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Positions and Orgasm

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  • Woman on top was the clear “winner” being the favourite of a third of men and 29% of women.
  • Women’s second place was missionary, with 22% choosing it. For men this was third, with 14% saying it is their favourite.
  • Men’s second place was rear entry (doggy) with 22% saying it’s the best. Women rated the position third, with 13% saying it’s their number one choice.
  • Man on top kneeling between her legs, a variation of missionary, was #4 for women, chosen by 11%. For men this was in a three way tie for fourth, with 6% saying it’s their go to position.
  • Missionary, man kneeling, and coital alignment technique are all face to face man on top. Totalling the numbers for the three gives 21% for men and 37% for women.
  • Totalling the five rear entry positions (including reverse cowgirl) gives 40% of men and 28% of women.

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  • The possibility that more than one position is used makes it hard to know for sure, but comparing the two charts suggests a number of men and women are having to settle for something other than their preferred position much of the time.


  • The big “hidden” statistic in this is that only 22% of women said they do not orgasm during intercourse. This means 78% do so at least some of the time!
  • Woman on top, facing, is the position most likely to result in orgasm for a third of the women.
  • Missionary is the best for 12% of women.
  • The rear entry positions total 17%. For many the g-spot stimulation from rear entry is likely a reason these positions result in orgasm. Additionally these positions generally make adding manual stimulation easy for either spouse.
  • In “other” two women said they climax in just about any positon, and three others said they can do so in any position with manual stimulation added.
  • Among the women who said they do not climax during intercourse, missionary was the preferred position for 41%, followed by rear entry at 21%. Both these were about double the rates for women who do climax during intercourse.

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  • While most men can climax in just about any position, most find the position affect the intensity of their climax. This is due to many factors including muscle tension in the legs, emotional factors, depth of thrust, what they can see of their wife, and how the position affects her vagina.
  • Two thirds of the men indicated position affects their orgasm.
  • Rear entry was best for almost a quarter of men.
  • Twelve percent said missionary made it best, with another 6% saying kneeling between her legs.

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  • Position can have a strong effect on a man’s ability to delay his climax.
  • Only 14% of men said positon did not change how long they last. (Some of these may climax quickly in any positon, others have the same control in any.)
  • A third of men said cowgirl gives them the best control.
  • A quarter of men have the best control during missionary.

Women’s Comments:

  • The position and touch needed for orgasm has changed over the years. Kissing and nipple stimulation are almost always needed right now. (Age 45)
  • My answers apply to the last 6 months. Before that my husband and I used several positions during love making with me usually reaching Os in WOT positions and him finishing in MOT positions. Lately we often exercise together in the evening – we have a small exercise room and do yoga as well. The combination of invigoration and relaxation and us being together usually leads to some touching and stimulation. Because we are in the exercise room there are plenty of possibilities for rear entry positions. So most of the time we end up with me bent over the bench or holding on to something for support while he is behind me. I love these positions because he hits my G spot and he says he like the view.
  • I’m a newlywed and was a virgin when I got married. After nearly 9 months in still find sex slightly uncomfortable and the only position that I find comfortable is being on top
  • Must have clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. This is usually done using a vibrator while in the cow girl position.
  • I always need manual clitoris stimulation to climax
  • I’m most likely to orgasm when there’s enough foreplay and we take it slow.
  • I can only reach orgasm through other stimulation, intercourse alone just doesn’t get me there.
  • I orgasm in most positions – especially with the assistance of my little bullet vibrator.
  • Me (the wife) being on top is most likely to get me to orgasm without additional stimulation, but 1) we normally have other stimulation, and 2) other aspects of being on top make me dislike it (e.g., vulnerability, lack of initial interest in sex).
  • Woman on her back in any position is the only way (with additional simulation) to reach orgasm in most case but there are a lot of positions where a woman can be on her back.
  • For my (the DW) O, the WOT positions are best. My DH can last almost indefinitely and I thrust as I like and grind so that the head of his penis stimulates my A-spot or G-spot for multiple Os. We usually switch to a rear entry position or missionary so he can thrust or enter-exit-enter to stimulate him to finish.
  • I only climax with manual stimulation. Really want to work on Coital Alignment Technique so that we can orgasm together.
  • We usually use coiltal alignment technique to start PIV so I can orgasm in PIV, then if he wants a different position we switch.
  • Any position WITH clitoral stimulation will provide orgasm for me. I’m not choosy about position as long as hubby wants to be hands on. If I have to do it myself, I may as well masturbate.
  • It sounds so vanilla to answer missionary to all! lol We really do use others! 🙂
  • Orgasm only happen with oral sex for me. Which happens before intercourse.
  • I don’t really have a “favourite” so much as a few favourites. What I enjoy depends a bit on my mood and the circumstances: Like do I have a strong desire to see his face as we make love? How much time do we have? What furniture is available? When’s the last time we made love and what did we do then? Also, angles make a huge difference in climax. Tilting hips and lifting legs assists the friction needed to reach orgasm.
  • I always need vibration to climax.
  • Can sometimes get in the right position to orgasm without extra stimulation with my husband on top kneeling if he lets me take the lead.
  • I require clitoral stimulation to orgasm so access is always an issue, if it weren’t we prefer full-body contact. However when it comes time to race to orgasm, him kneeling is a good option but the fail-safe is me on top, always.
  • Woman on top is only way I can orgasm with intercourse. I’d love to be able to orgasm during doggy style since I like it a lot too but it just doesn’t happen.
  • We use 4 of those positions fairly regularly, but I can only orgasm from woman on top.
  • We use variety but I can only orgasm on top with just intercourse and no manual stimulation. Will take it anyway I get it, I love sex with my husband as often as possible!!!
  • This is the only position I’ve ever been able to have an orgasm in, we’ve tried everything and I always enjoy it just can’t climax unless we are face to face and I’m on top…. Is this normal for woman?
  • Love trying all kinds of positions, knee troubles (lol) keep us creative. Intercourse is wonderful, but clitoral stimulation is a must for, before and during orgasm. Luckily my husband is well aware and very accommodating.
  • I wish! I just can’t seem to orgasm during intercourse. My husband is amazing about making sure I do in other ways, but I wish I could during intercourse!!

Men’s Comments:

  • Any position that gives me a view of the action speeds up the finish, does not prolong the action.
  • I’d love to have a list of regular positions that are regularly used for regular and frequent sex with my spouse. I’d love for both of us to be really satisfied sexually.
  • I last much longer when I’m wearing a condom…but sometimes have to remove it mid-way in order to climax.
  • My wife can rarely orgasm with anything but the cowgirl. Doggy is my favorite but I can’t last very long. So sometimes she’ll finish, then we’ll switch positions for me to finish
  • It’s hard to list which is my favorite since I like most positions. I mostly like changing things up and doing different positions each time. Also, none of the positions really make me last longer. We usually don’t get to intercourse until well after my wife’s orgasm, so after 20-45 minutes of direct stimulation I don’t last a long time during intercourse. Position doesn’t seem to affect it too much.
  • We don’t really try other positions, so it was hard to accurately answer the last questions.
  • We love lots of different positions and try new things. These positions work best when she’s pregnant (cowgirl). When she’s not anything goes.
  • Really don’t have a favorite. They are all good and can reach a great orgasm pretty much with any position.
  • The answers I gave are for normal day to day intercourse. If we are having a period of increased activity {such as being on a “sexual reconnect” trip with just my wife and myself} it can vary quite a bit from position to position. If it has been 3-5 days between orgasms I only last 3-5 min of vigorous thrusting (wife has had one or two manual and/or oral orgasms before penetration), but after 2-3 orgasms in a day I can go 15, 20, and sometimes as much as 45 minutes using 4-6 different positions to trigger an orgasm…so it is much better the more active we are. Wife loves on top as it hits lots of good places for her…I love standing with her lying on a “ramp” to allow for deep thrusting.
  • My wife and I have only use Missionary. Not my choice.
  • Wish wife would explore more positions with me. She was more adventurous pre children. Now I’m just happy it happens in any position.
  • I never could attribute sensitivity to positions. Other factors weigh much heavier. Like time in-between and bladder content.
  • We’ve almost exclusively used missionary position but I’m hopeful that we’re going to be more adventuresome soon. Which, after 35 years of marriage, will be a break through.
  • We usually use several positions during lovemaking. I really like rear entry positions with me standing and I sometimes finish that way by my DW prefers face-to-face positions when she Os. I guess we kinda take turns or we stop rear entry before I finish so we can do some face-to-face for both of us.
  • There really should have been a ranking on a couple of these…. Like favorite position? Depends on the mood.
  • You kinda forgot the oral sex. 69 and what not.
  • If you asked about spouse or partner those answers would be very different.
  • Also like man kneeling and lady on side.
  • It really was hard to pick just one favorite. Each way is different, some let me look at her face and breasts, others at the curves of her hips and back – all of which are visually stimulating in different ways. I am married to a woman who has no problem achieving orgasm from pretty much any position (thank you Jesus!), so they’re all fun at different times!
  • My wife really prefers doggie style, but I like to mix it up. Something different usually gets me going pretty good. Don’t mind going to the tried and true to get her there.
  • Her on top lets me play with her the most. I don’t need to use my arms/legs to hold myself up, she can rest on me and we can both kiss/nibble on each other’s upper halves. We do have a couple positions we like to use but her on top is our “go to” one.
  • Of course there is variation on duration with the same positions. It matters how aroused I am (erect doesn’t equal aroused). It matters how tired I am, etc. In the end position doesn’t matter much. I’m just happy to be with her.
  • Any position that gives me a good view of my wife’s butt is my favorite!
  • I would do more positions if I could get some love making she just is not into it
  • Sexless marriage for 4 years now. Wife has never had orgasm from intercourse.





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