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How Far Before Marriage

SEX AND THE SINGLE CHRISTIAN What’s Okay, What’s Not, and Why Paul H. Byerly How far can you go without a marriage license? It would be really nice if the Bible said “with thy lips together thou may kiss, but

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Why Wait?

WHY WAIT? Lori Byerly To singles … … what you are doing now will effect your married sexuality, either for good or bad. What you do or don’t do can make the difference between a wonderful, happy marriage and a

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Sex for the Clueless Bride

SEX FOR THE CLUELESS BRIDE Lori Byerly There is a lot of anticipation of the wedding night. The thought of finally being able to be sexual with the one you love is exciting, but at the same time a little

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Sex for the Clueless Groom

SEX FOR THE CLUELESS GROOM Paul H. Byerly The article is targeted at men with very little to absolutely no sexual experience or instruction, and is intended to be read shortly before the wedding night. For drawings of the genitals

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Is Oral Really Sex?

IS ORAL SEX OKAY BEFORE MARRIAGE? Paul H. Byerly There is absolutely nothing in the Bible which suggests that oral sex is wrong. In fact, many experts on the Song of Songs are convinced that it contains descriptions of oral

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Especially for Newlyweds

ESPECIALLY FOR NEWLYWEDS Mark & Teri Guest Authors We have been married for over 16 years and have an extremely happy and successful marriage with two terrific children. However, our happiness has taken much effort and we have learned greatly

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Keeping Sexually Pure

KEEPING SEXUALLY PURE Tom & Catherine Guest Authors From Tom: One of the most important things a Christian couple can do is to stay sexually pure for each other, for themselves, and for God. However, there isn’t a lot of

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