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How much $$ to go sexless?

51 women and 192 men have answered

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Several said this was an odd survey and asked what we were looking for. Others found it thought provoking. Getting people to think was the goal!

Note: The information below does not include answers for those who have sex less than once a week (6% of women and 11% of men) and those who have less than one orgasm a week (12% of women and 2% of men).

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  • Women were willing to go without an orgasm for less than men with 27% of women but only 13% of men saying they would to it for $1,000.
  • But women were also more likely to say they would not do it for any amount – 23% of women versus 17% of men.
  • 28% of men and 12% of women would do it for half a million to 5 million.

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  • A year rather than a month changed things a good deal. Only 1% of men and 2% of women would do it for $1,000.
  • 42 percent of men and 33% of women would not do this for any amount.
  • 25% or women and 16% of men would do it for $100,000 or less.

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  • Offering solo masturbation increased the number of men willing to do this for $10,000 or more from 43% to 50%. But it reduced the number of women willing to do it from 52% to 42%. (Did I not explain it? Or was there a fear of giving in to the urge to masturbate?)
  • The number of men and women unwilling to do it for any reason increased – men up 2%, women up 10%.

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  • Again, including the option to masturbate reduced the number willing to do this for low amounts, and increased the number unwilling to do it for any reason.

Note: The rest of the data is for all who answered the survey.

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  • 65% of women and 44% of men report having sex more than once times a week.
  • 11% of men and 6% of women have sex less than once a week.

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  • 47% of women and 75% of men orgasm more than once a week.
  • 12% of women and 2% of men orgasm less than once a week.

Women’s Comments:

  • This was a difficult question for us. We feel that our orgasms are for each other so we talked about how to answer. I could probably go for a while without orgasms for enough money but I don’t think my husband would want me to not orgasm for us or him for a month, certainly not any longer. I think he loves my orgasms as much as I do so denying him would really require some serious cash.
  • 100 k would be life changing money…I think we could do it as a team for that kind of cash, knowing it was temporary.
  • I didn’t get married to have no sex, but this is the situation I find myself in. Every day I think about leaving. It is miserable.
  • Hard to miss what you don’t have, sadly mind just goes to other things in life.
  • If I could earn 5 million for going without sex for a month, I could then use that money for us to retire to our dream home. Without financial stress and the pressure of our jobs, we’d be more relaxed, have more fun, and have more sex! So that one month would be a worthwhile investment for the long term.
  • I’m newly postpartum and our stress levels are really high due to (changing… thankfully) life circumstances. So my answers would have been significantly different a couple months ago and, assuming healthy recovery and changes, will be significantly different in a couple months. But right now, that money would be very useful. 😛
  • This would totally hinge on my spouses agreement. If my hubby agreed to this arrangement, I would have no problem going without.
  • Rather a strange survey, as I don’t know how you can put monetary value on these things, but I’ve taken my best guesses. I’d be curious when you publish the results for some kind of explanation as to what this survey is really looking for, and what in the world gave TMB the idea for it.
  • Considering I went 3 years without getting an orgasm from hubby, I think I can do a month or year. I have gone a month without having sex with hubby many times (postpartum, business separation, illnesses), but I would not do a full year. Too much damage to a relationship for any amount of money.

Men’s Comments:

  • Currently in a sexless marriage. Three times last year. Zero this year. Wife deals with anxiety. Can’t figure out how to connect with her emotionally. Everything I’ve done in the past does not work now.
  • This is not a realistic question. The bible says not to deny each other so that we do not become tempted. Not having sex for a year would be the start of the destructible of our marriage. Sex creates the bond God intended for man and woman.
  • An interesting set of question. Since I don’t view masturbation as an a acceptable alternative, for me the questions are just a repeated set. It seems that some employers effectively ask this sort of thing from their employees all the time. Particularly those in the military. God sometimes asks this type of sacrifice of his people. A month seems like hazard duty and a year seems like a huge sacrifice. I hope I rated the true magnitude of the sacrifice and risk well. I personally would need to feel it was definitely God’s will to go a year.
  • Love is more important than money. This is the first time I thought about skipping the survey.
  • Hey, I have been married for 30+ years to a cold and stingy woman. Gone without a great deal.
  • I actually have fantasies about tease and denial. I have made own cheap chastity device. I have tried to introduce it to her. She just gets angry that I don’t want vanilla – even though that’s not what I said. This is just more of the playground to me. It is a critical part of my desire that she be aware and engaged in the teasing and the control of my orgasm. I don’t want harsh or truly cruel denial. But I have no idea how to ask for playfulness. I can see why she would have a hard time seeing this as fun or playful. I will live without it. But her barriers to things adventurous seriously hampers my willingness to pursue her. On other parts of our life she has commented that I believe lies quickly. This makes opening up to her even harder. I may make it sound like her fault but I recognize that most of it is mine.
  • Not hard to go a month without sex with my wife, it is a near sexless marriage anyways.
  • Me and my wife have so little sex. It would be nice to get paid for not having it.
  • Maybe she is paid and that’s why?
  • It all sounds about normal to me, but I ought to be getting paid quite well for it!
  • My survey is a little skewed because I have ED and cannot climax vaginally, orally or manually, but we enjoy all of those almost every day. The only way I can climax is with a vibrator. With that I can have an orgasm 3 or 4 times a day (which I usually do).
  • My wife never wants to have sex. It’s always a chore to try to get her to participate.
  • I wouldn’t go without having sex with my spouse for any amount of money if it was all by my choice!
  • I would be so rich if these numbers actually came to pass. Our sex life is my daily waking nightmare. At least get to paid would give me SOMETHING for the desperate lack of sexual intimacy in our marriage.
  • I masturbate daily except when I’m about to have sex with my wife. Then I use “edging” to develop control.
  • We’re in a season now where the amounts could be pretty low…wouldn’t be difficult at all. Busyness, age, kids, communication, drift are all playing a part and feeling pretty disconnected and low libido on both our parts. Hope to grow out of it soon.
  • Once you are forced to put figures on intimacy, it makes you think about your priorities. Maybe that extra work that gives you $1000 is not really worth it.
  • Hard to answer. Easy to go without sex with my wife because I already do for long periods of time. Not by my choice but still have gone for 2-3 months with no sex and rarely more than once in a month. I wish I got paid for that. I would be a millionaire several times over. The better question is how much would we sacrifice to have sex with our spouses. I would give up my house, career, friends and family for regular intimate time with my wife.
  • My wife had a radical hysterectomy, and prior to that she had severe endometriosis. Her interest in sex has declined every year of marriage and we’re now down to about once every 3 weeks. I’ve just about gotten to where I’ve resigned myself to a sexless marriage within 2 years. Just last night — I tried. She responded — at first. Then, all of a sudden, she went from active and responsive to a dead fish. This was during foreplay, so it just ended. There’s no emotional connection and I crave that. Yeah, I’d take some money to replace what has becoming basically humping a wife-shaped pillow. I wouldn’t need a lot of money though. It’s not worth much these days. I feel horrible typing that, but that’s my emotional state today.
  • Anyone can go years without orgasms. Being married puts that out of the question. Money simply isn’t part of that equation.
  • I don’t have a week/month w/o sex with my wife because it’s a choice! if it was my choice I’d be having sex on a daily/every other day basis. Paying me not to wouldn’t be not a choice for me.





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