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Best Sex Ever?

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Note: As is common for our surveys, women were younger than men. We had ten times as many men over 55 than women over 55, and three times as many men in the 45-55 group.

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  • The graph is a poor way to show the data because it shows all ages.
  • Even before adjusting for age, we see teenage sex is not great for most. A quarter of those under 25 said their best sex was as a teen. This number dropped for each increased age group, going from 5.5% for those age 25-34 to less than 2% for those over 55.
  • Most of those who said the best sex was in their 20’s were 20. Likewise for the 30’s
  • Fifty-two percent of those currently aged 45-54 selected their current age as the time they were having the best sex of their lives. Women more than men said this – 69% of women and 49% of men.
  • Half of those over 55 selected their current age as the time they were having the best sex of their lives. This was true for both men and women.

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  • For most, their best sex ever was in marriage – 76% of women and 78% of men
  • Premarital sex with the person they went on to marry was second – 14% of women and 10% of men
  • Non-marital sex was third – 8% of women and 9% of men.
  • Adultery was a distant last place, being the best sex for only 1% of women and 2% of men.

Female Comments:

  • Best sex ever I believe because of the way we feel for each other
  • Sex was great before we married!!!! Once I became his wife, he became a gatekeeper!
  • With my husband; waited until marriage for sex and he was my first. 🙂
  • I love sex with my husband!
  • I have always struggled with sex and being intimate. I have to say the last couple of years have been the best for me as my husband and I work thru my issues and grow closer. Definitely looking forward to the next few years to see where this leads!
  • Husband had been sick and lost quite a bit of weight not sure what made it so great the fact he was not sick anymore or the weight loss
  • It was after we went through infidelity in our marriage.
  • I don’t know if my answering skews your results since I fully expect at only 18 months of marriage that the best sex is still yet to come. 🙂
  • I am rating quality, not quantity. Need more sex, please!
  • My husband has been my only sexual partner.
  • After finding out about husbands porn use one and a half years ago and after much devastation, pain, hurt and healing we are finally having the best lovemaking ever! There is still a lot of pain and hurt, but I am slowly healing.
  • I had no idea sex could be this amazing! Sex has always been great, but since my husband has quit using pornography (was caught after using the first 23 yrs of marriage), we meet on a totally different level. I think I have his heart now and he definitely has mine! Thank you, Jesus, for this amazing gift.
  • Within the last year has been the most incredible sex I’ve ever had… Putting God first in our marriage has opened the door to incredibly fulfilling sex – physically, spiritually, & emotionally.
  • All ages from 23 to 30 which is present
  • My husband (I’m married to now) I have the best sex, better than I had with my ex-husband. I’m pretty sure it’s because of the love between us since there was little to no love between myself and my ex-husband for much of the marriage.
  • The best sex was after we fully understood the “one flesh union” and my husband had a desire to please me and not just himself. This was after he gave himself to The Lord.
  • The best sex was possible only because of the trust and safety we had developed with each other over a period of years. It combined physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy and would not have been possible earlier in our relationship.
  • I have only had one sexual partner and that is my husband, but things got great when I let go of trying to control everything.
  • The older I get, the better the sex is.
  • Before I gave my heart to Jesus, I had sex with a couple of boyfriends. The last one knew how to please me. He knew the female body very well. He knew how to satisfy me much more than I knew how. Later, when I married my husband who had very little experience, I grieved about the lack of skill. Now though, this is the best sex ever with my husband, under grace. We have experienced variety together and it is amazing, much better than before. The loving tenderness is amazing.
  • What made it the best was the emotional connection.
  • I have only ever had sex with my husband, while married to him. So all my sex has been with him and it has been great!!!
  • Best sex I’ve ever had was with my husband. We were both virgins when we got married and it is wonderful for our entire sexual history to be only with each other!
  • After 10 years of marriage, I am finally having orgasms!
  • My now husband.
  • During a period of separation from my spouse I dated and had sex with an old high school boyfriend. He was an incredible lover but not husband material. Needless to say, he made me realize what I needed was a mate with common interests and goals. We have reconciled our marriage but I miss having sex and am not content.
  • Keeps getting better and better! Thankfully we have always had a great sex life and have been each other’s only partner.
  • Still awesome in my 40’s, married sex has always been the best
  • Our eldest daughter was born via caesarean section when I was 25. The c-section left me nearly numb. I cannot feel very much in my pelvic region so sex can turn into a chore sometimes.
  • Sex with my husband gets better all the time
  • Why is there not an option for “with my spouse that I’m still married too….?” That’s the most important answer! I could say the person I was married to at the time but I’m still married to the same person.
  • My second marriage is very fulfilling on every level.
  • Still having the best sex of my life!
  • A discovery after 22 years of marriage forced my husband & I to “lay everything on the table” in order to save our marriage. Doing so has allowed both of us to be more open in our communication, and about our desires. We are discovering things about ourselves and each other and connecting in a way that makes THIS the best sex either of us has ever had! At ages 49 & 52, and after 23 years of marriage, how many people get to say that? Happy campers!
  • I have only ever had sex with my husband and I am convinced that the ‘best sex of my life’ is still yet to come. 😉
  • I am currently having the best sex of my life! Never thought it could be so good after 30 years of marriage!!
  • Hubby was a contract pilot for a few years. He would work 6+ weeks overseas. His first day back home was always amazing.
  • On a balcony during a rain storm with lightening that lit up the sky and the pouring rain drenching us.
  • I am amazed, every time my husband and I have sex, that it can be THIS good! What a gift from the Father! I love the intimacy that he and I share. We have gotten over some very difficult times with his problem with pornography, but God has been gracious in healing both of us.
  • I was a virgin when I was married, so my best sex was and still is with my spouse.
  • I have always been a very sexual person but, I have never experienced sex like I do with my husband. I will say it hasn’t always been all “fireworks & glorious endings” though! It has taken time, the longer we are together the better we understand each other’s want & desires! I know I speak for the both of us when I say… We are experiencing the best sex of our lives now, 5 years after our first date! BEST SEX OF MY LIFE!!!

Male Comments:

  • Anniversary cruise without the kids!
  • After a long abstinence due to her breaking her leg
  • Love, acceptance, and true intimacy was key.
  • During the first 1 1/2 years of marriage was best. Her interest started to drop off before she got pregnant with our 1st (of 4) and has never recovered. Likely related to beta-blockers she is required to take. Unable to find alternative meds.
  • I said my wife before we were married because that is the time she was pursuing me. At that time, she was more interested in being adventurous (she now admits much of it was artificial to keep me interested) and we both had fewer physical limitations. Unfortunately, as soon as she felt I was really committed, the gate keeping started big time. In the last 2 years things have gotten tremendously better and we have both worked hard to make things better. I still don’t feel desired much but it is improving with time. I am hopeful for the future because I know the most rewarding sex is yet to come. I just wish our bodies were still capable of what they used to be.
  • As far as passion desire and excitement it was to my shame during an affair. During that time I knew my sinfulness and selfishly put it aside. But when love peace and God’s blessing are taken into account it was my wife and I chose her as my answer.
  • Never experienced sex with other than my spouse of 49 years.
  • Don’t get me wrong … The sex I have with my wife now is great. There was this time though … When I was younger that it was mind blowing. Hard to forget
  • After a rocky start to our sex life, we finally started to really work on it and, with God’s help, it’s been getting better every day.
  • I found this to be tough question to answer. Between 25 and 29 there was a lot of really good sex with my wife, while between 30 and 34 there was less sex, but it was great sex with my wife. I guess it hinges on quantity vs. quality. The reason for less sex is mostly more kids/busyness, and less alone time.
  • The sex over the years has become more intimate due to growing closer versus the passion of being newlyweds.
  • I have been with one women all of my life
  • Sexual experiences we had while in college were the most amazing times in our relationship.
  • Amazing that I’m married to the same woman and we have had no sex for the past four years. Marriage has definitely been a long term major disappointment and the biggest obstacle to my personal happiness and long term wellness/health.
  • Kind of a hard survey. I’ve only had sex with my wife my entire life (I’m her first and only, as well) and even though we didn’t wait until we were married I have to say EVERYTIME is amazing. It keeps getting better! It’s like the old timers say, “Married sex is the best sex!”.
  • Vacation vacation vacation! During a 3 week road trip across the national parks of the west.
  • My wife and I have been married for 6 years. The last year has been amazing!
  • For the record, it was actually last night…Until later in the week, anyway! Just keeps getting better. Openness, honesty, and communication will do that!
  • Literally last night. I swear as my wife and I get to know each other that much better the sex improves with it. Not just physical knowing, but emotional and spiritual too.
  • Maybe this isn’t fair to my current wife, but this is about my first wife who passed away suddenly in March 1994 a couple of weeks before her 50th birthday. She had always been a good lover, responsive to my advances but never initiating and never seeming to think about sex until I initiated. About her 40th birthday, some kind of switch flipped in her brain and I began thinking I was the luckiest man in town. I still think I was. She came up with many new things that I never thought to mention because, “She would never do that!” But, as it turned out, she would. She even told our pastor, who was also a close friend, “If you want a good marriage, sleep naked.” She had a sense of humor; she loved deeply; she was flirty; she was generous with herself toward me; she was enthusiastic; she fully gave herself to me without letting that interfere with her relationships with her children. In every way, she was committed to a one-flesh relationship and she realized that relationship could not be fully realized without a great sex life. She got as much out of it as she gave. With her, it wasn’t a matter of, “If he gets what he wants, then he wins and I lose.” She saw that we both would be winners. And we were.
  • With my one and only!
  • It was last night with my wife. Happens quite often for me with my amazing wife.
  • Never had sex with someone other than my wife.
  • Married 21 years to my one love and it keeps getting better!
  • Great foreplay, good loving and finished in her mouth. The Trifecta! Wouldn’t have married her though…
  • Sex is good when you both wait to be married you have no one to compare to and that is the definition of marriage: is to fuse or marry; people or objects together: to make one. God is Good!
  • As we got older I became a much more loving husband. My wife is now much more secure. Now at age 55, and over, we have the most powerful and enjoyable sex ever. We believe that our deep love has led to more powerful orgasms with strong strong emotions and expressions of love.
  • Best ever is now in my 40’s. We are both more relaxed and open with each other. I love my wife and don’t want it with anyone else!
  • Sex is still far too rare. That’s been true for our entire marriage.
  • Now that my wife is responding more often and has orgasms more often I say this is the best yet. Hopefully more growth in the future will make it even better.
  • Like a fine wine getting better with age…
  • After passing 60, I have more and more realized (by help of my dream girl of 46 years) that focusing all sexual thoughts and needs on my wife solely, arouses us both to ever higher levels. Conclusion: Drop technical advices and sexual gadgets.
  • My spouse decided a while she doesn’t need sex. I’m tired of being unwanted, undesired and living in a sexless marriage. She is unwilling to support herself.
  • Best sex to date on my 29th birthday with my wife of 8 years! Looking forward to many more new best’s with my bride.
  • Only had sex once before marriage when I was 15, so not much to compare to. Sex with my wife has only gotten better as we’ve gotten older, however my wife still hasn’t matured to trying new things that will bring her pleasure. She’s not interested in oral, or finger penetration. Just normal sex. But she loves trying new things that will bring me pleasure, so I’m not unhappy by any means.
  • Hard to define ……. as we hardly have sex these days, she doesn’t see the need, this is a memory only. I have only had ex with my wife – a woman foe whom sex is a no-no. This memory was after a long time with no sex.
  • Best sex was with my wife, before we were married. After marriage, she lost interest.
  • Things keep getting better, I picked the age range because that’s how old I am now!
  • I was diagnosed with severely low testosterone several years ago after I finally couldn’t stand the daily hot flashes and terrible night sweats I was experiencing. I have always enjoyed my wife physically, but looking back the frequency was pitiful. A side effect of the use of the supplement is I have a new found libido. Now I am playfully chasing my wife around the house! After this change occurred she confided in me that she had become physically lonely and often wondered why I was not interested in her. As for singular event, we took a 3 week trip to Spain last summer while our kids were in camp. It is my favorite vacation every, and not just because of the beautiful sights and fascinating history. We had each other selfishly to ourselves for the entire time, it was lovely.
  • Once in a while my wife asks me “what was the best sex we ever had”? In reality, it was the last time she completed oral sex which was on our honeymoon 30 years ago. She gives me oral every 6-8 weeks now, never to completion. She used to allow me to give it to her, but not since year 5 or so. She seemed to enjoy it too. How do I answer her question? I lie. Can’t stand another argument about it……
  • This was with the person I thought I was going to marry – Sexual intercourse never occurred (we weren’t married), but everything else did. Some Christian Sex blogs talk about sex play in the bedroom (and elsewhere) – we definitely had that (with some obvious self-control). Only one other time much later in life have I experienced anything similar with a different person – just one time, and only kissing (making out). Learned after getting engaged to my wife that this other person thought we’d end up getting married (wish they had made that known much sooner…)
  • Coming from basically a sexless marriage ( my wife is a gate keeper ) the upside is one will remember the few times you had sex
  • I have not had a period or event of great sex
  • After 23 years of marriage, we had just an amazing night together. I told her several times during that night it was the best of my life.
  • Thanks for a great time on Capri!
  • It has been within my current marriage
  • My whole married life has been full of great sex. Just when I think that it cannot get more “mind-blowing” we reach a new level. My wife and I were both virgins when we married with very little experience (24 and 27 yrs old) and mainly the experience was with each other. It has been wonderful. Looking forward to the next 19 years.
  • After 17 years of inexperienced marriage sex where my wife did not enjoy but did not say anything and then started avoiding because it was not good we finally reached a turning point. After a frustrating encounter last year we decided to seek help. Besides seeing 2 counselors I stumbled onto TMB and blogs such say Generous Husband, Hot Holy and Humorous, Forgiven Wife, Pearls Oysterbed and have been learning to navigate our marital bed. While she does not have the patience to read the blogs she is aware and grateful for them and I have incorporated what I have learnt about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of sex to our LM. Bottom line, while the quantity is not as much as I would like(almost once a week) quality wise this is amazing and the best sex ever has been a few of these sessions in the last 6 months. Though difficult, when my wife reaches an O it is indescribable. Thanks.
  • Sex with my wife is getting better with age and I am not that old so I am REALLY looking forward to when I am 60!
  • Married a few years and no kids… spontaneity was pretty fun then 🙂





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