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Husbands Saying No to Sex
261 Men and 126 women have answered
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Note: Men and women are separated – men first.

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  • Thirty eight percent of men say they never say no.
  • Forty percent of men rarely say no.
  • Seventeen percent of men say they sometimes say no.
  • Six percent of men often say no.

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  • Fifty-two percent say they do not say no. This is higher than the figure from the last question. Are some not counting saying no on rare occasions?
  • Thirteen percent have always said no, and five in 13 of those says it has gotten worse.
  • A third of men now say no at least on occasion, but did not do so in the past. Much of this could be due to age related changes.
  • Sorting for age gives interesting results. Men under 45 years of age are more likely to say no than older men.
  • Each older age group was less likely to say they have always said no: 19% of those 25-34, 10% of those 35-44, 6% of those 45-54, and only 3% of those over 55. This is a growing problem.
  • Older men were more likely to report they say no now, but did not in the past. This tracks with things like erection problems and decline in health.
  • Saying no due to being tired was most common for the youngest men, and incrementally less common for each older age group.
  • Of those who do say no, 28% have always said no, 72% did not initially.

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  • In this section 46% of men said they do not say no (a third number for this). These men were removed from the numbers, so the chart above is for men who do say no.
  • Tiredness was the main reason given, selected by 45% of men.
  • Stress was a solid second, at 33%.
  • Depression and sex being too much work were both selected by 19% of the men who say no.
  • Eighteen percent are too busy.
  • Seventeen percent say masturbation is part of why they say no. Note many of the others may masturbate, but they do not see it as part of why they say no.
  • Only 15% think their sex drive is lower than their wife’s.
  • Fifteen percent are using sex to punish their wife.
  • Fourteen percent avoid sex because they have problems with erection.
  • Twelve percent avoid sex because they climax too fast.
  • Twelve percent say sex takes too long. (Many of these likely choose to masturbate instead)
  • Eleven percent credit general health issues.
  • Eight percent avoid sex due to porn use. Again, others likely use porn, but they do not see it as why they say no.
  • Three percent say abuse in their past keeps them from sex.
  • Two percent avoid sex because they find it difficult to climax with their wife.
  • None of the men are avoiding sex because they are having an affair. (Should have asked if any were having an affair. Bottom line, saying no is NOT an indication he is cheating!)

Other answers:

  • He doesn’t think she wants it. Says no to what he sees as mercy sex. 7%
  • Only if I’m really sick 1%
  • Don’t feel emotionally close 1%
  • Bored .6%
  • Afraid of bait and switch .6%
  • I expect no, and don’t know how to act when she asks .6%
  • Same sex attraction .6%
  • She gets frustrated is she does not climax .6%

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  • Answers are for those who do say no.
  • Forty-three percent feel bad for their wife.
  • Forty-three percent indicate saying no makes them feel like less of a man.
  • Twenty-one percent say it’s not a big deal.
  • Twenty percent don’t think about it.
  • Six percent only care because their wife “nags” them about it.
  • None of the men said their wife is over sexed. NONE of them blame her.

Men’s Comments: (We’ve put the ones from men who say no first, the rest are men upset about their wife saying no.)

  • That I would be the one saying no (not always, but way more than her) was one of the big surprises of marriage to me, along with the realization that sex takes work and often feels more like work than fun. I think it’s been a combination of things: premarital sex has devalued sex, and past porn usage as well as ongoing lust issues, stress, and busyness have brought my drive way down. That my drive would ever be low was another huge marriage surprise. But this is something that I’ve been strongly convicted about and I’m realizing I need to do everything in my power to prioritize my marriage. Something I haven’t done before that I want to start doing is praying for the sexual health of my marriage.
  • I say NO very rarely. Usually, it is due to feeling ill but occasionally it is because of feeling that she truly has no desire for me. This typically comes about as we discuss where our sex life needs some focused work. During these conversations, she occasionally makes an offer that is clearly out of guilt and a sense of duty. I tell her I would rather wait until it can be a mutually fulfilling and passionate bonding experience. Fortunately, our relationship is improving and I am no longer so far into starvation mode that I can’t afford to pass on any bone that gets tossed to me. It would be nice to feel wanted with even half of the intensity that I have for her everyday though.
  • The only times I have said no is when she tries to use sex as a way to manipulate be after a fight or if I’m angry with her about something.
  • There are rare times when I’m tired or stressed that I don’t have the energy.
  • It is very rare I say no and rarely it’s actually verbalizing “no.” It’s more like I know she would like sex but I’m dog tired and need sleep. I feel horrible I don’t but honestly I usually wake up after a few hours and initiate sex. She has initiated sex when I was dog tired and in that case, I find the energy!
  • I need her to be more understanding. So I don’t feel so much pressure.
  • I rarely come out and say no. There were a couple times during a rough patch that I kind of was being an ass – kind of an “I’ll show her” type thing. I don’t/won’t do that anymore. Now, we may talk about getting together later earlier in the day and I end up falling asleep in chair or tired so just end up going to bed. She doesn’t press or ask me to follow thru. Not really saying no, but puts it off. I’d totally step up if she asked.
  • It sucks to get old!!!!!!
  • If I were to say no, it would only be out of sincere sensitivity to my wife.
  • We don’t communicate well about sex. Never have. There is never any build up during the day. I never know if she is in the mood or not. Because of my schedule (I start work very early), having sex at the end of the day can be problematic. It certainly only lends to a “one and done” situation. I don’t like saying no.
  • Difficult subject. Didn’t see the answers I needed to answer. I don’t say no at all any more. But years ago when I felt she was using sex to manipulate me, I said no repeatedly. She now uses that against me. I shouldn’t have said no. I should have said yes and talked to her about my feelings instead of internalizing them.
  • Answers aren’t quite correct. We have had a massive step forwards in our sexual relationship over the last year or so. Now I can say no because I know that I will get it tomorrow instead of maybe this week or next. We are a work in progress!
  • On question 9, I marked “none of these” because I feel ok about saying no. She only asks for sex for me, not because she actually wants it.
  • My wife is never in the mood when I’m not. So she never asks for sex. However, she offers sex occasionally and I turn her down at times for various reasons. She’s sweet to offer and we both enjoy it when I take her up on the offer, but most of the time, she offers because she wants to make sure I’m getting the attention I need. She’s an amazing woman.
  • Saying no is often a mutual decision – it starts with, “Are you interested?” and “Possibly, but I’m really tired” or “it wasn’t really on my mind”. We live busy lives, but still have sex 3-4 times per week. When we decide to forgo sex for a night, it usually means that we will both be turned on the following day, and we will find a time.
  • We have a great sex life, so an occasional no from either of us is okay because we both know it won’t be long before it happens again.
  • I’ve only started saying no over the past five years and it is only on rare occasion. Now that I am older, sometimes it takes a little longer to get aroused and at the end of a long day it occasionally just doesn’t feel like it is going to happen.
  • Saying no from me is a rarity. Usually only when I’m extremely tired. Slightly more often for her but still not the norm. For her it is a matter of mood more often than not, she will say no if it will take her too much to get in the mood, or if like me she is too tired (both emotionally or physically).
  • I rarely say no, but I’d like to start saying no more often. She sometimes rejects me. More often, she pre-emptively shuts off any chance of sex. You know, she’s tired, or she’s not well, or… Any reason to preclude sex before I try to start it. Many times, if I do risk touching her, she’ll move my hands from her. She’ll make passive aggressive comments about me only toucher her “for my benefit” or how I’m “Jimsung” — Japanese poorly translated as “pervert” or “sex crazy”. (She’s not American.) Funny, when we were first married, she’d use that playfully as a compliment. Now, she says it with irritation, as if bothered that I can’t just leave her alone. And so, our frequency continues to decline (less than 1 / week and dropping), I get frustrated, I get less inclined to risk rejection, I masturbate more to take the edge off, and I contemplate giving up and saying no more often. God forbid I should express any frustration to her, because then I’m selfish and I don’t respect her feelings and blah blah blah.
  • I said no rarely but she says sometimes Sex doesn’t happen as much as I’d like. And she only asks if we just had it and it’s the 1 week a month her drive is up and nothing else disrupts. All the stars have to align. I feel not often a priority. I have PE sometimes if I go straight PiV I can’t last in her more than 30s I hate asking a lot bc I feel I’m only one and I tired of getting turned down. She also sometimes waits till 10 when I’m wiped. Or she’ll tell me I never asked so she assumed I didn’t have interest. Way too many conditions and controls that have to be in place for this question to even be relevant.
  • If I say no it’s because I am mad about something. I’m working on communicating my thoughts and feelings better than I have in the past. It’s usually always based on feeling offended some way relationally that she isn’t aware of, or isn’t acknowledging.
  • I only occasionally say no when I’d rather sleep and she says “…we could” not “do me now”.
  • I love my wife, but after 21 years of marriage, we have largely had a sexless marriage mostly due to my issues of same-gender attraction. I have never acted on those attractions but it causes me great stress and anxiety and in order to be intimate with my wife, it’s almost like the stars have to align and my stress has to be low and she has to be very patient with me. It’s a vicious cycle because she loses patience when I’m unable to sustain an erection for long enough to complete intercourse time after time. So I feel terrible, she feels terrible, and so we go into this long period of months and even years of just not talking about it, but then some little thing will set her off and she’ll vent on me and then feel bad about it afterwards. It makes me go into a shell and depressed. I’ve had three counsellors over the years. I pray daily and fast often for relief. I believe in traditional marriage. I believe the scriptures. I believe sexual relations outside of man-woman covenant marriage is sin. I don’t want to divorce and live by myself in monastic misery until the end of my days. It would break my heart. Sorry to vent on this forum, but it’s the truth. And today’s society tells me I should give-in and “be happy” by living a life style I don’t want to live and which I know to be sin. Now political correctness (evil) is causing states to ban “gay conversion” therapy, and so even if I to go a counsellor these days they’ll probably not be able to help me anymore with sexuality. So I try to endure, be the best person I can be, and I try to be a good husband to my wife in all other ways, while still hoping for the best and I guess some miraculous cure or at least, improvement. We have a pretty great relationship other than this elephant in the closet which seems larger because it never seems to get much better. This is a terrible, terrible trial that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. At least if I had a physical deformity, I would know that it would be healed in the after-life. How can someone who is trying to be good, follow the Lord, be so miserable emotionally and spiritually? I really am happy for all of you who say you have a fulfilling and great sex life.
  • I really feel that sex should be enjoyable to husband and wife. When it is always purely to give the husband an orgasm it is missing something. When a wife does not want to share her pleasure with her husband it makes the husband feel pathetic When it is purely done out of duty it loses it’s meaning to both parties When it is given so that you don’t ask for a while, it also makes you feels bad When it is used as a barter mechanism – I’ll give you sex if you do : x, y, z it really devalues the whole thing I am saying no to quickies/handjobs only for me all the time I am encouraging her that we try to find a longer time to actually try to make it somewhat enjoyable to her, but really she is not interested. She is far better at taking care of herself than I can, and is not interested in letting me do anything in that area. I feel it is better to limit the sex and see if we can get some mutual pleasure, rather than it being purely a “lets get another male ejaculation over, Now everything will be right for the next week or so” It is just so unfulfilling. When it seems to be taking more from the emotional connection in the relationship than it is creating, it would almost seem better to just masturbate and not trouble her with something she really doesn’t like doing. I know that’s not biblical, and may not be the best, but sometimes it seems a lot easier than going through all the stress of arguing and fighting about sex
  • Perhaps you should throw my comments out because I don’t know if I fit the definition of what you’re looking for. As I said in my comment, I rarely say no, and only if I’m totally wiped out or too stressed and she offers out of kindness but it isn’t what I need at the moment. If she asks out of her need/desire, I *NEVER* say no. I only say no if she’s offering to take care of me but I don’t want to at that moment.
  • I can count the no’s I’ve use on one hand with my darling bride and those times was because I was sick.
  • I have said no just a few times in 30 years, mostly because I was very tired or just not able to get an erection. However, I have always tried to give her an orgasm. Sometimes I don’t say no, but I miss her initiation of sex.


  • After fourteen years of my wife refusing to let us invest in her pleasure, I don’t ask for sex and usually decline it when I feel like she is doing it just for me. It hurts too much to have it be just for me. I can’t even lay a finger on her between her legs. Very rarely any foreplay. All of this leads me to believe it’s not of value to her most of the time.
  • I don’t like the structure of this survey, I don’t feel that it represents me.
  • Wife is a prude. Before marriage sex whenever I wanted it. Any position. Oral giving and receiving. She wore pretty undies and lingerie. She was active and aggressive. Now – only missionary. She likes to receive oral but doesn’t give. No pretty lingerie.
  • She’s a total gatekeeper. And has been for our entire marriage. Sex had become too much work and frustration. It’s easier to just not.
  • I have never had enough sex to even consider the thought of saying no! The thought has never crossed my mind.
  • First of all, I’m the higher drive spouse. Second, she was, for most of our marriage, a refuser and gatekeeper. This has gotten somewhat better, but frequency is still not mutually decided. If I ask her (if she would like to make love) some time before early afternoon, then our chances of sex are around 75%. Any later than early afternoon and she will say no, but then 50% of the time she will offer up another time within a day or two. Third, there is no “out of the blue” initiation on her part. When she does initiate, it is after an extended period of time and she does it ,”so I won’t get too frustrated.” Fourth, for her, sex is about making sure I’m not too horny. I’ve tried numerous times to explain to her it’s about connection, but she refuses to entertain a different/alternate view.
  • Pretty much the sex throttle in our marriage is on her side of the car. I’m happy to go as fast and furious as she will go. She is not so comfortable with getting in the car, let alone a fun ride.
  • I never say no. I sometimes wish we had it enough that I could. It would be nice to be the one in control every once in a while instead of my wife.
  • On the super-rare occasions one of us wants full-on intercourse and the other isn’t up to it, we always make ourselves available to the other, usually by way of touching and sexy talk while the other masturbates. We still connect and care, even when we’re tired. Young kids and pregnancy really make regular intercourse more difficult, but our sexuality is still alive, well, and we enjoy it frequently in our own way. Refusal has simply never, ever been a part of our relationship.
  • She used to be the gate keeper saying no more often than not. Over the years she began to say yes more than no. However, she seldom, if ever initiates and I’ve simply grown weary of asking. So no, I don’t say no. I just no longer ask her to say yes.
  • My wife and I usually have sex at least every other night, sometimes every night. We agreed before we got married, unless there was a medical, sickness reason, we would never deny each other sex. I just do not understand some of the comments I have read in the past surveys where people say they are in a sexless marriage. God created sex for a married couple and blessed it. He created prayer and we pray, He created life and we enjoy it, so why not partake and enjoy sex. If it is not good, work at it to make it better. I just don’t understand it.
  • I say no about 0.01% of the time no is said. My wife is the remainder, but still only says no about 1 in 20 times (and typically with good reason and a rain check).
  • Sexless marriage for almost 5 years now. Not what I thought it would be.
  • I really never say no.. But sometimes if it has been a long while I will masturbate and then simply not initiate or try to initiate even if I think she would be willing
  • I’ve never felt like my wife says “no” unreasonably. If she’s more sick or tired or emotional than I thought, she’ll tell me. But I’ve never felt like she said “no” except if there was a good reason. It also helps that, when she says “no”, she makes sex a high priority for the next day/night (or as soon as she’s able to).
  • Don’t say no because I only get to the well about 4 times a year. Sad but true. If you say no you may not get another shot for 2-3 months. What a pathetic way to look at it but I have tried numerous things and although there are a lot of reasons, health, work early menopause, I do not think any of them warrant two- three month periods.

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  • Sixty three percent of the women answering the survey indicated their husband says no more often than she says no.
  • A quarter said they do not say no, and their husband is the gatekeeper.

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  • Answers are only for women who hear no from their husbands.
  • Fifty-eight percent of women indicated their husband has always said no. Sixty percent of those say it’s getting worse.
  • Forty-one percent of women say he did not always say no.

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  • For the most part the answers here track well with the answers men gave. This is especially true for the big three – tiredness, busyness, and stress
  • Four percent of women guessed an affair, while no men gave this answer.
  • Forty-six percent of women said his sex drive is lower, but only 15% of men said this was the case.
  • Women’s guess of sexual abuse was lower than what men reported.

Other answers:

  • He says sex is not as good as it used to be 2%
  • He’s uptight about sex, not in touch with his sexuality 2%
  • Timing issues 1%
  • He’s afraid of disappointing me 1%
  • He does it to manipulate me 1%
  • Revenge (She used to say no often) 1
  • I want it before he is ready again 1%
  • Low testosterone levels 1%

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  • The majority of refused women have no thoughts of divorce, but 25% might and 6% are very likely.
  • Women 35-44 were more likely to have considered divorce – four times as likely to say “Very much so” as any other age group.
  • The less serious a woman was about Jesus, the more likely she was to have considered divorce.
  • Women were more likely to be thinking of divorce if their husband did not refuse in the past.

Women’s Comments:

  • I wish my husband would pursue me more sexually. I wish he would make sexual intimacy more of a priority. It breaks my heart and I don’t know what to do about it other than keep praying.
  • I answered this survey once before (sorry) but didn’t have time to comment. Most of our marriage I’ve been the initiator. I used to think he wasn’t into me. I’m still pretty young, pretty fit, and somewhat attractive. We went through a few years when he refused me a lot. My self-esteem took a HUGE hit. We’ve had to rebuild our intimate life. I stopped initiating for a long time because the rejection hurt too much. He says he misses me coming on to him, but I think he understands now why I had to stop. Unfortunately, I love him too much, and am too attracted to him, that after we go without for a while I usually come on to him. And I HATE myself for it. I really want to just wait until he decides he wants me. I hate being undesirable. It’s an awful feeling. But he is so busy with work, and so stressed, and so frustrated with work, and so tired, and his mind is so consumed with work that I don’t think he ever even thinks about sex unless I bring it up. I try to be understanding, I really do. But I feel like the best years of my life are slipping away and I’ll never know what it’s like to be loved and desired. Loved, yes, but desired by the one who loves me, no. I wish those who refuse their spouses, men and women, would wake up and realize just how very deeply they are hurting the one they claim to love.
  • Being with a spouse who constantly rejects you sexually is an emotional, spiritual, and physical challenge. Being a female with a high sex drive and my husband the complete opposite, being rejected constantly can cause a lot of confusion.
  • This needs to be talked about more, it’s always the wife that is pictured doing this stuff. Not ok, or true for me.
  • Before coming on the TMB website, I wouldn’t have dreamed that people have high drives or low drives. My husband and I are equally matched. I thought everyone was like that. When you experience something, you think everyone else has it is the same way. I also thought everyone deals with really bad in-laws, but that’s an another can of worms. Back to the subject at hand, my husband and I only have mutual no’s, so it’s pretty much yes for every opportunity. I feel very blessed.
  • This survey is very confusing. We both give each other an occasional no when we are not feeling well or when we are very tired. We do not consider it refusing or gatekeeping.
  • Happy marriage with good regular sex.
  • This is difficult to explain. He doesn’t really say no per se, but he rarely initiates. I have to 75% of the time. He just never seems aroused unless I literally grab him, which doesn’t make me feel particularly feminine or pursued like women want to be. Most days, he just makes it obvious that he’s exhausted and would rather zone out watching sports than do anything sexy. ??
  • I was very hopeful after he got a CPAP that he would be less tired. But he is always tired and usually falls asleep early in the evening, sleeps all evening until I wake him to go to bed, and then goes back to sleep really fast. We have sex other than the Sunday night schedule (and about 2- 3 Fridays nights per 2 months) maybe 3 or 4 times a year. Mostly on vacation, when we go to bed earlier and he has multiple naps through the day. His mother fell asleep constantly, including at the circus. I doubt if she ever saw an entire movie. He can fall asleep at the dinner table when you stay there after eating chatting with friends. He has seen numerous doctors. He drinks a significant amount of coffee. But as he has gotten older, he never wants me to “wake him up”- get him aroused to have sex. He just wants to sleep.
  • I don’t believe in divorce for this, but I would say it has put a strain on my joy in being married. And I have asked myself repeatedly why be would marry me if he felt like this. I will say, I knew this was a risk. The first three months we dated, he couldn’t keep his hands off. I told him to wait for sex until we were married, but I’m not a prude. But it went off like a light switch and has never come back. Oh, for detail, we only have sex when he decides, and it’s declined from 3 times a month to once a month. We’ve never had sex when I initiated or planned, and he’s told me repeatedly that there’s nothing I can do to get him in the mood.
  • My husband’s sexual refusal encompassed 22 of our 23 year marriage. In the last 5 months, the situation has turned around. We’ve finally been able to talk about the issues and things are better than ever in the marriage bed. However, we are also having to deal with the deep seated pain I have around his refusal (rejection) and all the issues that came along with the refusal. (Lying, making excuses, never initiating, sex on his terms when it did occur, porn use, masturbation, etc.) I’m extremely hurt and angry that he hijacked my sex life for all these years and expected me to be celibate, yet he had a regular solo sex life. In addition, he has used porn for the last 6-8 years. We both know that it will take a lot of time for complete forgiveness and healing to occur around all of the issues. I didn’t mark porn as a reason for the rejection because I don’t think it was a cause of the gate keeping. I do think it probably contributed to his lack of caring about my needs on the few occasions (3-4 per year) that we did have sex. We are both learning that there were multiple factors that caused the refusal with his perceived performance issue being the overarching issue. I never really considered divorce because our marriage was good in all other areas. He met my emotional needs outside of the bedroom, we have a very deep friendship and he did things every day to show me how much he loved and adored me. I chose to focus on these things and be content in the relationship rather than consider divorce. I did, however, consider having an affair. At one point I asked him if I could since he didn’t want to have sex with me. He said no, so I mostly put it out of my mind and made sure I never put myself in a position where it may become a possibility. But, that’s not what I really wanted anyway. I wanted sex, but I wanted it with my husband.
  • The quiz forgot physical health. I have gotten “Not tonight, dear; I have a headache” from my HUSBAND. Thankfully, he is not being passive aggressive. He actually gets headaches. Or stomach aches because he has some food issues. Perhaps this sort of thing doesn’t count as refusing though. I wouldn’t say it is refusing if someone had the flu, etc… Still, it’s a bummer because it happens more than once in a while. I wish he would eat healthier and take better care of his body, because this is negatively impacting our sex life.
  • I make it my policy to be available to him every day, he sets the pace (usually every other day).
  • I think his filter has been compromised by porn and lustful images since early in our marriage but I think his strong drive was able to overcome any obvious /overt affects on our sexual relationship (at least on his part–I have felt very unattractive because of course these women/actresses look nothing like me) —until he hit the 40s. Now his drive isn’t overcoming the affects on his mind and he just isn’t able to get into it sometimes.
  • This has been a huge issue in our marriage. Neither of us was following Christ before we got married so we were intimate while dating. He never said no at that point. After we got married he almost immediately changed.
  • I’ve discovered that sometimes he doesn’t think he needs sex, when he really does. I’ve pointed it out to him and he’s getting better at frequency.
  • We can usually tell when the other one is not into it. Frequency keeps either one of us from feeling rejected. We have never said no, just later.
  • I cannot recall a time that my husband has ever said no. Earlier in our marriage, I never actually “said” no but I wouldn’t initiate or give him the impression I wasn’t interested by turning my back and trying to go to sleep. In our marriage now and for several years I have not rejected him or said no.
  • He has told me the following: sex is too much work, I take too long, he doesn’t want to make love – he just wants sex, in regards to masturbation he says Sometimes he just wants to get off without dealing with me. He’s too tired, too sick. He doesn’t like oral. Manual hurts his hands. Foreplay is too much effort. I didn’t check the porn box because he rarely uses it but does seek out porn substitutes like YouTube videos about the sexiest banned commercials or funny sex scenes in movies.
  • My sex life is not right. Hubby masturbated daily for two years (no porn) under my protest. We separated because of it. We cohabitate again and I get weekly duty sex and it isn’t good. I had an affair during the separation and currently. It feels good to have someone that cares about my sexual satisfaction.
  • Some of these were hard to answer. My husband doesn’t always say no, but when the answer is no, he’s the one that says it. It’s because he is tired. It is getting better, though. We only have the time between the kids going to bed and us going to bed. He gets up at 5am for work, so he is valid when he says no. He says it with love, not contention. It did used to be a problem years ago, before kids, and at that time I had thought about divorce. That was not saying no with love, but the excuse was tiredness. We rarely fought about it because I thought I just had a higher than normal sex drive. My thoughts were like “I mean, he’s a man, right? He thinks about sex more than women, but he doesn’t always want it, so I must be weird.” So I just held on to my hurt feelings because he didn’t want to talk about it anyway. I had male friends, whom I trusted, and they assured me it was not me. I never had an affair, but I was certainly tempted. I finally would bring it up that I was feeling neglected, but he never talked, just listened and even if I offered solutions, things would only get better for a week or so before going back to ‘normal’. Sad to say that went on for a long time. I really don’t know what changed, but things are better now. I’m sad it took so long, but thankful we’re here now, instead of even later.
  • He used to turn me down all the time when he was on antidepressants. But I’m happy to say our sex life has become more abundant since he got off of those meds!
  • He only says no after he is totally exhausted from work.





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