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After His Orgasm

116 women and 545 men have answered
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NOTE: Many of the results below do not conform with the way sexual age changes are commonly explained. What we see here is only minor changes/loss with age, not the more significant changes usually suggested.

Given how well some of our results track with other surveys and studies, we cannot automatically assume our results are due to sample bias. It should be noted there has been almost no solid science done on these issues. Most of the conventional wisdom is repeated despite a lack of support for the information.

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  • Men and women gave similar answers here.
  • Roughly a quarter of men are unable to continue intercourse a minute after climax.
  • Two-thirds are done by three minutes.
  • Only 15% can go longer than ten minutes.
  • Eleven percent can continue indefinitely.
  • Indefinite was most common for young men:
    • 25% of those younger than 25
    • 18% of men 25-34
    • 11% of men 35-44
    • 9% of men 45-55
    • 8% of men 55 and up
  • Less than half a minute showed the opposite pattern, ranging from none of those younger than 25 to 16% of the oldest group.

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  • About twice as many were able to go indefinitely at 25.
  • The answers for age 25 and “currently’ are different, but only by a minute or two.
  • Men, but not women, were given an “I don’t know” option for this one. This option should have been given to both, and should have been given for the “current” question above.

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  • Twenty-seven percent say longer or more active intercourse results in slower loss of erection.
  • Fourteen percent say it speeds up loss of erection.

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  • This chart shows very little difference based on age. A second climax in less than an hour is more common for men under 45, but even here the difference is not great.
  • Note – we only had 4 men younger than 25 answer. This why that line is so jerky.

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  • Again, there is little age-related difference here.
  • 38% of men 55 and over had at least three orgasms in one day in the last year. This compares to 64% of men 25-34.

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  • Once again age has a limited effect on this.
  • About 5% of men feel pain if stimulation continues after orgasm is over. For half it’s only a problem for a few seconds.
  • Thirty percent of men find continued stimulation fairly uncomfortable. Again it’s about 50/50 a few seconds and longer.
  • About 30% of men find continued stimulation mildly uncomfortable. About two-thirds said this lasts a few seconds, a third longer than a few seconds.
  • A third of men say ongoing stimulation after orgasm is not a problem.
  • More is okay was more common with each increase in age, ranging from 22% from 40%.

Women’s Comments:

  • Once his orgasm happens, his erection goes away pretty quickly. It doesn’t hinder our love making though. If I haven’t yet orgasmed he will pull out and help me reach orgasm by manual stimulation.
  • This depends on how long it’s been since we made love.
  • I must admit, I was guessing at the length at age 25…that was a long time ago and I wasn’t too observant back then.
  • This was something we did when we were young….now we’re so anxious for sleep, why continue on after he finishes? Besides, he’s usually too sensitive after orgasm to want continued stimulation.
  • So much better to slow things down before climax so we get there together.
  • He can’t stand to be touched after he orgasms, even if I haven’t.
  • My husband has no problem maintaining erection after orgasm and in many cases can have multiple orgasms during intimacy..

Men’s Comments:

  • My penis goes down almost immediately after orgasm. Minimum of 15 min before erect again. Wish that wasn’t the case.
  • Stimulation of the testicles after orgasm is uncomfortable but the penis can continue to be stimulated.
  • It’s funny… My wife and l are high school sweethearts and have been together for 24 years. We will be celebrating our 22 year sex anniversary next week and I kid you not… Sex is better and more frequent AND more adventurous today (in our early 40’s) than it was when we began (in our early 20’s…). The stuff she does AFTER I climax now are mind blowing… Where was that 20 years ago…? Loving this journey with #HerWhomMySoulLoveth and am looking forward to the future…
  • I find it quite a turn on when she wants me to reach orgasm a second time. Often, however, to reach orgasm the second time requires manual stimulation. It also helps when she tells me that she thinks I can reach orgasm again. Her words and encouragement increase the turn on factor. It often occurs with manual stimulation only, but I really love that she wants to do this for me. It also helps me to know, in an unspoken way, that it’s not about her needing more for her to be satisfied if she manually brings me to orgasm. It’s about her wanting to give me the very best.
  • I actually find that if my orgasm is on the lighter side then I am less overcome by it. And thus I am able to keep thrusting. And since I have my mind back I am also better able to control my penis. This is like a best case scenario for me because I can slow down for her and be more deliberate about grinding her clitoris. I generally get no sensation from a clitoris grinding thrust, so my hind brain won’t do it very long. If I keep at I will lose my erection. If I’ve already climaxed I can focus and serve her body and her needs. I would love to find more such service scenarios but she has put a strict prohibition on talking about our sex life. It is supposed to all happen naturally.
  • DW is mostly a “one and done” kind of gal herself, so we rarely keep going after we both orgasm, so this almost never comes into play. When we do, I can stay erect and feel like I can get close to another orgasm but getting across the finish line a second time soon after the first is almost impossible now in my mid-30s. If I give it a little longer it can happen but DW will get sore before we get to that point. We are more likely to make love in the morning/afternoon and then a few hours later make love again with a large break in between as opposed to keeping going with intercourse immediately after we orgasm and go for “back-to-back”. We talk a big game about going for “round two” when we first start round one, but by the time we orgasm we’re pretty well spent and satisfied. 🙂
  • I miss being 25! My wife could go all night now… but I never could… anymore.
  • I’m blessed in that I am able to stay hard after orgasm, hard enough that my wife can have orgasms from penetration. And I can orgasm a second time in about 30 minutes after the first.
  • Seems I’m more able to last longer and able to go more “rounds” now that I’m older. Sadly, I wish my wife were more interested and willing to go more “rounds” now. 🙁
  • I am still able to stay erect enough fit intercourse for as long as stimulation continues but my post orgasm erections are now less firm (and less stimulating for my bride) than they used to be. In my case I believe this to be due to conditioning than age. Since giving birth 7 years ago, my bride is not able to physically handle prolonged activity. As a result, I had to learn to orgasm more quickly than I would like or be on my own. As she is building endurance again it is very frustrating for me to reverse this programming. I do really miss watching her orgasm 10+ times in one of our “scenic route” sessions.
  • I am still able to go a long way after orgasm.
  • My wife and I normally begin our times together with a focus on her climaxing. I will orgasm sometime along the way, but it is often long enough after that until she orgasms (about 10 minutes); the continued arousal often makes it difficult for me if I don’t orgasm again and my wife is so sweet and generous and makes certain I can again if I want to. 🙂
  • Recently my wife gave me a handjob that made her so horny after I orgasmed. She then wanted intercourse after I had made her orgasm through oral sex. Oh how I wish I could have been able to orgasm again so soon after the first one. I’m 47 and wished I was 18 again.
  • I’m now 48 and have started losing my erection much faster after climax. Kind of bothers me. I’d like to stay erect a little longer for her. I like to stay inside her after climax for a while and this hasn’t been possible. Would like to know if things like doing kegels work or is this just a consequence of getting older.
  • Would love to have an all day love making marathon but the wife isn’t interested.
  • The biggest difference is that 25, I could have sex day and night. Just the hint of sex gave me an erection where now, there has to be a chance of sex and maybe better than 30% chance. At 25, often we had intercourse until I would have dry orgasms after the first 5 or 6 times. We were young and spent many Saturday’s in bed just enjoying the intimacy and sex. My control was better in those days. I could pull it out, change positions or move into teasing her and never lost an erection.
  • Difficult survey, wife never as sexual positive as I am / was. So not sure if I ever had the opportunity to experience as many orgasms as I might be able. Now, her health issues and other factors limit us to a few times a year (or less). It is difficult as I have not turned 55 and really still have a typical male desire for this age.
  • My penis is not nearly as sensitive, in a good way, as it used to be when I was younger. Now it is fairly insensitive, in a negative way.
  • There were a few occasions where I was able to keep going through round 2. This was before I turned 30.
  • I can and always have been able to keep going until I have another climax. I don’t however have what’s commonly referred to as blue balls.
  • I’ve told her I would to continue afterwards but she doesn’t like being touched after hers so that’s how it is. 22 years and she refuses to accept I’m different than her in all areas of the marriage “selfish “.
  • I am 63. It is hard to remember back when I was 25.
  • How can I go back to how it was at 25?
  • Sex with my DW is fairly vanilla and predictable, thus I’m not as mentally aroused as I’d like. This translates into erections being more difficult to achieve and maintain, especially with my physical changes factored in.
  • A stronger sex drive now at 39 than when I married at age 25.
  • An appropriate question would have been: After orgasm how long before you can achieve another erection? Followed by: After orgasm how long before you can achieve another erection, when your were 25?
  • After climax my penis is more sensitive when receiving oral than during intercourse, anal or manual to include flashlight toy.
  • I miss being 25!
  • For questions eight and nine I put the most I have ever orgasm in a day was twice that’s because that’s the most my wife and have ever had sex in a day. When I was single I would masturbate and could orgasm six times a day. Needless to say it was very hard to get to used when I got married not having an orgasm very often. Since we wouldn’t have sex very often or at all for weeks on end. Sex has always been the number one driving wedge between us. Our sex life is better now than it was but it’s taken over 11 years of painful marriage to get here and there is a lot of hurt and baggage to still overcome. I pray someday we will have a great sex life.
  • My penis is still a marvellous mystery. When I was 18, (yes we were married, and still married to the same woman) I could remain inside her and stay hard and climax 3-4 times without stopping. Each successive climax took longer, with less ejaculate.. IE: 3 minutes (oops) 6-10 minutes, 8-12 minutes, 15-20 minutes. My wife usually climaxed during 3rd or 4th time. We had intimacy (sex) 10-15 times a week back then. Oh, the memories. One weekend, on a get-a-way, I climaxed 15 times in 24 hours (approx. age 22) and my wife’s total was, well we lost count at 30… Now, at 60, I climax in 20-30 minutes, and my wife in 8-10 minutes. She often has 2-3 orgasms in a session, and I only one. We have intimacy ( not always intercourse) almost daily (with both of us climaxing at least once). About two months ago, I remained erect with stimulation from her hand and had a second climax in 2-3 minutes. (WOW) . Not sure how that happened, and have not been able to repeat it since (although we have tried). I have a prescription for Cialis and take it about once or twice a month ( it is very expensive). I notice firmer erections, No noticeable change in time to climax, I ‘deflate’ much slower after climax. And it feels good to have a firm erection throughout foreplay instead of ‘waxing and waning’. By the way, I had excellent health when younger, and am still in pretty good health for an older man. All that being said, I am much happier with the quality of our intimacy now versus the quantity of sex in the past. If I had to guess, I would say we had sex more times than the number of days we have been married. God has really blessed us in our marriage. Ok, enough about us. Thank you for doing the surveys.
  • I simply don’t go flaccid unless I stop all sexuality. In order to have a second or more orgasms, though, I have to have a lot more mental involvement, I.e., talking and communication. It might be dirty talk, it might be tender and meaningful stuff. My brain is far more important to my second orgasm than my first, which can be purely physical (though as I’ve aged I’ve noticed more connection needed for my first than it used to take). As parents of small kids, we do tend to masturbate a lot together as full-on intercourse is not as frequent as it used to be.
  • Questions about “When I was 25…” need answers “didn’t have sex until after I was 25” and “I’m too old to remember”. Question about more stimulation after orgasm needs answer “Very, very, very ticklish!”
  • This survey was odd. It seemed to be leading. Perhaps better to have an open ended question? My wife has asked afterward for more only once. We talk about going longer after including her but she never follows through. She’d rather have me in her less than more. Never was asked for more than once a day. I’m lucky if we make love twice a month. Me suggesting twice a week ends with “there is no normal for healthy sex or marriage,” which is code for when I desire you that way well do it. My wife believes as long as she doesn’t desire anyone else, then she is in bounds. That I can’t have it both ways: wanting frequency and quality (which means she bring into it and desiring me!) Twice a week…is that really unreasonable target for intimacy?
  • When we have sex, I ejaculate very quickly if we’ve not taken care of things for me beforehand. Thankfully, I can stay erect as long as needed unless it’s too hot or I’m in pain.
  • I married late (after 25) and was a virgin. So, most of my answers related to intercourse at 25 or prior were “I don’t know”. However, regarding the “most orgasms in a day” question I answered based on masturbation experience. Also, my answers now are affected by my wife’s decreasing sexual response to me. Not only does she have physical issues, she also has a low sex drive and increasing amount of gate keeping. So, I COULD have more orgasms than I do now — but that’s because my wife stops things. For instance, earlier this year she told me, “I enjoy [sex with you] but I never want to have sex twice in the same night again. It’s too [difficult physically].” So, she put a stop to that. She “allows” me to have once-in-a-while duty sex, but no more than the minimum. Getting more frustrated with each passing year. I’m not exactly proud of this, but I sometimes find myself thinking, “I waited 38 years for THIS? What a waste.”
  • I didn’t ever bother to set a timer after I orgasm so I had to go on what I “remember.” However, sometimes I can stay erect and active with my wife for a while longer, sometimes I can’t. Sometimes she can get me active after I’ve gone soft and go at it again, sometimes she doesn’t.
  • We are mid-30’s. After I orgasm, it is a bit uncomfortable for a short period if stimulation continues. I am normally OK to continue if I know she is close. It takes several minutes for me to calm down post-orgasm. However, stimulation can re-excite me to the point that it will remain erect but it will take a LONG time before I orgasm again. It’s fun and enjoyable, but the body just takes a long time to get worked up for round two regardless of how much my mind (or my wife) is ready for me to orgasm again. While it is possible for me to get riled up for a third round, I haven’t been able to orgasm in my round three of back-to-back-to-back years. With the right stimulus, I can remain erect but the body just won’t do it. I need to have several hours of down time before I can climax a third time and the last time I had a successful third in a single day was just over two years ago. Within the last year, I had sex 3 times in a single day (where I was erect and stimulated) and within the last year and a half I had sex 4 times in a single day (both were on vacations with only the two of us! ;-D ). However, both times I only climaxed twice in a day. Our last round of the 4x day we were at it for almost an hour when the wife called it done; even though she initiated, she needed a break! It was fun, enjoyable, pleasurable, and I loved it but it just wouldn’t happen for me. Oh well. It was quite memorable.
  • It seems I have a hormone balance that allows me to maintain an erection for at least two orgasms. My limits have never been tested as my wife is not interested in going for more. My personal solo record is 4 in a single session. Unless I have more than one orgasm during a sexual experience I usually still feel horny even immediately after one round of sex. If the experience is a particularly good one or I happen to get that rare second orgasm then my feeling of desire dwindles for a day or so.
  • After climax, my glans is very sensitive, uncomfortable…yes….but at the same time incredible sensations… almost unbearable, but not a reason to stop. Mix of “pleasure and pain”… I enjoy it
  • Once my wife let me calm down for a minute and then went for the “waking-the-dead” technique where she took me in her mouth and got me hard again and I was ready to go in about a minute or two. The second orgasm after getting ready that way was intense!
  • I would like to be able to go again, like my wife does but we just lack the time and opportunity to enable that to happen. Hopefully one day when the kids leave home and we don’t have to work so much.
  • As if erectile difficulties were not enough, I find decreasing penile sensitivity as times passes. It takes longer to get a decent erection, which does not last as it should, and it also takes longer and longer to orgasm. All this is spite of T replacement and daily tadalafil. Heavens, if things are so now (I’m only 51), the future looks rather bleak. On the other hand, my wife is very satisfied with our sex life and relationship as a whole. Being committed Christians gives us this good fruit – our relationship does not depend on my sexual performance as it maybe could if we bought into the world’s views.
  • Time between ability to orgasm again can fluctuate wildly. We normally do not try again (98% of the time). If we do continue, it may be a special occasion or because the first one is not as powerful as normal. The most in one day was our wedding night as we were both virgins, and from the time we got to the hotel at about 10PM through the night between sleeping and waking up for more sex until about 10AM the next morning.
  • Never be afraid to ask the Lord to renew your youth. 🙂 The effects of aging are counteracted when you are at rest in your Daddy God’s Grace. My wife and I have had an active sex life since we married at 20 and it has only gotten better.





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