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Orgasm – his and hers

  This will explain the difference between male and female orgasm.      

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Board Usage & Copyright

Usage and Copyright for TMB Message Boards All posts on the Marriage Bed message boards are copyrighted by The Marriage Bed, Inc. (TMB) and by the original author of the post. Permission is granted for the electronic display of posts

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The Law of Moses

WHAT PLACE DOES THE LAW OF MOSES HAVE IN OUR LIFE? Lawrence “Buddy” MartinGuest Author From time to time we get questions about how we are to view to the Old Testament law, and if we are still bound by

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BELLCURVES IN BIOLOGY Paul H. Byerly Most measurable characteristics of biological things fall on what’s known as a bell curve. The X axis is the measure of the thing, with the smaller or least on the left and the larger

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SEEING GREY IN A WORLD FULL OF COLOUR Paul H. Byerly It seems to me that some who are very worried about masturbation do not see a significant difference between masturbation and sex with another person. To me the two

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Guest Authors

ABOUT OUR GUEST AUTHORS A few words about our guest authors. We call them guest authors because we have invited them to write an article for the site, and unless otherwise noted, all articles were specifically written for this site.

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Families DUI (God's Way or the World's Way?)

FAMILIES DUI Pastor Dale Kaufman Sunday Sermon – October 26, 2003Guest Author On May 14, 1988, a school bus full of children, teens, and chaperones traveled down Interstate 71 to Radcliffe, Kentucky. They were on their way home from a

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