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Where buy to toys, lubes, lingerie and more

shopping cart © Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee | freedigitalphotos.netWe are often asked where to buy the different items mentioned on the site without having to go to questionable stores or winding up on a website full of pornographic images.

Below is a list of sites that offer items in a non-pornographic way. These businesses do not give out your E-mail or snail mail addresses, and their packages are discreet. This list is small because we are very picky! Sites contain no nudity or near nudity. End-user packaging may or may not have nude or near-nude images.

Bliss – A computerized board game that can help you have some good fun, some good sex, and learn a few things about each other along the way.


Covenant Spice – Covenant Spice is dedicated to strengthening marriages and increasing playfulness and intimacy in your sex life. From bedroom toys to Christian sex manuals, from body toppings to romantic games, everything you need to keep the sparks flying in and out of the bedroom. No nudity on product packaging or the website. A wide variety of items, including Liberator Shapes.


The Pure Bed – We celebrate sex as God’s gift to marriage. Get candles, lingerie, massage oils, marital aids, bath and spa products, edible body toppings, intensifying/desensitizing balms and more. We want to be your married couple’s intimacy store.

Marriage Dance – We believe sex is a gift from God for married couples to enjoy together. Our couples’ sex toys and marital aids can help add intimacy and playfulness to your marriage bed which can help strengthen your marriage overall. A wide array of products in a safe environment. 


http://bit.ly/2ymCKFZSpark This Marriage – Every married couple can use more spark! Offers a nice selection of lingerie displayed without nudity. 

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