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How often do you climax from…

104 men and 382 women have answered

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Instructions for this section: The goal of this survey is to see which sex acts are most and least likely to result in orgasm. If you engage in any of the following sex acts rarely, please select N/A. For the rest of the sex acts, what percentage of the time you do them do they result in you having an orgasm?

  • The far left side shows the sex acts less common for women.
    • 45% don’t masturbate with their husband
    • 23% don’t engage in solo masturbation
    • 32% don’t engage in stimulation after intercourse
    • 42% don’t receive stimulation from a sex toy alone
    • 13% don’t receive oral sex
    • 12% don’t receive manual sex
    • 4% don’t receive foreplay
    • All the women engaged in intercourse
  • The surest way for a woman to orgasm is solo masturbation .
  • The second surest way to orgasm is oral sex.
  • Intercourse was a close third in surest way to orgasm.

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  • 27% of women don’t have sex in any position other than the three listed.
  • 15% don’t do rear entry
  • 5% don’t do missionary
  • 3% don’t do woman on top.
  • Missionary and woman on top were about the same, with 12% and 13% saying they almost always climax in each position.
  • Overall woman on top was the surest way for a woman to orgasm
  • Rear entry was much less successful for women as a whole.
  • The “other” answers were scattered, with about half not being forms of PIV intercourse. One mentioned several times was the women on her back on the bed with husband standing.

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  • For all men, two-thirds of orgasms are the results of penis in vagina intercourse.
  • Solo masturbation without porn was the second most common way to orgasm, at 13% of total.
  • 9% of men’s orgasms came from their wife’s hands or her using a sex toy.
  • 7% of men’s orgasms came from solo masturbation with porn.
  • Oral sex accounted for 5%. Anal for 3%
  • 32% of men had masturbated to porn. Only 11% said it accounted for more than 15% of their orgasms.
  • 73% of men said some of their orgasms came from solo masturbation.
    • 36% said solo masturbation accounted for 1% to 10% of their orgasms.
    • 9% said solo masturbation accounted for 11% to 24% of their orgasms.
    • 8% said solo masturbation accounted for 25% to 49% of their orgasms.
    • 11% said solo masturbation accounted for 50% to 74% of their orgasms.
    • 6% said solo masturbation accounted for 75% to 94% of their orgasms.
    • 4% said solo masturbation accounted for 55% or more of their orgasms.

Women’s Comments:

  • He just keeps going until I do.
  • I orgasm very easily and multiple times in a session, and I climax most easily and most often from PIV, in any position that hits my G spot.
  • Orgasm is a must for me!!
  • Almost always
  • I climax most often using his penis to stimulate my clitoris.
  • I usually orgasm 2 to 3 times when we have sex, one from PIA and the others from oral and manual stimulation. PIA orgasms usually involve some toys too so the orgasms may not be just from thrusting.
  • Every time vaginally with ejaculation, but clitoral orgasms are very hard to achieve.
  • I was a little unclear on the question being asked and how best to answer. How often do I finish during these activities when I do them… Well, it all depends whether orgasm was the goal of the activity or not. If I want my husband to finish me during oral sex, it usually happens about 90% of the time. But I usually prefer oral for foreplay and instead like to finish during sex (me on top). So the percentage of times I reach orgasm during oral sex is very low, but that’s not because it is unlikely to give me an orgasm; it’s only because I stop the activity to move onto another. Does that make sense? Both of them are HIGHLY likely to give me an orgasm if that’s what we are aiming for, but I chose one over the other.
  • Climaxing is hugely about the mind and focusing for me.
  • We make love several times a week, use several different positions, perform oral on each other, and occasionally incorporate toys into our play. I enjoy all of these, but the oral and toys are foreplay not the main course for me.
  • We need to work on this area of our marriage. Have been married 28 years and have had an orgasm maybe a dozen times. Husband has been selfish, uneducated, etc. found out 2 years ago about his porn use that totally devastated and killed me and now that I’m nearing menopause I’m the higher drive wife and he is having trouble performing and has low testosterone, so I’m left feeling ugly, old, unwanted and undesired. Not to mention that having the higher drive and getting so close to orgasm but stopping when he finishes is beyond frustrating and I never feel satisfied. He doesn’t understand women at all!!
  • I CAN orgasm most of the time from hubby giving me manual or oral, but he won’t do either on me anymore. Also, the less than 10% I listed in positions is more like less than 5%, and they are very weak, unsatisfactory orgasms. He just isn’t interested in my pleasure my way.
  • The best method for me when I want to have an orgasm is to ask him to give me oral till I start building, then have him enter me missionary style but with his hips above mine in a back-and-forth motion instead of an in-and-out motion.

Men’s Comments:

  • I put zero for oral because I don’t climax while in her mouth although she gives me oral some.
  • thinking about this survey it is very telling about what happens in bed. In our case, how far apart we really are in desire! 🙁
  • I hate to say “0”, meaning “never” for a couple of items that are less than 1%, but that is what I did.
  • Data pretty sparse, twice during intercourse, 3 times during solo masturbation, annual average for the last few years.
  • Most of the time it is PIV. That is usually after my wife has been to the moon and back as many times as she wishes. Only one of us can climax more than once, so we might as well take advantage of this. I, among men, am most blessed!
  • Wish I could lessen my percentage “climax from masturbation without her present” and distribute it among the others.
  • Other defined as dry humping my wife. She doesn’t like to engage in pleasing me in any fashion but PIV, but allows this to curb my drive.
  • The numbers would likely look different if my bride got more enjoyment from activities beyond PIV sex. I would like more variety but for now I’m very happy with the frequency improvements that we have made. It is nice that the vast majority of the time we climax (the final one for her) together.
  • My wife only allows us to have sex 1-2 times a month. She will occasionally offer oral in place of PIV. Sometimes I will ask for it. Most of the time my orgasms are my responsibility.
  • Same story as a lot of men, my wife is the LD spouse and refuses to venture outside her comfort zone. The one time she did give me a hand job, she refused to use lube and complained of the mess afterwards. Even though she hasn’t offered again, I would refuse her help if the terms were the same; that’s a special kind of torture I wouldn’t wish upon an enemy.
  • Master action was near 0 before kids but with kids we have much less one on one time together but still get it twice a week average. Master sting is mostly so I don’t climax in 2 seconds and prostate health.
  • Grace changes everything. God knows what you need and He will work on your spouse. We are all works in progress.
  • I wish my wife would allow me to climax from oral sex. It is only foreplay for her.
  • She doesn’t do oral on me. We have intercourse 3-4x per week. But if I climax outside of that, it’s on my own. Unfortunately, sometimes with porn.
  • My wife and I only do oral and vaginal. We once tried anal I climaxed but she was not a fan so and I felt guilty afterwards so we don’t do anal. We have a great sex life.
  • I have an internal desire for my wife to swallow my semen that I have been trying to not focus on for years since it truly does not appeal to her. Having said that, the desire remains, and I think that is the core of any porn use I have, it’s just that specific fantasy remains unsatisfied regardless of how understanding I may be. I truly love and care for and about my wife, and I know she feels the same about me. But she has her limits regarding oral sex and climaxing in her mouth and it is reality. How she feels about our marriage is more important to me than any sex act, but that doesn’t remove the desire. So much prayer with my Creator seems to be the best way I am able to address the fantasy, but weakness moments still happen, though they are few.
  • In the last year I’ve stopped looking at porn and masturbating, and my wife is the only source of sexual satisfaction I receive. I did this for spiritual reasons but our marriage has become so much better and we sleep together a lot more. I believe that men who service themselves actually hurt their chances of sleeping with their wife more and need to know that is happening.
  • My other is when I climax between my wife’s breasts. Can be very satisfying depending what options are presented.
  • DW just not into sex. She knows I masturbate and I have told her I use porn. She is totally OK with masturbation without her around and is upset about porn use but does not object too strenuously. Has been the norm since we were married 49 years ago. Only recently has she been willing to connect with me more often when I request. For most of the past years, she has been a gatekeeper with some stretches of 9 to 13 months with no sex at all.
  • After I take care of things on my own, I have less sexual desire for my wife which means I’m less likely to pursue her needs for help around the house, neck massages, foot rubs, etc – because I don’t NEED her at the moment. So I try to avoid situations where that may happen if I need to take matters into my own hands. Other times are better for both of us… If she’s moody and pursuing her sexually will just make it worse, traveling, or if it’s been a while and I’m susceptible to climaxing too quickly, I’ll knock one out and then later that night I can go as long as I want and give her as much as she needs from me. One interesting result I’ve found is that when I’m masturbating, I can squeeze off the ejaculate while I climax and it’s still quite pleasurable. If I do this, I’m way more likely to pursue my wife sexually that same day and I still have the staying power that I want. If I release, however, it’s like I’m done for the day and I’ve lost the fuel to pursue her for my/our pleasure.
  • Oral sex: To the point of orgasm then finish manually (her or me) She doesn’t want me to finish in her mouth and I respect that though I would love to finish that in her mouth.
  • Under manual I am including things like her using her breasts or buns for stimulation & climax.
  • Sure don’t like it this way but IC is ‘off the table’ anymore . . . . but our lovemaking is EXTRAORDINARY just the same. My DW is patient and immensely generous. We miss the intimacy and the genuine physical after-glow that only came with IC but we manage to keep the fire burning!
  • Things really are better but still feel deep resentment over 15 years of rejection and affair she can’t be honest about. I need honesty she needs to sweep it under the rug so we can spend the rest of our lives tripping over the bumps in the carpet.
  • Wife will do oral if I ask but will not finish or get close. A couple oral strokes then moves on…. Hand job if ask Sex 2-3x a month…sigh
  • Vast majority of the time oral and hand stimulation is used as a teaser for sex – not the main course. We both enjoy me giving her oral sex and frequently we will do so laying on our side so that I can pleasure myself with her legs at the same time. usually we do this as teaser but well sometimes I overeat on the appetizer and we both finish early. 🙂
  • Though I totally enjoy receiving oral sex from my bride, it is a rarity. We have not done any of the other items listed except tab A into slot B.
  • One of the ways that I climax with the most force, is a way that I’d never expected when we got married a little over a year ago. We started experimenting with anal toys together, and eventually we tried pegging. We don’t do it very often, but when we do, it’s incredible, and my wife climaxes as well, with a vibrator in the harness.
  • Currently my wife is finding vaginal intercourse uncomfortable and I have just had a vasectomy and need to ejaculate every few days to clear any residual sperm. Normally most orgasms would be from vaginal sex.
  • “In my sleep” is really between 0-1. It never happened for me as often as others talked about — even during puberty. But, on rare occasions it still happens. “Other” for me is mostly breast sex. I think once or twice there was some frottage on her hip, but mostly “other” is breast sex. I sincerely wish masturbation w/o porn was less frequent — and consequently ANY orgasm with my wife was more frequent. But, she’s sick and generally low libido, so that’s the boat I’m in. While I’m wishing, I’d also wish that hand job / oral was more frequent. But, DW doesn’t seem interested. [sigh]. (I don’t use porn & and masturbation with DW present ain’t gonna happen.)
  • Not sure what to answer here. I would love to have anal sex with my wife. It is my #1 unfulfilled desire. The next one would be pegging. I would love for my wife to take me this way, but I sense she is uncomfortable with the idea. I suspect neither will ever happen and the feeling of missing out on something I so want to try leaves me sad sometimes.
  • I can’t say that I never masturbate, but it is rare. I also have a leg fetish and a wife with amazing legs. Thus, the other category is my enjoyment of/with/on her legs on the occasions when she is willing.
  • I journal a lot (what we did, feelings at the time, how we reacted, ect), so I have rather specific stats for this past year. The “Other” category is mostly either ‘she finished early’ or ‘she isn’t interested in traditional sex at the time’ events. Using other body parts (eg: breasts) or just humping. The majority of my masturbation came from a rough period this year pre-‘seeking marriage help’ which is both unsettling and encouraging to see progress.
  • My wife is very generous when it comes to intercourse. Rarely do I go more than 2 days without penetration. However oral sex is rare for her to give. She does receive it frequently. Anal isn’t an option. I’m a typical high drive male so I masturbate solo on the off days.
  • My wife does not like sex. We have sex maybe once a month.
  • Whenever we make love. About 1-2 times a month.
  • Other is masturbation to videos of my wife, which I do not consider porn.
  • Once a day.
  • For “other” I mean occasional “boobie sex” in which I thrust between her breasts.
  • Sex is rare. I have to take care of my own needs most of the time.
  • Sex toys





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