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About Paul & Lori

About Paul and Lori By Paul and Lori Byerly Who are Paul & Lori? How do we, Paul and Lori, define ourselves? We are parents of adult children (one of each), grandparents of three, husband and wife. We are non-denominational,

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Statement of Faith

STATEMENT OF FAITH We believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word, and is useful for teaching the faith, correcting error, for guiding our lives, and for teaching us to be holy and righteous. We believe there is only one true

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About TMB

ABOUT THE MARRIAGE BED This ministry came into being in December of 1997 as an AOL homepage called “Godly Intimacy In Marriage.” Our original goal was to offer thoughts, teachings and information on a range of marital matters, including sex.

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Our (messy) History

OUR (MESSY) HISTORY By Paul & Lori Byerly One significant reason we created this ministry is what we’ve been through; so, it seems only fair that we share some of our history. We were both raised in middle-class homes by

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Our Thoughts on Marriage

OUR THOUGHTS ON MARRIAGE Paul & Lori Byerly The Bible contains relatively few direct commands about the day-to-day living of a godly marriage. This makes it hard to “grab the Book and look it up.” However, marriage, and what God

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TMB Forum Oversight Group

TMB FORUM OVERSIGHT GROUP and THE VOICE OF OG Managing a discussion group is always a challenge, and a group discussing sexual issues has additional challenges. As the Marriage Bed e-mail list grew, we felt the need to have some

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Come join us on the TMB forum . A safe place for Christians to talk about sex. 


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