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Can You Climax from Oral Sex?

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  • Seventy-seven per cent of the women, and 56% of the men have received oral sex many times.
  • The higher rates of receiving for women may include some women who receive but do not give, however most of this is probably related to the “sex positive” nature of the women who answer our surveys.

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  • The upper half of each bar is total answers. The lower half is for those who say they received oral sex “many times”.
  • Greater frequency of oral sex increases the likelihood the individual climaxes, but not significantly. The biggest change was for women having a 20% better chance of almost always or always climaxing.
  • Older men were more likely to say they have received oral sex many times, with an increase for each age group. Many times ranged from 40% of those under 25 to 68% of those over 55.
  • Older women were more likely to say they have received oral sex many times. Many times ranged from 55% of those under 25 to 100% of those over 55.

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  • The upper half of each bar is total answers. The lower half is for those who say they received oral sex “many times”.
  • About a third of men and women have no problem reaching climax by oral sex.
  • For almost 20% of women, and a third of men, oral is foreplay and the couple chooses to climax from some other act much of the time.
  • Thirty-two percent of women, and 20% of men say oral sex feels good, but they have trouble reaching climax that way.
  • For women “feels good, but I have trouble” was most common for women under 25, at 73%. For those 25-34 this dropped to 37%. For those 35-44 only 23% said it feels good but they have trouble.
  • In men, “feels good, but I have trouble” was most common for those under 25, at 40%. This dropped to 18% for those 25 to 44 years of age, then went up again a bit for older men, to 22%.
  • Greater frequency of oral sex increases the number of men and women who have no problem reaching climax, but not significantly. From 30% to 35% for men, and 30% to 38% for women.
  • Greater frequency of oral sex increased the odds a wife was willing to take her husband to climax orally, with those unwilling dropping from 34% to 25%.
  • Spousal unwillingness is a significant issue for men (one third overall), but rare for women (less than 3% overall). Age had no significant effect on spousal wiliness, other than men under 25 reporting about a third more unwillingness by their wives.

Women’s Comments:

  • I love giving and receiving oral it turns me on so much
  • My husband will go down on me if I encourage him or if he is feeling especially playful. When we take our time, usually 20 or 30 minutes or more, he can always get me to climax. A slow build up is necessary for me spending time with his lips and tongue all over my private parts but then complete attention on my clit while he massages my G-spot with a couple fingers will bring me to an earth shaking climax. Even when I climax this way, I want penetration and need to feel him climax in me. I often climax a second or third time with him in me. Sometimes I prefer that he just repeatedly brings me to the edge and then we finish with penetration. He can usually tell by my breathing and movements if I’m about to climax. This is fantastic as well as he feels my first climax of the day while inside me. He says he likes the sensation of feeling my contractions and spasms.
  • I have many issues with this…personal issues from being overweight, which doesn’t bother my husband….getting frequent uti’s and bacterial infections if we have extended oral sex. And I hardly ever climax period with my husband. .maybe 10 times a year and that’s being generous. So I feel like we’re wasting time.
  • Learning to relax & let go is the key. Having fun with it. Sex is supposed to be fun.
  • Lately arousal and climaxing is taking longer than usual. Not sure if it is hormone related or not. Oral sex is one of the ways that’s pretty reliable for orgasm but still takes a while for me.
  • I think oral feels incredible and I enjoy it immensely I’ve just never climaxed that way. However, it does increase the power of my climaxes from penetration when oral is used as foreplay.
  • My husband and I usually use oral as foreplay, and we don’t do oral very much. My husband has tried to make me climax with oral, but he can’t do it for long and his skill still needs work. My husband can climax from oral, but he prefers it as foreplay as well. He says he’d much rather climax as I am climaxing and he’s inside of me.
  • I only climax from oral and never from penetration.
  • It’s the only way I can climax. I refuse to allow myself the liberty to learn how to climax via masturbation, even though my husband basically begs me to. I just can’t do it.
  • I have given oral sex to him on a frequent basis, for our 26 years of marriage. He, however, does not return the favor. It’s about preferences. Perhaps when ED kicks in, I will be able to receive oral sex more frequently. Time will tell.
  • Not clear if question #4 is “are you usually able to climax from oral sex? ” or “are most of your occasions of climax from oral sex?”
  • We don’t actually try for climax with oral. We finish in other ways.
  • Almost climaxed once, it takes me longer to get there than how long he does it.
  • My husband is amazing to me and enjoys giving me pleasure through oral sex. He doesn’t mind if it takes a while. I hardly ever climax through normal penetration, so oral sex happens a lot. I’m very blessed and thankful that he enjoys giving a much as I enjoy receiving. 🙂
  • My husband loves to give me oral sex and I love to receive it.
  • Hubby used to give me oral, and I gave him oral, but about 4 years he stopped both and told me he just doesn’t like it…this after a decade of oral sex!! I miss it so much because it is the surest, most satisfying orgasms for me.
  • In love receive oral sex from my husband but I prefer to climax from intercourse.
  • I get UTI’s easily and I like to make sure his mouth and hands are clean.
  • It wasn’t as pleasurable after kids. Almost feels dirty.
  • Oral is one of the better ways for me to reach climax since his tongue is softer and gentler than his hands. But it still takes a while to get there. I wish I could receive oral more often, but I feel that I would be asking too much since my pleasure requires so much more time and effort than his. And he gets frustrated when I don’t climax quick enough for him, which results in being a turn-off for me. So we usually stick to just oral for him.
  • Experienced first oral orgasm at age 46! Wow! Sent me to another universe! What an awesome Creator! Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the gift.
  • I used to never be able to climax for years during oral. It was like I couldn’t relax enough to enjoy it. My husband had it down pat now but it still takes a while to get there. Although, I enjoy oral climax having sex with myself on top are the best ones.
  • My hubby loves to get me to climax via oral… That’s his goal at every encounter. However, when I can’t it has nothing to do with him & more to do with myself & my inability to focus… Especially recently being pregnant. Looking forward to post-partum & being cleared for love making!!!
  • Not only is he not gifted in this dept, but I often stop him because it causes UTIs and bacterial infections for me. Truth is the truth. Unfortunately, something I don’t get to enjoy…

Men’s Comments:

  • Always enjoy oral sex, helps that my wife is very good at it
  • This is the only sexual experience I really want but my wife will not do. It is the only area that worries me as far as temptation goes.
  • I know it takes a lot more work for my wife to take me to climax orally and it can be difficult but I REALLY appreciate the effort. I just wish she could relax and enjoy receiving more because I LOVE giving for her.
  • My wife likes to take me right to the edge of climax several times, and then I calm down and regroup while giving her oral sex. Then we finish in one of our favorite positions
  • Both my wife and I enjoy giving and receiving oral sex. I pray for those on this site having problems in the area of sex in their marriages. Remember, we are to treat our wives in the same way Christ treated us. He loved/died for us even when we didn’t deserve it. Love wins!
  • About a year ago, my wife said it would be OK to finish in her mouth… since then climaxing from oral has become much easier for me and I’m less worried about whether she won’t like it…
  • We often use oral as foreplay. My skillful wife knows how to take me to the edge and then back off just enough that I stay very excited and hard. She’ll do this several times before I just have to finish. She usually prefers that I finish in her – she says she like the feeling of me climaxing inside her especially if we both stay still and feel the spasms. This often makes her climax (again) as well. Sometimes, she’ll just decide to finish me orally. The combination of stroking, licking and sucking orally and manually stimulating my perineum will take me over the edge. This is a fantastic way to finish as well. My wife doesn’t usually swallow but has on occasion. That doesn’t really matter to me.
  • My spouse rarely gives me oral, even though she knows I like it. And when she does, she not very good, and isn’t interested in getting better. She will only do it for a couple minutes tops. I however love to pleasure her orally. Most times to climax.
  • The last time my wife gave me oral sex was on our honeymoon, that was eight years ago!!! She knows how much I love it, but says she doesn’t like doing it. Funny enough, she always stopped me from giving her oral, untill this weekend, when she really enjoyed me giving her oral. The next day she says that she always stopped me cause I would expect her to do the same. I told her that it is a very big turn on to see how much pleasure she gets from me giving her oral and I love giving her pleasure. Why doesn’t she think the same
  • I really wish she would even entertain the thought of oral sex for me. Sadly, she has so many hang-ups about it I doubt it will ever be possible.
  • I would love to climax this way and then help my wife climax any way she pleases. I could possibly even climax a second time with penetration. She’s just unwilling to go the distance.
  • Wish I got it more!!
  • Wish she would do it more.
  • Oral sex for us 99.9% stopped very soon into our marriage. We had done it prior to marriage for a year or two and both enjoyed it. Once PIV was “allowed” she lost all interest in oral so I haven’t received an honest, willing, to-completion BJ in over a decade.
  • She doesn’t offer this much, and I’m not very good at asking. Oral on her though is routine.
  • I would like to find out one day if this is a challenge for me or not. Maybe one day, I’m hoping!
  • My wife doesn’t want the semen in her mouth so takes me to climax but removes her mouth and uses her hand to finish. Climax itself is never an issue with oral!
  • I am able to get my wife to climax almost every time when I give her oral sex. In fact, she usually tells me stop because she enjoys climaxing more from intercourse. She has never allowed to climax while giving oral. It is rare when my wife is willing to give oral to me. We use oral as foreplay and that is fine with me.
  • Married 40 years; we used to do oral, wife does not like it, nor will do it, anymore.
  • My wife is extremely talented in providing oral for me. She provides plenty of visuals, such as making eye contact, tongue play, going down as far as she can, and usually swallowing. Frequency is not where I need it to be (overall, not just oral), but at least when we do get together, it’s always very good.
  • Oral is wonderful.
  • I wish my wife would take me to climax orally, but it is enough of a miracle she will do it at all.
  • When I was younger I easily reached climax through oral sex but the older I have gotten the harder it has become and many times I can only get there through intercourse. We still engage in it as foreplay as it is enjoyable to us both. I will admit that my wife and I have sex much more frequently now which probably plays a role in my inability.
  • I wish I had the opportunity to find out
  • At the point of climax, DW switches to manual stimulation so I don’t ejaculate in her mouth. She’s very good at reading the signs and getting as close as possible orally!
  • My wife is not a big fan of performing oral, but will do so once in a while. She does not like how it tastes or the texture of so we use it as foreplay for me and finish intercourse
  • I believe receiving oral twice and climaxed both times why my wife did at the time I will probably never know since my wife is a gate keeper (she was sexually abused) so sex of any kind is none existent
  • I’ve learned a way to prevent ejaculating when I climax and my wife has taken me to climax twice in our marriage. She gets grossed out from the idea of having semen in her mouth and even works to wipe away the dribbles that come out early during the act. She does oral about once a month, but she hasn’t finished me in years that way. I often wonder why she stops and moves to something else, especially if she’s giving me gift sex. But I’m not going to push the envelope. I realize I’ve got a good woman that blesses me that way.
  • My wife will occasionally give me a special treat with oral, but I know it is not her favorite thing to do, so I do not request her to go all the way with it. We have a fantastic sex life in other ways so it does not bother me.
  • My wife really enjoys making me climax, and is often ripping my pants to get to me as long as the kids aren’t around.
  • Wife has TMJ and I’m a bit on the large side, so oral is usually just a tease or foreplay. If we both really want to take it to climax, it’s usually fairly easy.
  • It’s a more intense orgasm for me, but I usually want to finish with intercourse. Interestingly, she’s more vocal with intercourse (with moans and whatnot), and I’m much more vocal with oral (69ing in particular). Odd little thing. 🙂
  • We have not done oral recently (last few years), but previously I would get very close but could never quite finish (even when she was trying to get me to climax orally). I think we stopped oral (her on me) before she learned enough about me to potentially get me to finish. Since she didn’t necessarily enjoy performing oral on me (probably due to frustration on her part that I couldn’t climax that way before she would get tired / sore), not doing it anymore didn’t seem like such a big deal. She was willing to try a lot of other positions / acts to see what we enjoyed (or didn’t).
  • I said never, but I did once many years ago.
  • The sensations are great, but it often is not enough stimulation to bring me to climax. It’s great foreplay. And I have climaxed this way a few times – it feels like a great gift from my wife when I do, but since I know it’s not something she enjoys, I think I don’t enjoy finishing that way as much as I once did.
  • Hard to climax from something that doesn’t happen. Only ever had oral maybe 2-3 times in five years of marriage, my wife really doesn’t like doing it at all. Her mouth gets tired very easily and she pretty much thinks it’s gross anyway. I have very much enjoyed it the small handful of times it has happened but it’s not something I feel at all shorted for never getting. It would be nice but just isn’t something to bother her about, it’s not like her willingness to do it is a gauge of her love or anything.
  • I used my hand on my shaft while she continues oral on the head and I climax that way.
  • Oral sex? My wife will hardly touch me with her hand. Mouth stimulation is an impossible dream from my princess.
  • I perform oral on my wife (almost) every encounter we have. She always talks about how guilty she feels that it is the only way she can orgasm. However, she never, on her own, will return the favor. If I make it clear that is what I would want, then she reluctantly performs, but never to completion. I wish she would perform oral on me, on her own accord. 🙁
  • I have had sex, and even oral sex, with other women before I met my wife (never with anyone else since). I have always had difficulty climaxing with oral sex. For that matter, I sometimes have difficulty climaxing with other sex acts as well (even masturbation). With my wife, I have had the most success in climaxing from oral sex. It isn’t technique or anything else physical that is different as far as I can tell, but nonetheless, I have more success with her (nearly every time). That said, there are still times that I have difficulty and this causes her to question her appeal to me. There’s no reason for her to question herself, I simply have difficulty sometimes.
  • My loving wife rarely performs oral sex on me & has never allowed me to climax in her mouth. She doesn’t care for it And also has a very small mouth making it uncomfortable for her to accommodate me. I understand it is difficult for her but I very much miss it. We have a good and healthy and varied sex life with many wonderful activities. Oral sex is one of my favorite acts. I very much enjoyed it with previous Girlfriends before meeting & marrying my wife of 21 years. I know she doesn’t care for it and it’s physically uncomfortable but I so very very very much wish that oral sex with my climaxing in her mouth was a part of our sex life at least on a sometimes basis it would make me feel very special and very loved. I very much enjoy performing oral sex on her. It is not one of her favorite activities but she does allow it occasionally and very much enjoys it even to the point of climax.
  • I had slept w/ over 300 women in my younger days. It was my experience that many women lack the proper technique. It is my impression that women are not really sure how/what to do and when…a certain timidity about it. A few women that I was with truly knew how to bring me to orgasm in a good way but by and large I sometimes got the feeling that they felt obligated and were not really into it. Perhaps they didn’t want to experience the effects of the orgasm in one way or another or were abused, etc – not sure. Perhaps they view it more as foreplay for a guy bec/ they want him inside them. Never could figure it out / never really asked at the time. It’s not a big thing for me as I prefer to finish while inside a woman. Dunno.
  • I wish she did oral on me…
  • This is a painful subject. I very much would love for my wife to perform oral on me but she has no desire. She loves it when I do it for her though. This leaves me feeling worthless because to me she doesn’t get any pleasure by doing something pleasing to me.
  • My DW is very clear she does not like the taste/texture of the product of climax
  • It’s been 15 or more years. Mostly non-existent since getting married.
  • Oral sex has become a regular part of our sexual experiences…not ever time but often. Enjoy it whether it leads to climax or used as foreplay.
  • Often, it is too easy for me to climax during oral sex. I have to stop her long before I really want to. 🙂
  • I will give my wife much more oral than she will give me. She does not enjoy giving it much but will because she knows I like it and it feels good for me. Taste is a factor. She enjoys receiving it though.
  • There is something so exciting about the intimacy of having my wife’s mouth around my penis that allows the mental stimulation to enhance the physical stimulation. I just wish she did as much as she used to and would love for her to look me in the eyes while performing oral sex on me!
  • I’d like to try going to climax, but it’s rare that it’ll actually get me there.
  • Would love to climax with oral, but it’s just never really happened for me/us. Interested to see results of survey 🙂
  • In a previous relationship I did every time but that was long ago. My wife us just starting to get into oral sex after 30 years.
  • Pretty much use oral as a form of foreplay. Some of the time we stop before climax because we like other types of sex. She always climaxes before intercourse. But it is not a problem for either one of us either way.
  • I have climaxed only once this way in high school.
  • Never received oral sex despite gently suggesting. I love giving her oral sex.
  • My wife refuses to give me OS. She has only tried it once with some pressure when we were first married (twenty years ago). She says that it is gross and cannot bring herself to do it. She receives reluctantly but almost always climaxes. Wish I had the same opportunity.
  • Love oral but lacks the same closeness intercourse provides. Nice when can’t do intercourse.
  • I can climax this way but we prefer that I finish inside her so she can enjoy it as well
  • Can climax from oral but hard to do as I have sex on a regular basis (every 2-3 days). If I went about a week or more without climax then I can climax easily from oral as I am more sensitive and “built up”.
  • She uses hand to help move things along. I’m not sure I would climax without additional stimulation.
  • She hasn’t done it for me in years, and has put a stop to letting me do it to her in the last year or two, but when she did do it for me, it was so rare that finally getting it got me so excited that I could never last long. I wished I could have lasted longer because it felt so good and I knew I wouldn’t be feeling it again for a long time.
  • Never received oral from wife. Sexless marriage for 3 years.
  • While my beautiful wife brings me to climax quickly via oral sex at least once a week, it’s almost always foreplay too. Therefore, I choose not to “go” many times because we want to finish with intercourse.
  • more often would be nice!
  • My dw does not like the taste and though she really enjoys oral she does not want to “waste a perfectly good erection” It does not bother me and I don’t feel I am missing anything.
  • I love receiving oral sex from my wife, however we prefer climaxing during piv sex. It’s just more fulfilling that way!
  • Sometimes way too soon!
  • I enjoy receiving and giving oral sex. My wife loves receiving it but she doesn’t want to climax that way. I’m ok with that, however occasionally I would like to climax that way and she never takes it that far. Yes it takes a little bit longer for me to climax this way. Also she has one move, & that’s pretty much it. There are a few things she could do to help me climax faster orally. She’s just not open to it.
  • Any time OS is for me to climax and not finishing with intercourse, I can climax. Most of the time DW needs to make sure to include her hand, but if it’s been several days between climaxes it can be really fast. Sometimes it takes longer because I’m envisioning the conversations we’ve had about her reluctance to swallow, so I have to block it out of my mind first.





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