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Chronic Masturbation

Chronic Masturbation Paul Byerly What it is Let’s start by defining what makes one a chronic masturbator. Chronic masturbation means masturbating multiple times a day, every day, month after month. The man who masturbates daily, or even twice a day,

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Noise to Signal Ratio

Noise to Signal Ratio By Paul H Byerly Signal to noise ratio is an electronics term – let me explain it using AM radio. The signal is the program you want to listen to, the noise is the static caused

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Sexual Addiction

SEXUAL ADDICTION Lori Byerly “Sexual addiction” is a common term today, but there is a great deal of debate about the accuracy of the term. Here we will talk about sexual compulsions to describe a very real problem that can

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The Problem With Porn

WHY PORN IS A PROBLEM Paul H. Byerly Some have inferred what we say about “sexually explicit material ” to mean we are not concerned about pornography. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We see porn as a huge

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Sexual Abuse

SEXUAL ABUSE Lori Byerly Not available at this time.

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God Wants You to Be Whole

GOD WANTS YOU TO BE WHOLE Kelly B. Guest Author I was sexually abused repeatedly throughout my childhood and adolescence. I carried the pain and resulting dysfunction into adulthood and my marriage. The one thing that I know for sure

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