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Female Ejaculation

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Have you ever experienced female ejaculation? (An expulsion of fluid, which is not urine, along with orgasm.)

  • Sixty one percent of the women who answered said yes. This number is much higher than expected.
  • Age increased the odds a woman had experienced this, from 42% for those under 25 to 65% for those 55 or over.
  • This is one of those surveys where those who have are more likely to answer than those who have not.
  • The question was intentionally worded to include a wide range of experiences, so it goes beyond those who “squirt”. A follow up question on quantity would have been good.

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  • This was asked of those who have ejaculated.
  • Doing the math, 16% of the women who took the survey experience ejaculation most of the time they have sex.

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  • For all sex acts penetration increases the odds of ejaculation. This makes sense as the G-spot plays a role in female ejaculation.
  • The other includes G-spot only simulation, toys with and without penetration, anal stimulation, and intercourse with added clitoral stimulation.
  • Two women have experienced ejaculation in their sleep.


  • It’s only happened with any consistency since I gave birth to my kids.
  • Hours of foreplay with NO penetration whatsoever followed by direct penetration and body slightly angled higher.
  • I’ve heard of it but not experienced it myself.
  • Only during pregnancy.
  • i was raped at 14 ( 44 now) never had an orgasm
  • My wife I have encountered this many times during our learning of her body and stimulating her. I do not believe that it is a pleasurable enough experience to achieve this type of orgasm as she was uncomfortable about the mess it creates than the pleasure she receives. I also think that because of the overbearing feeling of urge to urinate I think at the time she did not know what is was she expelled. I feel it was an ejaculation, but it I have never pressured her passed her point of comfort in an orgasm. I feel she stops herself way before that point.
  • Would like to
  • Love this, but often it takes a long time to get there and I give up because I can tell he is bored after a while… rarely he takes his time to help me fully enjoy it… when he has it was DEEPLY satisfying…
  • For some reason the last 5-6 months it has happened my boyfriend loves it
  • I don’t ejaculate unless I physically allow myself too. It’s rather messy and I only do it when my husband requests it – although it does make for much stronger orgasms.
  • I do get extremely wet where I usually have a puddle of fluids left on the bed. The puddle can be rather large or it will run down my leg as I walk to the bathroom.
  • Was a strange experience. Not the nicest, and rather uncomfortable!
  • Happened for the first time recently, first time husband tried manually stimulating g-spot. Happy campers!
  • I am on top of my hubby & I am in control
  • My husband has never spent the time required to do this. I barely have the time for any orgasm. Female ejaculation requires complete relaxation and lots of attention to the g-spot. Most guys don’t get how much it takes for us to orgasm.
  • Always felt like i was going to pee, so we stopped.
  • When I was younger (before 40yrs), I only squirted a tiny amount and wasn’t fully aware that it was ejaculation. Now I ejaculate most times during sex. My first husband was not very trainable in this area because he was only concerned about his orgasm.
  • Never happened till i was preggo but happens occasionally now
  • I have much stronger and more enjoyable orgasms when I ejaculate.
  • Isn’t that no more than a parlor trick?
  • It has to be with the right person
  • Just to clarify, I’ve had FE before orgasm.
  • I have wanted too but not able to let my body get there or found enough stimulation for it.
  • Largely associated with the G Spot stimulation.
  • I think it’s embarrassing, but the hubs loves it!
  • I have only experienced this in the past year. My husband tries and tries but he has never been able to stimulate that spot just right… Always too firm and too fast and it doesn’t matter how many times I try to direct him he doesn’t listen so I gave up on that long ago. I can masturbate and hit the spot and have successfully gushed the clear odorless liquid, no arched stream lol but a wonderful small gush just the same. I wish I could share this with my husband. Perhaps someday..,
  • hubby must hit g-spot in intercourse. no oral, I don’t enjoy receiving it too much.
  • It happened once, and we were extremely surprised by it. It’s a been a few years – we haven’t been able to make it happen again.
  • It freaked me out when it happened at first so I learned to control it, it only happens now when I’m really relaxed and turned on. Hubs LOVES it, I’m still uncomfortable with it.
  • None
  • At first it was only possible when my husband used his hands to stimulate my gspot. Then a few times its happened without any penetration. Later on it started happening during PIV and most of the time now it happens that way. Usually it’s more likely if we are in the WOT position or missionary. It even happens if I don’t have an orgasm, usually during his, the arousal from that is enough to cause FE for me.
  • I only achieve this with being very aroused while my husband is fingering me and added clitoral stimulation.
  • I answered no because I don’t think I have but hubby has several times told me he thinks there were extra fluids afterward that didn’t belong to him. I think surely it’s just natural lube but maybe not?
  • Sometimes my husband uses a technique to give me “squirting” orgasm. It’s very intense and took a little bit to perfect but I love it! Otherwise I do release fluids when I orgasm through intercourse.
  • Well, I don’t know.
  • Sometimes it’s almost embarrassing. One time it was so much we needed to flip the mattress in the hotel. We have to use a waterproof blanket while having sex.
  • I’m confused as to whether it is ejaculation or urine because if I empty my bladder prior to sex it never happens. It’s an embarrassment to me.
  • It’s all in the mind. You gotta just let yourself go. When you feel you need to pee, just let go. Go with the sensation.
  • I can control it. I can choose to “push” or not, depending on what I want to happen. It does take more time and stimulating of my g-spot to reach the level of internal fluid needed to “squirt” with my orgasm, than it does for me just to reach an (non-ejaculating) orgasm. 10 -15 minutes to “squirt” vs. 1 – 2 minutes to regular (non-squirting) orgasm.
  • It has recently stopped as my hubs and I had a bad experience once and now I can’t focus enough for that release.





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