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Anal Sex

Anal Sex – Sin, Bad Idea, or What? When we started talking to Christians about sex in 1997, anal sex was almost never mentioned. Today it is a fairly common topic/question. Frankly, I would like to say anal sex is

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Oral Blessings

Oral Blessings By Chris TaylorGuest Author If you ask your husband how he would like you to sexually bless him, chances are pretty high oral sex will be near the top of that list. Why do so many men desire

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Sex Positive

SEXUALITYmain pagesite map Engaged Couples & Newlyweds Sex for the Clueless Bride Sex for the Clueless Groom Is Oral Really Sex? Especially for Newlyweds Birth Control Keeping Sexually Pure How Far Before Marriage? Why Wait? Intimate Play Setting the Scene

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Do You Think about Sex Too Much?

Do You Think about Sex Too Much? By JGuest Author “Starving men may think much about food, but so do gluttons.” — C. S. Lewis In Mere Christianity, Lewis made this analogy of food to sex, to demonstrate how those

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Solo Masturbation in Marriage

Solo Masturbation in Marriage Paul Byerly The information here comes in part from a couple of online surveys we did. The first important question then is how accurate are those surveys, do they represent married Christians as a whole? As

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50 confessions from wives who enjoy sex

50 Confessions From Wives Who Enjoy Sex This article is a compilation of blog posts from members of the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association. Here, in order of appearance on the web, are the first five posts in a growing number

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Sex Positive Christians

Sex Positive Christians Paul H. Byerly Many see the term “Sex Positive Christians” as an oxymoron; I hope I can convince you it is not, and is, in fact, what God intended. The Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC) defines

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The Mess

The Mess A common question from newlyweds is “What do you do about the mess!” Yes, sex is messy; if it isn’t, you’re doing it wrong! Gentlemen need to understand the mess is a bigger problem for their wife than

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Chronic Masturbation

Chronic Masturbation Paul Byerly What it is Let’s start by defining what makes one a chronic masturbator. Chronic masturbation means masturbating multiple times a day, every day, month after month. The man who masturbates daily, or even twice a day,

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LUBRICANTS Paul H. Byerly So called “personal lubricants” have become very popular in the last decade, with a variety of products available at any pharmacy, and increasingly in grocery stores. Our Shopping Links page has links to several companies that

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