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Female Ejaculation

297 women and 303 men have answered
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This is the kind of survey that pulls mostly those who have had the experience. This accounts for the very high numbers of women who say they have experienced ejaculation. This question was primarily to filter the other results.

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  • “Occasionally now” was the most common answer, with 31% of men and 27% of women.
  • “Most of the time now” was selected by 14% of men and 26% of women.
  • “Often now” was the answer for 13% of men and 21% of women.
  • Loss or reduction of ejaculation was fairly rare.

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  • The similarity of male and female answers here is impressive. It makes sense men would be more likely to report “a few drops” as such a small amount would be more easily missed by the woman.
  • The graph makes a nice bell curve, which is what is expected for this.
  • Several studies have shown people over estimate the quantity of fluid.
  • The most commonly reported amount of fluid was a teaspoon to a tablespoon – selected by 41% of women and 44% of men.
  • A quarter of both men and women said the amount of fluid was about a quarter of a cup.
  • Seven percent of women and 6% of men said the amount of fluid was close to or more than a cup.

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  • The most common age to start ejaculating seems to be 25-34. However, this chart is for all women, including those younger than this age range.
  • Looking at the answers for women 45 and over reveals 60% of these women first ejaculated after turning 35 years of age.
  • Among women 55 and over, 22% first ejaculated after turning 55.
  • For women in the 45-54 age range, 20% first ejaculated after turning 45.

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  • The act most likely to produce ejaculation was the husband stimulating the clitoris and g-spot together. Forty-seven percent of women and 37% of men selected this answer.
  • Oral sex with g-spot stimulation was effective according to 29% of women and 26% of men.
  • Twenty three percent of women and 16% of men said her ejaculating happens with orgasm from any means.
  • Twenty-five percent of men and 23% of women said oral sex without g-spot stimulation results in ejaculation.
  • Twenty-eight percent of women, but only 18% of men said ejaculation occurs when the husband manually stimulates her without g-spot stimulation.
  • Missionary position was the most common way to ejaculate during intercourse, selected by 31% of the women and 27% of men.
  • Woman on top intercourse results in ejaculation according to 26% of women and 21% of men.
  • Rear entry intercourse causes female ejaculation for 23% of the women and 14% of men.
  • Overall, 80 of women who have ejaculated report doing so during intercourse. Most women do so in more than one position.
  • Women were more likely to report masturbation induced female ejaculation than men – no surprise here.
    • 22% of women and 8% of men said she ejaculates from masturbation with g-spot stimulation.
    • 17% of women and 8% of men said she ejaculates from masturbation without g-spot stimulation.
  • Most “other” answers were minor variants of the offered answers. Two women and one man said anal sex induced ejaculation. One woman said standing. One man and one woman said side entry intercourse. One man said intercourse with the addition of a bullet vibrator.

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  • A third of women said ejaculatory and non-ejaculatory orgasms feel about the same.
  • A third said ejaculating feels somewhat better.
  • A quarter said ejaculating feels much better.
  • Nine percent found ejaculatory orgasms less enjoyable.

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  • By two to one, the majority of women are unable to choose to orgasm without ejaculating.

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  • Slightly more than half of women say she and her husband like sex better with her ejaculation.
  • Forty percent say it makes no real difference.
  • Seven percent say he likes it, but she does not.
  • Only 2% think their husband does not like it.

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  • Not a single man was unhappy about their wife ejaculating.
  • Seventy-two percent thought it was “fantastic”.

Female Comments:

  • Question 11 doesn’t have my real answer as a choice. My husband thinks the wetness is because he ejaculates such a huge quantity of semen. I have never told him I am responsible since he enjoys the thought of ejecting a lot and has never noticed. Until recently, I thought it was urine and frequently stop it, which also stops my orgasm. No more- I am now going for all the pleasure!! Thank you for your help. (I may never tell him, why spoil his pleasure?)
  • For me most orgasm have squirting but not all. I have found it depends on how aroused I am before orgasm and how dehydrated I am. If I haven’t drank enough water in the day I may not squirt as much but if I am fully hydrated I tend to squirt more. Wetness tends to help make sex feel better!
  • My husband is very turned on by me ejaculating and I like it too – I just hate the mess!
  • Squirting orgasms and clitoral orgasms feel totally different. I haven’t ever had multiple clitoral orgasms, but with squirting ones, there can be several and sometimes they will precede a clitoral one.
  • it started when i was pregnant…or at least that’s when i noticed
  • I’m not sure my answer really counts because I think I’ve only had 2 orgasms ever that were not self-caused. And neither times was my husband inside. I’ve never been able to _____ with him inside – ever. And only twice in my marriage do I think that I had an orgasm with him initiating it. The highs I get from self-stimulation don’t even compare with those 2 experiences. I feel really alone about it all and wished I wasn’t missing out. So – I’m not sure my “no’ answer to question 4 even counts in your survey.
  • Have experienced a g-spot orgasm multiple times, but not sure if I’ve had the fluid accompanied with it. Hard to tell with all the other fluids associated with sex.
  • Struggled to orgasm at all for a long time. Husband was very patient and loving and we found that squirting is my way to fulfillment. (Still do not orgasm other way besides once or twice.) But he loves the evidence that he can make me happy. He will make me squirt more than once usually. He says the consistency of fluid changes.
  • Because this only happened when I masturbated, I stopped doing it as I didn’t feel it was right to do so. I usually don’t have orgasms when having sex with my husband. I tend to think my lack or orgasms is due to issues on the relational level, as they say the brain is the women’s greatest sex organ and my brain just isn’t there with all the other problems we have in our marriage.
  • I wish I knew what it’s like, but it’s never happened.
  • It is entirely different from clitoral orgasm for me. The feelings leading up to squirting are better but I don’t feel the same release as clitoral orgasm. I tend to not feel done until I’ve had clitoral. My husband loves the g spot one. I have gotten more comfortable with it and enjoy it a lot also. At one time I would have not cared if I never had another one. But my husband loved being able to do it. I enjoyed the feelings leading up to it so we kept in our things we do pile. Over time I have grown to like it more. Today I wouldn’t want to go without both kinds of orgasm. And most encounters include both kinds.
  • I squirt like old faithful. My husband ends up soaked and his face is just covered. It gets him so aroused from this he has a difficult time constraining. The second he is inside me he just explodes.
  • I only did this after we bought our first house and eventually the squirting orgasms stopped after a couple of years…not sure if it was because of choice or just different stimulation, but I haven’t done it in years.
  • When I was younger it happened more. Now, it is a rarity. I wish I was young again.
  • Certainly miss It after menopause
  • I have never orgasmed.
  • I wish question number 10 had more choices. This only happens with one type of masturbation, for me (manual). It is the only way I can orgasm during manual masturbation. So, it is more enjoyable during that act. Sex with my husband, and other acts, do typically lead to a better orgasm, overall.
  • Thank you for taking about this! I have to be able to fully relax in able to ejaculate. When it first happened I knew I wanted something more but felt like I was going to pee. My husband and I went to the toilet where I sat and my husband messaged my clitoris and I was able to fully relax and “pee” in the toilet. This is how we did it for quite a while. Now I keep Hand towels by the bed. Sometimes it goes through.
  • I entered “he likes it, I do not” but really it’s “he loves it, I’m indifferent” Also, I had to guess at the amount — I truly have no idea. My husband was watching porn (he no longer does) when he found out about this “ejaculation” — I’m not sure whether his desire for me to do so is a hindrance to his recovery or not! But that is true of everything we try because I know that, originally, it stems from what he’s seen! He has been using porn, sometimes a little, sometimes quite a bit, for forty years but since I’ve tried to stop gate-keeping and be available (2013), he’s stopped watching or reading it!
  • I am not sure what the difference is between a g-spot orgasm or a clitoris orgasm
  • I ejaculate when he pulls out never during orgasm.
  • Still not sure if it’s “female ejaculation” or urine, as I’m trying to get my pelvic floor muscles stronger so as not to leak urine with sneezing occasionally.
  • There’s times I seriously gushed and it took a vibrator on my clit at the same time, but it can be done without, although it’s less of a gush, more of a trickle.
  • I had never in my life heard of female ejaculation until my husband had an affair. He told me that his affair partner released a fluid that soaked through her panties and got his leg wet. It took a bit of research to discover what had happened, but I found much information on the internet and instructions on how to achieve this. We tried it, and it worked! The very first time, the fluid was very thick. I guess because it had been sitting there for 60 years. I would say that squirting is more refreshing than orgasm, but it doesn’t feel better. At times, as I progress near orgasm, I feel an overwhelming urge to push, and if I do, the fluid gushes out, but the orgasm is halted before a peak is reached. My husband loves it. He gets so excited and praises me. The fluid makes sex much more pleasurable for him. I makes me feel cleansed and urinating is easier. I wish, among many other things, that I had known about female ejaculation when we were younger and orgasms came so much easier. It makes me wonder how other couples found out about female ejaculation. How could I have been married all this time and never experienced it?
  • I am still not entirely sure I do ejaculate, but I think so. Only when my husband gives me oral with g-spot simulation. We are relatively new to oral sex on me (my issue) and one time recently he cracked a joke about suddenly being wet up to his elbow when I finished. It made me wonder if that was a case of female ejaculation, though more of the gushing kind. Not a ton, but enough that hubby noticed I was veeeery wet. At least so far, I don’t find that kind of orgasm to be better than when I orgasm during PIV sex (me on top); it’s just different. They’re both fabulous, but different, which is nice depending on what mood I am in.
  • Get wet/lubricate but not ejaculate or squirt
  • Only during masturbation
  • I dislike the sensation because it makes me feel like I’m going to urinate/have urinated. The actual orgasm may be just fine but I can’t get over the mental/emotional part of it making me uncomfortable. It makes me feel like I’m not in control of my bladder
  • Once we got the hang of it – squirting orgasm is very satisfying. Just a warning – much more intense/stronger than vaginal or clitoral orgasm.
  • My husband Loves to make me squirt. It really gets him turn on when he can do that with his fingers and sometimes orally.
  • The questions were hard to answer because it felt either/or instead of multiple choice. For example, I ejaculated more when I was younger, and it was a lot of fluid. Now, I ejaculate occasionally, and it isn’t a lot of fluid. So, I sort of rounded my answers.
  • My husband really tries to get me to ejaculate, and it causes a lot of pressure on me. I don’t have a problem orgasming, but I just don’t think my body ejaculates.
  • Thankfully, we were already aware of this phenomenon before it happened for the first time (we did a lot of research before we were married and as newlyweds – and also enjoy ongoing learning about sexual intimacy). It was actually pretty cool to experience it for the first time, and then to figure out how to make it happen again. I had difficulty rating some of these questions to answer whether squirting feels “better” or “the same”. It definitely does NOT feel the same as other types of orgasms, but it’s not necessarily superior, either. Sexual intimacy in marriage involves a delightful range of experiences, of which squirting is one. It does feel good, and I can usually tell when it’s about to happen because of a particular intense sensation. One thing I have noticed is that the thinner liquid can dilute or wash away the natural lubrication, which occasionally causes discomfort or makes further stimulation more of a challenge. Having a bottle of lube handy helps with this. Another thing to note is that, at least in my experience, I don’t think squirting is exclusive to orgasm. I believe I have experienced it before, during, and after orgasm, and as a part of multiple orgasms or waves. It can be part of the build-up to orgasm, but doesn’t necessarily accompany it. I’ve never really tried to keep it from happening (my husband is very encouraging and tells me to go for it 🙂 , but I think I probably could. As with most sexual feelings, especially for women, mental barriers can get in the way of the experience; so by extension it’s probably possible to choose mentally whether to allow it to happen. Overall, squirting it’s a pretty wonderful experience that my husband and I enjoy very much.
  • Ah, The Fountains! We’d been married for thirty years before this talent appeared, and we have enjoyed exploring it together. Hubby is quite impressed, calls it my Super Power, and is willing to spend a great deal of time on this research project. It occurs with each encounter now, and I’m not entirely sure I could control it other than by abstinence. Mine are distinctly different from an orgasm, although they may occur simultaneously. I’ve also noticed that it can occur even before much arousal is present, or suddenly without warning when we aren’t “trying”; although most times it is predictable with intentional stimulation. I’m blessed with multiples, and we’ve found many different positions and, ahem, trigger points. I did find the wetness/mess distracting, so we now keep a waterproof mattress pad on the bed and have several towels handy . . . allows me to relax and focus on the event.
  • I squirt very frequently, but only a couple of times has it been during an orgasm. Lately I’ve noticed that the sensation during squirting is becoming more pleasurable vs the usual vague pressure and then a fluid release feeling. We’re hoping it’ll progress to fabulous orgasms of the g-spot variety.
  • For one of the questions on control of squirting, I have no control, it either happens or doesn’t.
  • He finds it to be a big turn on. He’s got evidence that I’m thoroughly enjoying.
  • #10 didn’t give an option for my answer. I have no control whatsoever when I have a squirting orgasm. It only happens with manual g-spot stimulation by my husband, but not every time. I have to be laying on my stomach. We can’t figure out why it only happens sometimes. I am 37 years old, we have been married almost 19 years, and just discovered this type of orgasm in the last 6 months, and it is wonderful! So thankful for a husband that is committed to my pleasure!
  • In my case, the O is separate from the fluid. If there is fluid, there will NOT be the O.
  • The question about how it feels did not give the option of “completely different.” It feels very relaxing and peaceful, not like the intense build-up and release of a clitoral orgasm.
  • 2 things: First, the amount was a guess. It is enough to soak through a towel that has been folded in half 3 times (i guessed about 1/4cup. Secondly, I’ve never had an orgasm from/during sex, so my only experience with orgasm and/or Female Ejaculation is through manual stimulation, so I can’t really compare the difference between different types of stimulation.
  • Honestly, it was kind of fun at first to see my body have that reaction. And a little awkward. But it really doesn’t change the experience either way. I know there’s a whole website (no, I won’t give the name) dedicated to making a woman “shejaculate,” but I think it’s a fluke of sorts. If it happens, fine, but pursue the orgasm, not the squirt.
  • If I am on top and we both orgasm at the same time it’s is very intensely good! But if I orgasm manually by him it’s still really good but not the same as being together! And it is still a little awkward for the fluid but it is arousing to my husband so I try to not worry about it! But it’s great!!! 😉
  • I enjoy it by myself and very uncomfortable when I do it with my man. I always think I’m peeing!
  • It’s a more powerful, enjoyable release when it happens. It can happen multiple times during one session
  • I am a 52 yo woman. I never knew about female ejaculation (yes, it does sound clinical!) until the past year. After a long period of gate-keeping, I realized I did NOT want us to grow old as just roommates. I stepped up my sexual willingness and activity to a much greater degree, and that included experimentation with a few sex toys. Because I’ve always felt a need to “protect” myself we’ve never been very exploratory in our marriage bed, so this was totally new for us. The first time I used an internal/external vibrator I felt like I gushed. That was a completely new experience for us, and a bit scary, only because having that greater degree of orgasm in front of my husband made me feel very vulnerable. That was several months ago. The vulnerability was good for me, and I am still working on transparency and openness with my husband. Need to get away from home for a sex weekend in a VERY secluded place, so we can do it again, this time with sound effects. 🙂
  • I only started doing this when I was pregnant with our second baby. And it’s a trick that stuck. My husband thinks it’s awesome. The only problem is the wet sheets! But I can usually fully control it.
  • On 8 (I think), the option for oral WITH g spot stimulation wasn’t an option & should have been as I would have marked that as well. I don’t like question 10… So I chose option 2 because that was the most “fitting” answer. I don’t have control over it, but orgasm doesn’t mean I “squirt” automatically. Often, I don’t ejaculate at all when I orgasm. I haven’t really figured out what “causes” it. Though I have found the more relaxed I am & the more g spot stimulation I get, the more likely it is to happen.
  • I find the more angled up the penis is, the more intense it is
  • My husband loves when I squirt. I didn’t even know it was possible. It was his goal to make me do so. As soon as he figured out that if he doesn’t stop oral when I begin orgasming then it automatically results in squirting without trying, he is now trying to start off every time of intercourse with oral on me thinking it is the “ultimate release” and thinking I will be left more satisfied than had I not. When we do rear entry sex I can control it and still orgasm, but he wishes I would do it from there too. He loves it. I think it has more to do with his past porn usage, but hey, I’m not complaining that he is always trying to satisfy me. 🙂
  • My husband seems very confident I did a few times but I didn’t notice anything.

Male Comments:

  • Clarify what you mean by releasing fluids. Yes, when I perform cunnilingus on her she has an orgasm and gets soaking wet. However, she makes me stop after she orgasms for she is afraid she is going to pee. I keep telling her to let me continue, but she pulls away for fear of wetting the bed.
  • Sometimes after an orgasm she feels better but not sure if it is internal lubrication or not.
  • This for a man is the ultimate because you know you have helped her reach a level of pleasure that is pleasing to her similar to a man ejaculating I guess.
  • This only happened once – many years ago. She was sitting on my face and it was wonderful!!!!!!! I wish I could make it happen again, but we are almost 60 now, so I guess the chances are slim to none.
  • A lot of extra moisture yes!!!! Ejaculate no.
  • I would love to experience this with my wife. To me, it would be so affirming in my ability to please her sexually…get her to a point of literally bursting forth…letting loose of control. From other sources I’ve read about this, I know this isn’t necessarily a logical or realistic or healthy way of looking at this act, but I can’t help thinking that way.
  • She gets wet, but that is different.
  • I absolutely love when this happens. Makes me know she really enjoyed it. First time it happened we laughed and realized it’s not a myth.
  • There have been times when the bed has been somewhat or quite wet afterwards. I figured she was just more excited or more into it.
  • I’ve read plenty about how to stimulate the G spot and have tried numerous times. But either I’m not doubt it right or else that just isn’t DW’s pleasure zone. Maybe we’ll figure that out someday. If so, perhaps she’ll experience fe.
  • I can’t say that my wife expels fluid. She does and always has gotten very wet with orgasm. I can feel the changes in wetness around my penis, fingers, face or toy (whatever we are doing at the time of orgasm.) when she finishes.. Never enough to leave a wet spot on the sheets, but still much more damp/wet then during the act.. . We have read a lot about it and tried MANY times Squirt more. She has said things like “Help me figure out how to squirt”, “I want to squirt” “Make me squirt” etc. But it has never happened. We decided to embrace it if it does, but for now we are not trying to make it happen but loving the ‘ooze’ and the activity surrounding it!!! WE ARE BLESSED.
  • Early in our marriage, under an intense orgasm she released some fluid. I think she thought it was urine and was embarrassed. I think she’s since fought to “hold it” when similar intense orgasms come.
  • I wish I knew how to help her feel ok with not holding back. It’s an amazing feeling and a sense of accomplishment (for me) to know that she can have that kind of release! I am not sure how to talk to her about it…
  • My wife is suddenly doing this. All of the sudden she discovered she can have this happen. It was a fun discovery
  • She never orgasms.
  • It happened when she was really turned on
  • When my wife ejaculates it is extremely satisfying for me, too.
  • This is something I would love for my wife and me to experience. I think it may have happened once while stimulating her from behind because I heard something expelled from between her legs and there was a large wet spot that appeared on the bed. She assumed it was my pre-ejaculate leaking which happens sometimes but I was nowhere near that area on the bed. Although we mutually explored the g-spot a little in our early marriage, when it comes to FE what is definitely a roadblock for her is the “mess” that results. She doesn’t like messes.
  • Sometimes I’ll be laying down a and I’ll be giving her oral while she’s “face sitting” on me and she’ll squirt on my face. She felt terrible the first time it happened but to me it’s completely normal so I was totally into it ????
  • I would love to try this with my wife. It would be such a turn on.
  • 🙂
  • I have tried to stimulate her G-Spot but she always stops me after just a few strokes. She says that it is uncomfortable.
  • But I wish she could!
  • Unfortunately, the volume of fluid makes her less anxious to orgasm. Unless we get rubber sheets…
  • I wish she could reach an ejaculation much earlier.
  • The first time I ever touched her sexually she squirted all over me and I had no idea what it was, neither of us did. The first time was waves of gushing and after that it was a trickle and usually not more than a half cup of fluid at most. For a few years she would only experience FE if I was giving her manual sex with my hands and working on her g-spot. Lately in the last few years she will squirt even if she isn’t about to have an orgasm, for example if my orgasm comes first she will squirt during mine, I suppose it turns her on. She has also experienced it in the WOT position at times and almost every time we do missionary now. I love it and can’t get enough.
  • I have been able to get my wife to do this on our “get away for sex” trips. She has usually had a minimum of eight to ten orgasms over a 24 to 36 hr period (She can have 2-4 in one encounter.), and I can use my fingers or a toy to slowly build up a huge orgasm that produces fluid during the contractions triggered when she is finally “allowed” to climax.
  • All valid medical reports have confirmed its low concentrated urine
  • Yummy
  • Getting her “warmed up” is the only way for her to ejaculate. It doesn’t happen all the time, it never happens unless we’ve spent a bit of time in foreplay (before vaginal sex). Once she does ejaculate it’s easier to have it happen again soon and it’s possible to have it be semi-continuous. Normally I stop stimulating her because I can’t keep it up or I want to have vaginal intercourse.
  • I would love to experience this with her.
  • I would love for her to get to the point where this is a regular thing. It’s happened once in a small amount.
  • Not that I know of but I would love to see her squirt!!!!!
  • If it happens for her great but while it only happens during intense orgasms, not all intense orgasms result in this.
  • That would be cool, but never experienced that.
  • She refuses to talk about sex so I have no idea what feels good to her
  • Very rare this happens but what a great feeling it gives me 🙂
  • My wife hasn’t but someone from my past has.
  • Nothing physically seen
  • Would be interested to learn more about how to do this with my wife.
  • I’ve tried on several occasions to give her a G-spot orgasm with my finger but to no avail. I’d love her to experience this and to ejaculate. Would be such a turn on for me too.
  • Though I know that technically it is urine, it doesn’t bother me. I really enjoy when I can pleasure my wife enough for this to happen! I bought a “sex towel” for this purpose, and I told her “we are going to need this tonight!”
  • She hardly climaxes and it bothers me
  • The most common age to start ejaculating seems to be 25-34. However, this chart is for all women, including those younger than this age range.
  • Looking at the answers for women 45 and over reveals 60% of these women first ejaculated after turning 35 years of age.
  • Among women 55 and over, 22% first ejaculated after turning 55.
  • For women in the 45-54 age range, 20% first ejaculated after turning 45.





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