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Got Vasectomy?

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  • We asked for those who have had vasectomy – this was just a filter to remove those who have not.

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  • Sixty-one percent of the men were snipped more than five years ago.

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  • Eight-seven percent had mild pain at most.
  • Eleven percent had a fair amount of pain.
  • Two percent had a lot of pain.
  • Men who had the procedure in the last year were more likely to say a lot of pain or a fair amount of pain.

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  • A quarter of the men were back to life as normal in two days.
  • Forty-one percent needed 3 to 4 days to get back to normal.
  • Twenty-one percent needed the better part of a week.
  • Only fourteen percent needed more than a week.
  • Men who felt more pain during the procedure were far more likely to need more than a week and very unlikely to be good in two days.
  • Men who felt no pain during the procedure were the most likely to be back to normal in 2 days and least likely to need a week.

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  • Forty-three percent of men did not have sex for more than a week.
  • A quarter had sex 5 to 7 days after the procedure.
  • Twenty-four percent had some form of sex after 3 to 5 days.
  • Eight percent had sex within two days, and a quarter of those in the first 24 hours.
  • Most who did something in 24 hours had no pain.
  • None who had a lot of pain had sex before 5-7 days.

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  • This is a function of number of post procedure ejaculations, but doctors vary in when they test. Some want a test sample after a set number of ejaculations, others after a number of weeks. Some want a follow up after the first no sperm sample, others do not.
  • Six percent were shooting blanks before two weeks.
  • Nineteen present were clear 2-3 weeks after the procedure.
  • Roughly a quarter answered 3-4 weeks, 4-6 weeks, and more than six weeks.

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  • A total of 90% had no significant problems or pain.
  • Fifty-nine percent had no pain or problems after the procedure.
  • Twenty-sic percent had only minor, short term pain.
  • Five percent had minor issues for a long time.
  • A total of 90% had no significant problems or pain
  • Eight percent has significant problems or pain short term.
  • Only 2% had significant issues long term.

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  • A majority, 78%, are unequivocally glad they had a vasectomy.
  • Six percent are not glad.
  • Sixteen percent are undecided.
  • Pain during the procedure mildly correlated with not being glad it was done. Long-term significant post-op problems correlated more strongly.


  • Sometimes I can feel the metal clips used to seal off the tubes, and my left testicle is more susceptible to pain and irritation from that.
  • My wife said it greatly increased her enjoyment of sex, as condoms did not feel right, and the pill made her sick. It did not, however increase her DESIRE for sex, still very low. I now no longer panic when my wife gets that “ooh a BABY” look in her eye when observing other peoples newborns, but have had to remind her a few times she would need to find someone else for that. A few times I have said “absolutely, let’s make a baby” but she then gets mad because I am trying to trick her 🙂
  • When your doctor tells you “No sex for a week.” Believe him. If you perform oral on your wife after only a few days, even if you don’t use your penis, you will still get aroused and there will be problems.
  • We had been using the diaphragm for birth control and my wife was convinced that a vasectomy would lead to the increase in sexual frequency that I wanted. She had just given birth to our third child and she wanted to stop with three but I wanted 4. I caved and got the vasectomy because she promised increased sex. But that never happened. So it lead to a dark time in our marriage where I sort of gave up on getting what I felt I needed and turned to porn and masturbation. Terrible decision but I was very depressed. It took 10 years to climb out of that crater and get clean. I have forgiven her but she has never apologized. So it is still painful.
  • This was the best form of birth control. My wife and I wanted no more kids, didn’t want to use condoms or the pill for the next 15 years. It was a ton less invasive, quicker recovery , and just a good decision . No second thoughts.
  • It was a difficult decision. I scheduled and cancelled twice before I actually did it. I really wanted more children and sometimes wish we had more. But my wife was done and it was the right thing to do for our marriage.
  • It allowed my wife to come of the pill. It quickly became apparent how much the pill suppressed her sex drive.
  • Medical profession not only failed to mention long term risks they actually said there were no long term risks from a vasectomy…..guess they kinda forgot about the 40+ years of research highlighting risk from post vasectomy pain syndrome…which I got diagnosed with…along with between 14% and 43% of all men who have a vasectomy. Until the exact cause of why PvP occurs and until Dr’s are honest about risks to patient (those diagnosed all say Dr’s said no risk, never heard of PvP or risk is less than 1%) then the procedure should be banned. Given it can appear any time within 10yrs after vasectomy PvP is a ticking time bomb.
  • Seems like it had more impact on my libido than anyone ever suggested. Not sure why. Wish I could have contemplated this in advance and talked with my wife about the impact. The good? My wife never again spoke about the medical need for a hysterectomy. (Saved her from surgery and its implications.) The bad: significant loss of sex drive. Who knew?
  • We were very fertile and had two unplanned pregnancies ending up with seven pregnancies and six children. However, we chose a vasectomy because we both separately felt that was how God was leading. We both felt a great sense of peace and faith about it. We’ve recommended to our friends that they seek God’s voice on the matter and do it from faith, not fear.
  • Occasional pain in one of my testicles. Pretty rare, though. Still totally worth it!
  • Had vasectomy in my 40s after family complete – 4 kids. Wife was starting to have clotting issues with BC pills so decided to get her bc.
  • When your quiver of children is full (four for us), it’s time to prayerfully consider this. Having your wife not have to worry about getting pregnant increases the frequency of sex in your lives.
  • Sex is better without condoms.
  • I find that I don’t have the same power in my discharge, where it used to fly across the room (so to speak) it sorta just oozes out now. That and I don’t feel as big anymore either, like I shrunk an inch.
  • No regrets 37 years later.
  • Mine was a rough procedure. It took several (3-4) hours (The MD couldn’t find one of the tubes and had to get help. Not fun being taped into stirrups for that long.
  • In my view you should continue having children on “some” schedule until you have all that you can care for or can physically have. So once a woman reaches that point she should have her tubes tied. If after a couple has all that they can have and something happens to the man and he should pass away and she remarries, well, she is done so there is no need to be fertile. But if the wife should pass away and the man remarries it could be a woman who hasn’t had all the children she could have. So it doesn’t make sense for the man to have his tubes tied.
  • Did it so wife would not have to have procedure. Not sure it was right thing. We were almost 40.
  • Not as big of a deal as some men make it out to be. And it in no way minimized my masculinity.
  • It was originally the wife’s idea, but she had second thoughts about it the day before. She now sometimes wishes I hadn’t gone through with it primarily because it has modified my body from its natural state.
  • You didn’t ask what difference it made! I’ll only touch on the physical differences ……. and the one negative effect my vasectomy had. One of the physiological actions that occurs as you get close to orgasm is your body – via the vas – draws your testes up into your pelvis. Up until I had it I could delay ejaculation for hours if I chose simply by drawing my testes down and stretching out the vas, basically starting the whole process over. With no attachment between the vas and the testes, and no way to grasp the end of the vas to achieve the same result, I have far less control and ‘staying power’ than I had before. The freedom of not having to worry about any form of birth control – all of which are either slightly hit and miss (condoms), chemical (the pill etc which messes with my wife) or very invasive (tubal ligation etc) – makes any negative effect incredibly minor.
  • My wife and I decided our family was all here. The most practical solution was for me to address it. We spent time considering, praying.
  • Since we didn’t want anymore children it was the best and easiest way to go.
  • Best thing about it: sex without condoms…forever!
  • I hate the feeling when I ejaculate… It feels like a huge pressure and my eyes want to roll back. I wish I hadn’t done it.
  • I had bleeding complications after the procedure. Required an ER visit and some extra time off of work. Despite all of that, 2nd best procedure we had done. The best was her hysterectomy. She was having fibroid complications necessitating removal of her plumbing. Sex got better after the vasectomy however.
  • I am generally a wimp when comes to anything like this, but it was not a big deal at all. I went back to work the same day.
  • Didn’t do as the dr required so pain lasted longer. Also, I have yet to go and be confirmed sterile.
  • I had some complications after the procedure. The stitches that were supposed to dissolve did not and had to be removed. I also experienced some residual testicular pain that lasted a while. But this is not the norm. I have many friends who had vasectomies and they bounced back quickly. As my doctor said, I was just on the other end of the bell curve. Having said all that, I would do it again in a heartbeat. The long lasting results are totally worth the short term complications!
  • Within a year after my vasectomy my wife had to have a hysterectomy, due to a growth in her uterus (myoma), effectively making the vasectomy unnecessary. For any couple considering the options, I would strongly recommend the vasectomy – it is just a lot more considerate: for the man it is a minor medical procedure with no side-effectes (other than being sterile), while for the woman it is a major operation with a six weeks recovery period and a lot of pain.
  • Pretty much had a sexless marriage (less than once a month), Had a vasectomy, was promised it would lead to more sex because of less worry – had even less sex, less than 4 times a year, no its less than 2x a year, haven’t had it in 18 months. You know what? I don’t care anymore.
  • You see a lot of horror stories online for probably 98% of men have no issues.
  • Was a pretty selfish thing.
  • Since then my sexual ability has faltered. Orgasms aren’t as good. Erection isn’t as hard. But I do not know how much, if any, was the vasectomy, my brain, prescription drugs (depression), ageing, our marriage (putting up with each other) or what. As someone at work says, “The real world is kind of messy.”
  • I had the procedure done, but later found out my vas had re-canalized. The procedure was completely ineffective, so now I have to do it again…
  • I drove my wife NUTS before the procedure–which was on Dec 23. the 3 weeks leading up to the appt were psychological hell. I opted for an open-end procedure, highly recommend. And, although I did not undergo general anesthesia–since then, I heard enough bad stories that I would definitely do gen anesthesia now.
  • My wife was sure she didn’t want to get pregnant again because of difficulty in losing weight afterwards. I had to think hard about the procedure not knowing what to expect. Looking back, it was the right thing to do.
  • This is such a better option than the wife being on the pill!
  • Married 30 year, 8 children, even mix, oldest 27, youngest 6
  • Prior to the vasectomy I would occasionally experience pain/pressure when I went extended periods without ejaculation. Since, I have occasional pain just prior to and during ejaculation. Also a general feeling of “fullness” almost all the time.
  • My wife didn’t have to worry about pregnancy, and NO MORE CONDOMS. (Way too many pill side effects for it to be of any use.)
  • The surgery followed a miscarriage, stillborn, and Doctors recommendation she not get pregnant due to an illness draining her strength. Rather than her taking birth control pills, it was an easy choice to be the one that would prevent the surgery. Now, illness gone, healthy wife, great level of intimacy for both.
  • When sewing me “shut”, he sewed one of the tubes to my scrotal wall, making one of my testicles hang differently (and not naturally at all). This was painful and is still not optimal, but I’ve had to get used to it (doc just said things would stretch out and adjust, they never have gone back to normal).
  • Actually, I had it done 2 days ago. This survey is quite timely! I’ve been taking it easy. Still have mild pain. Feels like someone kicked me hard in the balls at times. Nothing a little Tylenol can’t help. Doc says I can resume sex after 5-7 days, but be careful because I’m not sterile until he confirms I am. He suggests I bring in a semen sample in 6 weeks and 3mo. Good news is that DW can help me generate the sample! I should tell her he needs 2-3 samples a week for the remainder of the year! LOL! I’m looking forward to not having anxiety every month fearing I got her pregnant. The procedure costs $502 after an insurance discount. It took less than an hour including paperwork. I did it on a Friday morning and will be back to work (desk job) on Monday. No heavy lifting of sports or swimming for 7 days. Also, he recommends not ejaculating for 5-7 days to let the cauterized ends of the vas tubes to heal and seal.
  • My wife and I decided ‘two and thru’. So, after 2nd child, I went to see Dr. Snip-It and got it taken care of. For a while I felt that it was more of a sacrifice on my part and that I had given my wife the gift of sterility. However, the freedom of not having to worry about any protection or any surprise babies made sex more comfortable for me. Still refer to myself, in jest, as a neutered dog. I’m 58 now and am married to my first (and only) wife and I plan to keep it that way. So, no need to be able to father any more children.
  • While there is freedom and more spontaneity in sex, there is also at times a sadness that I will never be able to father more children. My wife and I did discuss the decision in depth and I would do it again. But there is still a little sadness.
  • We have seven children (so we have replenished not just replaced) and I out of respect for my wife and protection for her decided to have a vasectomy. It has been a very good thing!
  • Easy to have done. Stay off your feet for the first 24 hours. Follow Doctors orders for ice bags. Frozen peas really do work well.
  • We had four children. Had decided together that was enough. Outpatient with only local anesthesia. Paid cash.
  • Once we were sure we were done having kids, my vasectomy was an excellent choice for us. It was much less invasive than a tubal ligation for her, and I was happy to do it for us. It is such a blessing to not have to use a condom or diaphragm any more. My wife appreciated my sacrifice and I think it moved our relationship up a notch. Spontaneous sex without a chance of a surprise pregnancy is the best!
  • Q 10, never went to be confirmed if sterile, but wife never got pregnant again. vasectomy occurred because wife got pregnant with our third child while on birth control. It was either V or no more sex. I was splitting wood the next day. So it was pretty easy for me.
  • Procedure followed the birth of child number 5. I finally figured it out!!
  • Several years after my vasectomy, we both wished that we could have a fourth child. Otherwise, it’s been a nice form of birth control.
  • Long-term pain. Testicle confusion (don’t know if they are to rise and fall with heat/cold) Diminished sex drive (not psychological). After researching more thoroughly, many urologists suggest Theiss regulates body temp. which can affect testosterone production.
  • Glad to have the procedure done; my wife did not want to take hormonal birth control, so our method was to use condoms. So, the procedure ensured I would, in all probability, never wear one of those little devils again. On the other hand, the procedure was so permanent… What if we decided we wanted to have another child? Or if something dreadful happened and I was no longer with my wife and married someone else who wanted children? Fortunately, these scenarios were never even approached.
  • Ended up getting a reversal done a couple of years later.
  • Love the freedom of vasectomy
  • I have a not so little infection. But still glad I did it after the antibiotics.
  • Dangerous for wife to get pregnant again and hormones was not fun with wife. Is this wrong? Catholics and some evangelicals think procreation is main or real purpose for sex. Is sec wrong though you cannot procreate? Birth control is not allowed in catholic circles.
  • Had 5 kids before I had it done. Afterwards, all the sex I wanted without aggravation of condoms, no birth control pills for my wife, and no worries about her getting pregnant again.
  • This was our solution to my wife not being allowed (for medical reasons) to get pregnant any more. We weren’t happy, me more so then her. The biggest concern of mine is that if she dies and I remarry, no more “our” kids with a new wife. I felt more like I was giving up something for her then doing it so I could have “free” sex.
  • Regarding pain and discomfort: the actual pain and discomfort of the procedure were minimal. Doc provided me with pre-operation doses of a sedative (diazapam) and adequate novocaine. As it turned out it was difficult to access my vas so he had to do quite a bit of tugging and digging to get to it. One would think that would cause the procedure to be extremely uncomfortable however because he used the right kind and amounts of medication, thoughI was aware of the problem, it was not uncomfortable at all As I told my friends afterwards I would much rather go have a vasectomy again then go get a root canal. As far as the recovery pain and discomfort, I followed my doctor’s directions explicitly regarding keeping ice on my scrotum and staying off my feet for the minimum time. I had my vasectomy on a friday and the following weekend I was able to go on a very short hike in the woods with only minor discomfort. By far the best advice Doc gave me was to use bags of frozen peas as ice packs. They gently conformed to my topography and deliverered max benefit.
  • The numbing is the worst part. It sucks.
  • I was surprised to read afterward that even my semen is virtually (99%) the same – amount, color, scent, taste, stickiness,…
  • Sex was better after it. No risk of additional kids ( we have 3). Allows more spontaneous sex in more places.
  • My biggest complaint is less volume in my semen levels (event though they said there would be no change). Both my wife and I can tell the difference in the volume. It also seems my orgasms are not quite the same either. It is also nice to know that we won’t have any more “surprises”. However, it’s also sad to know that I’ll never father another child.
  • I answered short term but significant pain. Three days after the procedure one of my kids accidentally kicked me in the incision.
  • Got a reversal 3 yrs after I had it done. I was 24 yrs old when I had it done. Wife left me within a year of getting the vasectomy. Got it reversed 3 yrs after & just had a baby with my second wife last November.
  • I never went back to confirm I was sterile. Probably should have, but I guess it worked. 🙂 My testicles are still more tender than before the procedure, which is sad, because having them sucked on doesn’t feel as good as it used to. The best conception control, IMO, is menopause. Second best is vasectomy.
  • I won’t be buying any more pampers or huggies.
  • About every 10 years or so I get an inflammation of the testes, which I’m told is related to the procedure. That hurts worse than the surgery ever did.
  • It hurt much more than many male friends suggested.
  • The only pain I had was from the shots of anesthetic. It was an easy procedure, and I have no regrets.
  • Great aphrodisiac for my wife!
  • I was in for another procedure and this really came up as a “while you’re at it…” sort of thing. I wouldn’t have thought of it at that time, but after a little thought, I realized that I had all of the kids I was going to want to have and this would make sex with my wife much easier (and possibly more spontaneous). I’ve never had second thoughts about it. I’m happy that my wife doesn’t have to stress about a late in life pregnancy (less stress means more enjoyment) and I’m happy that we can make love without checking calendars or taking other precautions.
  • We both had children from previous marriages, and decided we did not want to restart the childrearing clock. Years later, we kinda wished we had had one child that was truly ours (not just his & hers), but by now it is a small regret. The advantage of not having to worry about birth control was great. Recently she had a hysterectomy (cf. adenomyosis) so most of her repro hardware is gone, and she no longer has to fight with her period.
  • Now, my testosterone has shut down completely and I must supplement with Androgel.
  • I’m one of the small percent who had side effects. Several times a year I would get painfull granulomas that would hurt for up to a week at a time. Typical, when I got remarrie I had it reversed,, OMG WHAT A PAINFULL NIGHTMARE!
  • Glad I had it done. My wife was driving force behind it. I was not. I didn’t want to at first but went ahead and did it. Now my wife wants it reversed but I do not.





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