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The Sex Act You Secretly Want

78 women and 410 men have answered
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We asked: What ONE sex act, which you do not think is sin and which you are not doing, do you want to do with your spouse?


The chart below has the full list with percentage of men and women who mentioned each item.  We did our best to group answers, which required some guessing. Answers with less than half a percent were removed.


  • Oral sex was a common desire, with 37% of men and 25% of women wanting some sort of oral sex.
  • Anal sex play was the second most listed, with 25% of men and 20% of women wanting some form of anal play.
  • Thirteen percent of the women and 3% of men said they do everything they want.
  • Despite the “not a sin” qualifier, 1% of the men and 4% of the women wanted sex involving another person or persons. All of these individuals said they were at least somewhat a follower of Jesus.


MaleFemale Sex Act
3%13%Nothing – We do everything I want
17%15%Oral (no mention of on who) 
5%10%Oral on her 
5%0%Oral on him Oral 
4%0%Oral – both ways 
5%0%Ejaculate in her mouth
2%0%Have her swallow
4%0%Sixty Nine 
18%5%Anal Intercourse
3%3%Anal other than Intercourse
4%9%Anal on him (Strap-on or other device)
3%5%Sex outside 
0%6%Husband "taking" wife
0%4%Rough/Aggressive sex
1%4%More intimate: more kissing, foreplay, involved
1%3%Anything (sexless/low sex marriage) 
0%4%Position other than missionary 
3%0%Rear entry intercourse 
1%1%Role Playing 
2%0%Watch her masturbate 
2%1%Masturbate together 
1%0%Ejaculate on her face
1%0%Ejaculate on her breasts
1%0%Strip/Lap Dance 
1%0%Water Sports
1%0%Her initiating
0%1%Sex in water
0%1%Talk Dirty
0%1%Missionary Position
1%4%Sex involving other(s)




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