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How Frequency Effects Women

HOW SEXUAL FREQUENCY AFFECTSA WOMAN’S SEXUAL RESPONSIVENESS,FERTILITY, AND HEALTH Paul H. Byerly Most people know what happens to a man when sex is infrequent, but many don’t understand how a woman’s body responds to varying levels of sexual frequency. Every

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OXYTOCIN IN WOMEN The Bridge Between Touch and Sex Paul H. Byerly Touch is so vital to humans, and most of us don’t get nearly enough of it. Babies deprived of touch don’t develop normally because certain connections in the

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KEGELS AND FEMALE PELVIC MUSCLE HEALTH Lori Byerly Did you know that you have “sex muscles,” and that strengthening them can make sex better for you and your spouse? A little history … In the 1930’s, Dr. Joshua Davies developed

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Brava Breast Enlargement

BREAST ENLARGEMENT WITH THE BRAVA SYSTEM Paul & Lori Byerly Follow up note: We have heard from a couple of women who tried Brava and were not satisfied. Both complained about the discomfort and having to wear the device for

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The Anatomy of Female Arousal

The Anatomy of Female Arousal Paul & Lori Byerly Our bodies go through a number of changes during sex. Understanding these changes helps us understand both our sexuality and that of our spouse. This article looks at women; you can

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The G-spot

THE G-SPOT Paul H. Byerly In 1982 Dr. John D. Perry, Beverly Whipple & Alice Kahn Ladas published “The G Spot,” a book which created a great deal of controversy (aff link to updated version). Perry and company said there

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Female Ejaculation

FEMALE EJACULATION Paul H. Byerly The following assumes you have already an understanding of the G-spot. Do women ejaculate? Turns out some women do so noticeably, and many women do so in amounts so small it goes unnoticed. Reports of

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