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Covenant or Contract?

COVENANT OR CONTRACT? Richard A. MurphyGuest Author God is a covenant God, and He created marriage as a covenant. So before we can understand what marriage is, we need to learn what covenant is. Without the binding commitment of a

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Is Marriage a Covenant

IS MARRIAGE A COVENANT? Lawrence “Buddy” Martin Pastor Emeritus – Christian Challenge InternationalGuest Author The only Scripture in the Bible where you actually find the word ‘covenant’ used in direct relationship to marriage is at the closing of the former

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Covenant Marriage

THE COVENANT MARRIAGE MOVEMENT Over the past dozen years there has been a growing amount of teaching about marriage and the marriage covenant. A part of this is reactionary because our culture has made marriage an expendable contractual agreement. God

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HEADSHIP Paul H. Byerly Headship is a sticky issue; just mentioning it can get folks uptight. This is probably because in the past some have misused scriptures about headship to make women second-class members of the Body of Christ. Years

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SUBMISSION Lori Byerly The word “submission” is translated from the Greek word “hupotasso.” (5293 in the Strong’s Concordance) It means to place or rank under, to subject or to obey. The word is also fairly often translated “subject.” In the

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1 Cor 7 – Sexual Responsibility

SEXUAL RESPONSIBILITY A Look at 1 Corinthians 7 Paul & Lori Byerly Is sex really important in marriage? Has a sex-obsessed society caused Christians to see sex as more important than it is? Or, have Christians reacted against the sex-obsessed

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Sexual Stewardship

SEXUAL STEWARDSHIP Paul & Lori Byerly We spent many years trying to understand our responsibilities and “rights” regarding sex; eventually we came up with what we call sexual stewardship. This idea grew out of our attempts to understand 1 Corinthians

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What’s Okay, What’s Not

WHAT’S OKAY? WHAT’S NOT? Paul & Lori Byerly We are often asked questions like “Is oral sex okay?” or “My husband wants to make a video of us in the bedroom. Is this a sin?” The reason we get so

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DIVORCE – IS IT EVER OK? Paul H. Byerly Nowhere does the Bible specifically say that all divorce is a sin, but it does say God hates divorce, and that is enough to make us realize that we must be

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