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First Orgasm

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  • Prior to age 10 more girls than boys had experienced orgasm. This is consistent with other studies. While molestation is a factor it is not the primary cause of this. Accidental self-discovery of orgasm is easier for girls than boys due to gender biology.
  • For those who first orgasmed prior to any sign of puberty, 90% of the boys and 80% of the girls self-discovered. Twenty percent of the girls and 5% of the boys were molested, and 5% of the boys said it happened during consensual sex play.
  • By their 14th birthday 66% of boys and 29% of girls had orgasmed.
  • The chart shows women continue to learn to orgasm well into life – 17% of the women who first orgasmed after the age of 25.
  • Three women said they have never had an orgasm, one each age 25-34, 35-44 and over 55.

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  • Pre-puberty first orgasm occurred for 12% of both boys and girls.
  • Orgasm early in puberty was more common for boys, 25% to 7%.
  • Having first orgasm “well past” the start of puberty was rare for boys, with only 5%, but not uncommon for girls, at 40%.

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  • Fifty five percent of boys and 32% of girls self-discovered orgasm without knowing such a thing was possible.
  • Thirty two percent of boys and 19% of girls self-discovered orgasm and knew it was possible before it happened.
  • Forty five percent of women had their first orgasm during consensual sexual contact with someone else. More than half knew it was possible. The youngest age for this was 10-14. The majority of these were between age 16 and 20.
  • Only 9% of men had their first orgasm during consensual sexual contact. Two thirds knew it was possible.
  • First orgasm during non-consensual sex occurred for 4% of both men and women.

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  • A majority, 69% of women and 59% of men, said their first orgasm was a positive or very positive experience. Women were more likely to say very positive. 37% to 22%. Some of this may be due to boys experiencing ejaculation – in the comments several men mentioned this made it a problem.
  • Eleven percent of men and 6% of women said it was negative or very negative.
  • Men and women who said they were very serious about following the Lord were more likely to say their first orgasm was a negative experience.
  • First orgasm during non-consensual was usually a negative experience, but a few men rated it as neutral or positive and one woman rated it as very positive.
  • For men knowing orgasm was possible before it happened significantly increased the odds of the man seeing the experience as positive. For women knowing it could happen before doing it on their own meant they were more likely to see it as positive, while it made no difference if it happened during consensual sex.
  • For women the older they were when they had their first orgasm, the more likely they were to say it was a very positive experience. For men age did not seem to be a factor.

Women’s Comments:

  • I have to say that while it felt good, I do feel guilt now for letting sexuality interfere in our relationship before we were married.
  • I had also been married for about six months.
  • I can’t be the only person who never had one!
  • I knew it could happen, but I didn’t know what it would be like. It scared me a little because at first I thought I was having some kind of seizure!
  • With my boyfriend, now husband. Didn’t have sex, just happened while making out. Surprise!
  • Had been married for 3 yrs but wasn’t sure if I was orgasming or not during sex. After that first orgasm, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt!
  • Mother chastised me after she found out I was masturbating.
  • Wish I’d experienced it with my husband, and not someone else.
  • While not a popular viewpoint in conservative Christian circles, I have come to a conclusion at least for myself, that having discovered orgasm as a young girl, the experience gave me a positive view of sexual pleasure. I don’t have the issues that I hear about among Christian women who think self-exploration is dirty and even sex is considered more of a duty than a joy. Experiencing orgasm as a woman is so central to enjoying sex. I can understand why women who haven’t experienced orgasm don’t want to have sex.
  • Because it had never happened before, I wasn’t expecting it.
  • That’s the only time I’ve orgasmed during love making. I’m Not sure how to do it again. I can only with masturbation
  • I had my first Orgasm dry humping my first boyfriend (who is now my husband) I didn’t know what was happening until after we were married.
  • I had been sexually active for some time and never had an orgasm. I knew that they could happen, but it had never happened to me. I was having intercourse with my (then) boyfriend, who was a virgin at that time and it happened. After that I knew what I needed to do to get the job done and haven’t had a problem since.
  • It was the day after we got married. 😛
  • My first was on our wedding night. It was perfect in every way.
  • We were making out so it was a hand job… and I was very shocked at how intense it was… don’t know that I was unknowing I had heard friends/cousin talk about having them but never in detail.. so was defiantly surprised at how my body reacted…

Men’s Comments:

  • I had my first one when me, a younger neighbour boy and my younger sister did some exploring together. I was 9, the neighbour was 6 and my sister was 7. Strangely, the young neighbour boy showed me how it worked. My sister watched and then tried masturbating me too. My sister did not consent to being touched at that time, and we respected her.
  • I hadn’t even thought about it until, while making out with my girlfriend (who was a year older), she whispered, “I want you.” Five minutes later I had my first orgasm (being 16, I was clumsy that night; she didn’t have her first orgasm until a year later). I still remember that first night, her face, hair and her scent. Yes, souls are tied together when you make love.
  • Surprised at what happened! Was trying to re-enact what the “sex book” said about intercourse.
  • I was told self-pleasure was a sin so I carried a lot of guilt.
  • I was reading a book about puberty and the book mentioned it. But I had great guilt and shame about my growing sexual urges. I also had no one with whom I felt free to discuss these feelings. The times I was caught were devastating. Some of the patterns of isolation continue to this day.
  • It happened from masturbating out of curios up because it felt good. I felt extremely guilty.
  • Had heard about masturbation, so was playing around (actually not even that focused on it), and suddenly realized I had orgasmed. Was in complete awe at my own body. 🙂
  • Was a bit of a shock when it shot everywhere.
  • I was just splashing around in the bathtub at around 6 years old when I found a motion that felt nice. I kept it up until I had my first of many orgasms. Didn’t even know I could use my hand for a few more years.
  • It started me down a path of sexual immortality that led to pornography. I’m thankful that I know what I like, but I do wish it would have first been with my wife.
  • Age:15, unintentional and alone; neutral I felt guilty for a potential child being gone when I saw sperm in toilet; no one had ever told me this could happen without intercourse Started a confusing path of then MB, initiated by made up fantasies (not porn) back then it was not really accessible. Later lots of guilt if and still confused whether it was a sin. I guess it definitely requires lust in one’s head to get you there. Not married consensual manual and a few oral for short time with someone not wife (18). Married at 26 virgin with 1 relationship that included orgasms(also why I broke it off), and then solo mb with porn, then married.
  • This is a very weird survey!
  • I knew about orgasms from my sex ed class, but I didn’t really know what was involved or how to make it happen. I remember experimenting, which involved humping a pillow and then, bam, all of a sudden it happened. It was quite a mess to clean up.
  • It was confusing due to not understanding ejaculation and the distinct feeling of not being under pressure (due to semen build up and then release). I both felt guilt from then on but also the very clear knowledge that masturbation was going to be a non-optional, permanent part of my life. Once I got the nerve to express my guilty concerns to my church going dad, he unintentionally made things worse by telling me it was an act of the flesh, saying a simple prayer for me, and ending that one and only conversation.
  • Did not know what it was just that it felt good. No semen as far as I remember. It was climbing a pole on the playground and even went to the woods to find a tree the same size as a pole.
  • It happened when I was masturbating before I even knew what masturbating was and I had an orgasm. At the time I didn’t know what it was and it happened without ejaculation as I wasn’t old enough or developed enough to ejaculate. It was extremely intense and I loved it. Was hooked from then on.
  • I was clueless. I was using an electric massager on my legs, drifted to my penis as it felt good, then had an orgasm and ejaculated all of the sudden without knowing exactly what just happened or the cause.
  • I got into poison ivy and it got EVERYWHERE. I was scratching and it felt too good to be true and then I freaked because I thought I had peed on myself.
  • Started with dry orgasms, then clear fluid, then normal ejaculations with puberty.
  • Knew what to expect from conversations with friends and the ‘letters to the editor’ portion of the dirty magazines my dad had in the basement, but the intensity of the feeling surprised me, and the urge to experience it again and often scared me. I was sure I was sinning and almost positive that the urge to do it again was God punishing me for having done it in the first place. Took a few years until I got to a Bible preaching church and had a solid youth pastor in my life that I was able to put the sin part of it into perspective with the truth of what God had designed those feelings for.
  • I didn’t know they were orgasms at that time. I was too young. I just knew it felt good. My first orgasms did not produce sperm.
  • I was 8 and riding a skate board on my stomach – I guess the vibrations triggered it!
  • I didn’t know what it was at first but eventually it became something I felt shame about, especially once lust became a part of my experiences. I would say the first times were innocent though.
  • A male friend told me how, but failed to mention what would happen if I tried it. So I tried it and it felt good and then bang, explosion of intense pleasure and I heard something hit the ceiling. It honestly scared me big time! I waited weeks to do it again in fear that I’d hurt myself. Another reason parents need to talk about pleasure and masturbation and orgasm said with their kids. If I had known what would happen I would have been prepared and not terrified feeling like I’d hurt myself.





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