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Nocturnal Orgasms

145 women and 304 men have answered
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Have you ever had an orgasm in your sleep?

One hundred percent of the men and 99.3% of the women have climaxed in their sleep.

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  • Twenty percent had two or more wet dreams a month.
  • For half nocturnal emissions were rare and irregular.
  • 2.4% never had a wet dream as teen. Given the previous question, this means all those had one as an adult.

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  • The few studies on the effect of masturbation on nocturnal emissions have failed to show a clear connection. Perhaps, as this chart suggests, it differs from man to man.
  • The comments add to this. One man still has nocturnal emissions as an adult despite having sex multiple times a week with his wife. Another man tried and failed to have one as a teen by not masturbating for two weeks.

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  • The answers to these two questions show nocturnal emissions are not simply a response to a lack of waking orgasm or a build-up of semen.

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  • Fifty seven percent have had a dream orgasm without an ejaculation. I have never seen anything written about this, but have heard it from several men.

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  • Almost a third of women did not have a sleep orgasm before they married. Because women do not wake with evidence, it is possible some did climax in their sleep, but did not know it.

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  • Twenty five percent of women had their first sleep orgasm after they married.
  • The number of women having at least one nocturnal orgasm a month jumped from 15% prior to marriage to 24% after marriage.
  • Several women mentioned in the comments they have more nocturnal orgasms when pregnant.

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  • Similar to, but slightly higher than the male response.

Men’s Comments

  • Still have them now, in adulthood, when it has been several weeks since I last ejaculated.
  • I have had more in the last year or two than I can remember in my younger days now I am 53.
  • I have always had an incredibly high drive, even now into my mid-40’s. But I only ever remember having nocturnal orgasms in my 20’s. I think I was in my 30’s the last time I had dreamed I had an orgasm, but woke to find I hadn’t physically had one. Now I never (to my recollection) have sex dreams at all, though my drive remains extremely high (much higher than my wife). Due to the frustration I feel at not having close to the frequency I feel I need, it surprises me I don’t have sex dreams.
  • I only remember having a couple of wet dreams. Probably didn’t have more because I masturbated regularly. Tried to go 2 weeks without masturbating at age 18, but still no wet dreams. Only frustration.
  • I always heard that “wet dreams” ended after adolescence, but I’m in my early 40’s and still have them regularly. Of course they are more frequent when my sex life with the wife hits a lull or I refrain from self stimulation for a while. But it wasn’t something I expected to keep having this far into adulthood.
  • This was in my teen years between 13-17 years. I’ve had a few in my mid to late 20’s that’s often due to a high/strong need for sexual intercourse but unable to do it.
  • It’s been a long time last I can think of was maybe my early thirties
  • Two years ago (40yrs old) I had to get a therapeutic circumcision. The operation itself was painless and straightforward – but the emotional impact was, for a time, significant. A few days after the operation, when I was at a very low point, I had a nocturnal emission – the first for many years. It felt wonderful. I’ve not had another since. I’ve read it as a sign that everything was going to be okay. It has been – in fact, this time was a real turning point in my life – I’ve been freed from my previous porn use and my relationship with my wife (married 18yrs, 4 kids) has been transformed over the last couple of years. God has been kind and merciful to me, and every day I feel such joy and gratitude to him !
  • I hate wet dreams as a teen, but have randomly had them since… even once or twice since I have been married.
  • A year ago I started testosterone therapy… In the first three months I had regular ejaculations in my sleep. That has returned to normal. Maybe once every couple months. Pre-marriage (19 yrs old) I would ejaculate at night several times a week and I masturbated several times a week as well. After marriage it diminished massively but I was having intercourse 5-6 times a week. My wife and I have an active sex life today (4 times a week) and I still experience this.
  • The body process is going to happen one way or the other.
  • Last time I remember having a wet dream was in my 30s after my wife and I had sex.
  • I am 46. And I had them up untill about two years ago. I met my new wife then….. I haven’t had one since…… In my sleep that is
  • I remember a dream I had in middle school where I was receiving OS, but I had never actually experienced it. It felt great and what’s more is that it felt the exact same in real life as it did in the dream as I later found out. The brain is amazing.
  • Frustrating to have them — is there any way around this?? Frequency is way down, but still feel guilty losing it this way!!
  • I can count on one hand the number this has happened since I got married 13 years ago. Each time it happened, we were in a dry patch in our marriage. Thankfully I have a very sex positive wife, so dry spells are rare.
  • I should have masturbated less in my youth…
  • I have woken up dreamt I had an orgasm and have had one. Only a few times in the last several years.
  • Since adulthood I have not had any nocturnal orgasms.
  • I have had a wet dream since I’ve been an adult!
  • I didn’t discover masturbation until I was about 19 years old (I was a virgin until I was 20). I had nocturnal emission very regularly between the ages of 15 and 19. After I did discover masturbation, my nocturnal emissions tapered off to zero.
  • Hey Paul, I actually emailed you about this I wanna say a year or two ago. Its funny that it comes up now. I am very pleased to know that your looking at this aspect. But I beg you for a person that has this issue when sex is limited… you and your wife should elaborate for those who do not understand the struggle and embarrassment. Thank you guys for everything you’ve done.
  • Wet dreams were frequent in my teens and early 20’s when I was more or less celibate (for spiritual reasons). But since I became sexually active with a partner at age 26 (I’m 51 now) I have not had a wet dream even once.
  • It had been forever since I had one of these then I was deployed to Iraq and was away from my wife and I had one during that time and I never masturbated for that year.
  • It was a rare event for me even when younger because I had gotten into the habit of nightly masturbation so I could sleep
  • This has only happened as a teen, never as an adult that I can remember.
  • It seems that with a greater frequency of masturbation or sex, there is a lesser frequency of nocturnal orgasms.

Women’s Comments:

  • I’m so curious about this survey. My husband says I’m masturbating in my sleep. I say I’m not but he says something is going on under the covers. This really bothers me. Is this why I’m not in the mood that much because I’m taking care of myself and not know it. This issue has brought me to tears.
  • Usually occur with a sexy dream.
  • It’s amazing how easy it is to have an orgasm when my brain isn’t in the way
  • I usually only experience this when there is a long gap between the times when my husband and I have sex.
  • These especially happened to me when I was pregnant (both times). I don’t know if it was hormones, increased blood flow, or what.
  • It wakes me up…then I turn and wake hubby up…he gets very happy!
  • I have nocturnal orgasms more when we haven’t had sex recently or when I’ve wanted sex but my husband doesn’t want to have sex.
  • I actually rarely orgasm with my husband, maybe once every month or longer. Yet I sleep orgasm several times a month. I always wondered if it was my body’s way of having that release it misses in our sex lives.
  • Been married 25 years and this has only happened the past 6 months or so
  • Can’t wait to read results. I would love to see survey on seeing colors during orgasm. I researched it once and it has a name. Very cool experience.
  • I usually have nocturnal orgasms when hubby and I haven’t made love recently. They are intense and generally even feel better than my ‘awake’ orgasms (maybe it’s the mood.. complete relaxation, lol). But whenever I wake up after having one of these, I know that I NEED my husband! 😉
  • It usually happens during or just before my period.
  • Should have offered a “not sure” option on the last question. I never kept track of these things. Have noticed this occurring less frequently with age, to the point where it doesn’t seem to happen anymore. I think age has more to do with it than being or not being married.
  • I have only had one nocturnal orgasm- it was one of the strongest I’ve ever had. When I woke up, I woke my husband up to make love. I was pregnant with my first born at the time- about 7 months along. I haven’t had one since- even during the 3 subsequent pregnancies. Probably hormones- don’t remember dreaming anything spectacular.
  • I only have them when my husband and I don’t have sex often.
  • Had them A LOT when I was pregnant!





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