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Post-affair Choice

You have a choice after your spouse has an affair By AleciaGuest Author Every day someone finds out that his or her spouse had an affair. It is life changing and relationship changing in every way imaginable. Everyday that person

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The pill ruins sex?

The Pill Ruins Sex? By Paul & Lori Byerly Elsewhere we have discussed the effectiveness of the pill and other forms of hormonal birth control, and which might destroy a fertilised egg and which do not. Here we would like

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Chronic Masturbation

Chronic Masturbation Paul Byerly What it is Let’s start by defining what makes one a chronic masturbator. Chronic masturbation means masturbating multiple times a day, every day, month after month. The man who masturbates daily, or even twice a day,

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Noise to Signal Ratio

Noise to Signal Ratio By Paul H Byerly Signal to noise ratio is an electronics term – let me explain it using AM radio. The signal is the program you want to listen to, the noise is the static caused

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Is There Hope After an Affair?

Is There Hope After an Affair? Richard and HollyGuest Authors Nothing can rock a marriage as horrifically as the infidelity of an extramarital affair. We know, because we have felt the effects of infidelity in our marriage, and we have

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Survive an Affair?

CAN A CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE SURVIVE AN AFFAIR? Nancy C. Anderson Guest Author Can a Christian marriage survive an affair? Yes, mine did! When Ron and I got married in 1978, both of us believed that it was the other person’s

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Problems Section Index

problems section index Front PageStart HereSite Map Desire Lack of Desire Spouse Won’t Have Sex How to Get Him to Want Sex The Pill Ruins Sex? Arousal & Orgasm Women and the Elusive “O” Erectile Difficulty Inhibited Ejaculation Rapid Ejaculation

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Lack of Desire

LACK OF DESIRE Lori Byerly There are a number of reasons a person might lack sexual desire for their spouse. When you consider that sexual desire starts with what happens between your ears and then is greatly influenced by the

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Spouse Won't Have Sex

MY SPOUSE WON’T HAVE SEX! Paul H. Byerly Elsewhere we discuss why it is wrong to refuse sex, but what do you do if your spouse chooses to say no? We get several private letters a month from men and

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How to Get Him to Want Sex

HOW TO TURN ON A SEXUALLY INDIFFERENT HUSBAND Paul and Lori Byerly This article was written primarily by Paul; it’s a male look at how men view sex, and it’s rather blunt. So buckle up and hang on! It is

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