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Concerned About Your Size?

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Note: Well-done studies have put found average lengths of 5.1” to 5.4” (12.9 cm to 13.6cm). Average circumference comes in at 4.8” (12.2 cm).

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  • All the men who said, “Okay, but a bit more would be better” gave lengths at least 15% longer than average.
  • More than half of those who said “Not good, I need more” were longer than average.

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  • Of those who said their wife has complained they are too small, 40% are larger than average for both length and circumference.
  • At seven inches and longer men were increasingly likely to have their wife complain about being too big. Length seemed to be more of a problem for women than girth.
  • The ideas that greater length would improve a woman’s enjoyment or increase her chance of orgasm are common, with almost a quarter of men believing each. In reality longer has no physical benefit for a woman. Unless she is mentally aroused by it, longer does nothing for her.

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  • Nine percent of men did not know their length (not shown)
  • As is the norm for self-measured surveys of penis size, the results are larger than what is found with those where researchers did the measuring.
  • The low point at 5¼ inch (13.25 cm) is odd as that is the real average length. All quarter inch results other than 3¼ are lower than the curve would suggest, and the ¾ inch increments are also lower.

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  • This matches well-done studies, which put average at 4.8 inches.
  • Once again, ¼ and ¾ inch increments were lower than they should be.
  • It is interesting how many more did not know this measurement. If size matter at all, circumference is more important to women than length. (See comments.)

Larger is not as great as men think it would be. Six percent say their wife has complained they are too large, and 4% said their wife would enjoy sex more if they were smaller. The following comments came from men who were at least 25% larger than average in one or both measurements:

  • In some positions, specifically rear entry (not anal), it’s easy for me to go too deep and make it uncomfortable for her.
  • Hinders and shortens oral quite a bit.
  • My wife is happy with my size. I think I would hurt her if I was bigger.
  • I hit her Uterus whenever we try doggy style because of the length. Oral sex would also be better for her to give due to her TMJ and gag reflex.
  • In some positions thrusting depth is limited due to my length.
  • I have on occasion, accidentally thrust too deep and hurt her to the point that we had to stop immediately. I have to be careful.
  • My wife says I am large but perfectly so. She was married before me to a man who was very thick she says that was a bit too much to handle.
  • I have a friend who is big. He wishes it were shorter. He has had lots of complaints and he has never been able to “use it all”

Other comments:

  • To make this survey more accurate, you should also collect age statistics. [Note, studies have shown no age related change in size after puberty.]
  • I think I care about the length more than my wife does. She has never complained.
  • My wife has commented more on wishing I had more girth, than length.
  • My wife has told me that it is good but won’t mind a little more girth. She likes it better after it has been a few days. She says it is fuller or bigger around.
  • Once I understood what the average actually was, I stopped worrying about it.
  • My wife has also complained of pain from going too deep in other positions.
  • Wife and I have a great marriage and sex life. But not a day goes by that I don’t wish I had more to give her. She was a virgin w/ no sexual experience at all prior to marriage. I have three boys. Two of them got my curse. I pray that they aren’t as affected by it as much as I am, especially in my psyche. It certainly makes you think you’re not as much of a man as the next guy. Middle school and HS were torture in sports. [Showed his length ant 3¾” and circumference at 3¼”]





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