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Best Time for Sex

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  • Both men and women chose first thing in the morning over all other times – 22% for women and 29% for men.
  • For women mid-afternoon was a very close second at 21%. This was also men’s second answer, at 19%.
  • Women were slightly more in favour of both bedtime and between dinner and bedtime than men were.
  • Slightly more men than women choose mid-morning.
  • All other choices received 1% to 4%, except for before lunch which had no votes from women.
  • Many men and women wanted “any time” as a choice!
  • Men 40 and over were half as likely to say bedtime, and almost twice as likely to say mid-afternoon.
  • Women showed an increased interest in bedtime sex with each greater age category.

Women’s Comments:

  • I put “First thing in the morning” but it wouldn’t let me mark “All of the above”
  • I love how the sun shines through the window on the second floor bedroom. I love to fully partake in lovemaking during the afternoon. I have lots of energy for everything and we can take our time and savor it.
  • If I had no job, kids or responsibilities ANYTIME would be a good time for sex!
  • Anytime is a good time for sex but there is just something about the thrill of a nooner, knowing that while most people are enjoying their lunch you are enjoying some extracurricular activities!!
  • DH and I set aside time each morning to be together (intimately or not.) We have two small children and lots of meetings after work so we are rarely home together without distractions in the early evenings. I prefer just after lunch as this is when I have the most energy and feel the best.
  • Spontaneously throughout the day and night. Wake me up for it.
  • Oddly enough I chose same time of day as when we have sex now, even with 4 kids aged 8 and under.
  • We love our couple vacation. Anytime delight for a week!
  • I’m 37,and seriously can’t think of a bad time to have sex at this point.
  • Saturdays and Sundays before we had kids were the best. Weekends were the only afternoons we could take what we call a “Dutch Nap,” sex and then a snooze. What’s not to love?
  • While before dinner is the perfect time to me, in all actuality we both work and have things to do between work and dinner at 7:30-8. I will happily settle for 10:00 after dinner, showers and shortly before bedtime.
  • Actually, I’m down with any time… however hubby and I agree that mid-afternoon is jusssst right, if work, kids, etc. didn’t get in the way
  • If we were totally free of responsibility, there would be a lot more morning sex!!!
  • When we wake up
  • Any time! My favorite is after we’ve spent the day together before I get too tired in the evening.
  • Best time for me and a great time for my husband as he is at full strength, if you get my drift. And I am rested and full of life and energy. Mmmm, Saturday mornings!
  • Depending on moods, there are days that it would be nice to just be surprised.
  • I picked first thing in the morning, but a close second would be mid-afternoon.
  • In reality, inbetween before lunch to bed time. That whole time period there is perfect for us, but there wasn’t that option, so I went with when we usually have time.
  • It’s difficult to choose just one specific time of the day. My desire for my husband certainly fluctuates from one day to the other and at different times during the day.
  • We have three little ones 5 and under. Morning sex is still my favorite. It works better than coffee. Really any chance we get is a great time for sex.

Men’s Comments:

  • Any and all of the above?!
  • Without kids and jobs, I think we’d still mostly make love at bed time as the preferred and most common time. However, other times are a treat and I hope we’d do it at other times more often.
  • Anytime is fine. Although after just waking up is not as good.
  • Anytime is great but our energy and desire are high in the mid to late afternoon.
  • The survey only allows for once a day; if we were in those circumstances then middle of the night would probably precede mid-morning. ??
  • Question #4 needed to offer more than one choice! After more than a decade of marriage, we’ve figured out that anytime when the sun is up is better than at night, but with jobs, kids, and the rest of life, those opportunities are few and far between.
  • My wife and I have found the joy of morning sex and we really enjoy the way it makes the rest of the day go. Unfortunately, having the time pressure of getting to work makes it somewhat rushed, so we can’t take as long as we might like. Still, it is well worth the effort of waking up a bit early.
  • If I could check all the options, I would. All things being equal, I don’t think there is a time of day I wouldn’t enjoy sex.
  • I think the best time to have sex if you didn’t have any responsibilities or kids is anytime you could. There really is no “best” time.
  • Mid-morning and mid-afternoon are a tie… But I couldn’t pick two.
  • Sexless marriage for 4+ years so at this point anytime!
  • We most frequently have sex first thing in the morning. This is primarily due to our schedules, having 2 young kids, and lack of energy at night. We have built in a 45 minute window of intimacy (sexual or otherwise) time before we get out of bed. This makes for a great way to start our day off right, bonded together and with a solid foundation. However, I selected mid-morning because I feel sex is more enjoyable after we’ve had the chance to fully wake up, take care of some bodily functions and have our morning shower (most days together). On the days when kids and schedules allow it, we often come together around 10am and have an extended and more adventurous session.
  • Any time is good. Different times have different advantages e.g. first thing gets the day off to a great start, bedtime gives something special to look forward to & helps with a good night’s sleep together.
  • Anytime is a good time! But, as I approach 60, bedtime is the least good time. Morning is great but the responsibilities of the day loom large thus creating distractions. Right after meals is not usually the best time. On those occasions when we are both available mid-afternoon, good things can happen!
  • Doesn’t matter. My wife thinks the best time for sex is once every two or three months. I love her but I want a divorce or I may have an affair.
  • Really, just not right before bed. If either of us are sleepy, then it just isn’t as fun.
  • I answered “first thing in the morning”, but really it doesn’t matter at all to me as to the time of day just as long as she would be willing & excited to participate. Wish she’d be open to mixing it up a bit. It’s almost always at bedtime now & almost never have spontaneous sex.
  • I perform best at night, but enjoy morning sex a lot too.
  • I would prefer any or all of the above and have had sex at all those times. However, from the beginning, Mid Afternoon sex has been our best sex. (Not saying we haven’t had great sex at all the other times!)
  • Would have been nice to have had the option of anytime without having to choose only one.
  • This is what I’d like, but when it comes right down to it, what I would like best really isn’t what matters. In our marriage, it’s when she is willing/able. So, I try and be available anytime. I wish she would be available more frequently, but she finds other things to fill her time with. I’ll keep being available so that when she is, I’m not the one getting in the way of the commandment to be “one flesh”.
  • We are waiting for the graduate to move! Naked Dinner!
  • There really isn’t a bad time. There are some days that I would prefer first thing in the morning and there are some that I would prefer in the evening just before bed. Mid-afternoon works no matter what, even if we’ve had sex the previous evening or morning.
  • There is not a bad time for sex, in my book.
  • Any and All the Time
  • Great way to start the day feeling relaxed and loved and a smile on your face.
  • “Now.”
  • Any time is great, but there’s something about a good afternoon session. My second choice is first thing in the morning. The day just seems a whole lot happier.
  • Why do I have to pick one? Best time is when we are both ready and willing.
  • Love a quickie it in the morning.. Longer sessions right before bed.
  • I enjoy sleeping after orgasm, so having sex at bedtime is perfect for me. That said, my wife is a night owl so our bedtimes don’t match up often.
  • I would prefer it morning and night, not just once a day.
  • Waking up next to my love, it would seem the natural way to start the day.
  • Anytime should have been an option.
  • It’s difficult to imagine how much more energy we would have without our young kids draining it from us. I’m pretty sure we would be sexual multiple times a day, and seeing as my wife seems horniest in the afternoon and early evenings, I can envisage a lot of afternoon delights followed by napping. Sounds like heaven to me!
  • This is a tough question to answer, and the only basis I have is when we have been on vacation just with the two of us. There is something quite special about having sex in the mid-afternoon. It seems to elevate its importance, I presume. Of course, waking up in the middle of the night and having sex has its own place, too.
  • Right now, it’s whenever both of us are in need and awake at the same time.
  • Mid to late afternoon is best. It’s a good compromise for us. She’s often rarin’ to go at night when I’m dog tired, and I often would like morning when she’s definitely not a morning person. Problem is work schedule doesn’t often allow for this. But when it happens it’s great.
  • History is that mid-day is where it has been best because it has been a clear priority.
  • I like mornings because we’re well rested, but evenings give me something to anticipate all day. Mid-afternoon is a good compromise.
  • Would like variety, but mostly evening.
  • I realize that the point of this survey is to pinpoint a particular time of day. However, because of the way the question is worded, “no…responsibilities”, I “would…most like to have sex?”, at any time, or all of the above, would be better choices. Actually the question really turns into, “how much of the day would you like to have sex?”. All morning, All afternoon, All day, All night, Morning til night, you get the idea. I would like to have sex often and a lot of it. It probably sounds like I don’t get any sex, but that it’s not the case. However, it is often because of “responsibilities” that I don’t get as much as I would like.
  • Daytime
  • It is comforting to be intimate before drifting off to sleep together.
  • you did not give the option of any time is the best time to have sex with my wife.
  • All of the above works well too.
  • Sex in the morning sets the day up. Sex prior to sleep is great for cuddle time.
  • Just don’t like to have sex before bedtime it becomes get it over sex.
  • While there is no bad time, certainly mid-morning seems to be something that is really good for us. I have a home office and for years that offered us a chance when the kids were gone to school and I had a break to connect. Now that we are empty nesters the time window has opened up quite a bit more. However, now that 2 of them are coming home for the summer this might change. However, our kids have always known that when our bedroom door is closed they shouldn’t interrupt us.
  • And then a nap.
  • I would’ve chosen each option if I could have. Anytime day or night is ok with me.
  • Want it frequently.
  • Between dinner and bedtime is good for me. Sex really relaxes me and helps me sleep well. But, waiting until it is really time to go to sleep can make it seem rushed. All that being said, there is really not a bad time.
  • Wife says mid-morning.
  • I’d also like it when I wake up and in the afternoon, but @ bed time then we don’t need to get back up to do anything.
  • Each time of day has a different element or feeling. Right now we may have sex at night after kids go to bed, but then too tired. We tried during day between work calls when kids at school and their good but infrequent. I’ve asked for midnight surprises or wake – up calls in morning but to no avail. I’d love her to jump in shower and do quickie while I hold her against shower wall or hand or oral but never has happened. I just get frustrated that I have to ask, little initiation on her part and if I try to schedule she feels like a chore and not spontaneous or set on by feelings…but then waiting on feelings can mean compete with tired or stress or other daily circumstances. I’d rather it at different times in different ways.
  • I would like to know more practical sex times. No kids, job or responsibilities is more like a fairy tale.
  • To only choose one is hard there is always a good time for sex.
  • We like to lay in bed and snuggle and talk before we make love on days we are off.
  • Whenever my wife is interested.
  • Before dinner works best for us. Home from work, crank up some music, take a shower together, move into the bedroom and focus exclusively on each other. Afterwards dinner and all the leftover business from the day seem to be in better perspective (how many hours have we wasted trying to figure out what to eat in our married life? It’s not THAT important, spending time together with grilled cheese and soup is better than gourmet food that we’re too stressed/busy/unfocused to enjoy!).
  • There really is no bad time to have sex… I would love to start and end every day, and the occasional mid-afternoon romp with sex but reality means we have to deal with jobs, kids, and all the other life stuff.
  • Sex is the reason Sunday afternoons exist.
  • Not fair. My answer would be anytime. My lovely bride, no interruptions? Anytime, morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night!
  • My wife responds best in the morning.
  • Sexless marriage for 4+ years so I’d take anything at any time at this point!
  • All of the above!
  • Anytime and all the times are perfect. How can you chose?
  • If I had absolutely no responsibilities, I’m fairly certain my answer would be “all day, every day.” And I’m blessed to be able to say that my wife would probably agree, as long as she is feeling well.
  • Any time is a GREAT time for sex. Sex is great after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner, after 30, after 40, after 50………..
  • There are a number of “times” on this list that I could have chosen. Having sex first thing in the morning is always a good way to start the day! ??
  • Sexual connection is good anytime day or night. Being at home with flex able time gives us more freedom!
  • I work from home. My wife stays home with our kids. Sometimes we are able to have sex during the middle of the day when my son is at half day pre-k and my daughter is at a Mother’s Day out at our church. Next year my son will be in school all day and daughter will be in school more. It will be nice to have some more quality alone time with my wife.
  • Ideally I would have selected both first thing in the morning and mid-afternoon.
  • Where is the option for ANYTIME or ALL THE TIME?
  • Seems that is the time of day I am most in the mood!
  • Anytime is the best time for sex.





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