25yrs old I could easily have erections even after orgasms.. but now once I orgasm, am too satisfied to want again until probably after many hours… like 12hrs later.
  • Really enjoy these surveys & seeing the results. Would be interested in seeing where people are from.
  • Would love to try more than once a day unfortunately I’m expected to be thrilled with once maybe twice a month.
  • I married at age 25, and sexual desire is stronger at 42 than 25 as well as frequency and demand for frequency.
  • At nearly 55 years of age, rock hard erection is very rare. Even with pharmaceuticals. Just happy to have erection hard enough for intercourse, and find that sometimes I have to “push” myself in using my hand to help along… But it still is very, very enjoyable… and once inside, I’m good to go. Thank God for the gift of sex. It’s a wonderful, beautiful thing.
  • When I was 25, though I would have liked to try multiple orgasms, my sex life did not allow for even one time, often. (Due to my wife’s issues and perception of sex and herself).
  • My wife and I masturbate more often and feel satisfied. Plus, I want to introduce a vibrator to my wife as I get older. It is a tool as I get older.
  • I assume that most of the times when you mention “orgasm” or “climax” you are talking about sexual intercourse with penetration, NOT climaxing or orgasm from masturbation with different stimulation.
  • My wife is done after we orgasm. Seldom is she ready till two days later. I am happy that sex is still a priority at this age when friends have stopped years ago.
  • I was more fit when I was 25, but we are both still in excellent healthy shape. It’s just age taking a toll. I answered as best as I thought fit, but not all questions/answers fit me quite right. The sad. When I was 25, I had been married 2 years. My wife was NOT interested in sex and I was OVERLY interested in sex. My record with her was four and not worthy of memory except it being a record (sex was mediocre/bad and she didn’t get one in at all). However, I had a fairly heavy pull to porn at the time and after a multi-month long sexual drought between us (and almost a month since I had released for any reason) she left to vacation with friends and that Saturday morning I was insatiable. After round 6 and having watched my favorite porn star’s “best”, I still craved sex but was so exhausted and ashamed that I forced myself to do something else as far from the computer as I could get. The happy. Fast forward ten years. I’m not going to say that I’ve never back-slid nor been tempted, but porn hasn’t had a strong pull on me in many years. Also, I have a much stronger relationship with my wife spiritually, emotionally, and sexually. The woman in my bed now is much more free and sexually confident and willing to explore and enjoy sex. We now regularly have “Sexy Sabbath” where we spent intimate time with each other Sunday after church/lunch then we nap together for rest. I’ve learned how to better control myself and there are a few positions where we routinely (as in at least once a month) have sex for 3+ hours at a time to mutual satisfaction. It is FAR more emotional connection bonding than just sexual release. Because I can hold myself off with PC muscles, I can peak-climax many times. However, full ejaculation orgasm is much more draining than when I was 25. I can do two of those on a semi-regular basis but after the second – well it is a “quick retreat”. Occasionally she will work a third out of me, but those are super rare. Lastly, if the sessions are separated by some length of time, I can get harder but the ejaculation orgasms are still just as difficult these days. A few years back, we did set a MUCH more enjoyable four-round record of complete ejaculation orgasm where she joined in on three of them. Some days we tease each other and have sex “to peak” then we stop; basically a day full of individual quickies. As long as I don’t ejaculate when I orgasm, I can do that repeatedly and have not yet found a limit to how frequent she can get me hard for a quickie.
  • I take ED medication at times. My erection will last longer after I climax than I reported on this survey.
  • I’m also struggling with getting hard enough to enter my wife.
  • Please note that some of my answers were predicated on the sexual starvation currently going on in my marriage, specifically the questions related to more than one orgasm and stimulation after climax. Last year, our average was once every 18 days. This is about an order of magnitude less than what I would consider good.
  • I have had testosterone levels checked and we’re on low side of normal.
  • The biggest change for me is how long it takes to get erect. In addition, what type of stimulation gets me erect. At 25, visual seduction and quicker strokes got me erect. Now at 50 visual still plays into it, but I need softer, sensuslity (even the thought of it!) To get me erect. If (or rather when) my wife tries to hurry the process it turns me off.
  • This survey did not separate orgasm from intercourse from masturbation. It’s much easier to orgasm again from masturbation some 30 – 60 minutes later, but from intercourse it takes at least 12 hours (beside the fact my wife isn’t as easily available).
  • Historically I have a very short amount of time between full erection and ejaculation. It doesn’t take long for the missile to launch and once it does, I am VERY sensitive for a few seconds. After that it does take a few hours to be ready again. In the almost 20 years I have been married, the only change I have seen so far is the intensity of erection and orgasm has declined some but still functional. I just wish I was able to last longer fully erect to please my wife with my manhood rather than my fingers.
  • Having a vasectomy really changed things more than getting older. Seems like it added 20 years to my sex health. Avoid vasectomys.
  • Honestly? In the last ten years not a lot has changed. If anything, because I have worked on improving my health my ability to keep going has improved.







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