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    The Generous Wife Apr 21, 2014 | 03:30 am

    Zing Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott have been doing a series of posts over at Happy Wives Club. They mentioned recently in 5 Proven Happiness Boosters for Couples that getting out of your usual patterns and doing something new together can be good for your marriage. If that feels a bit overwhelming (life can be busy), realize you can start small. Fix a new dish for dinner or try out a new restaurant.Go to a new class or group at your church fellowship.Try a new position in the bedroom.Introduce yourselves to other parents (and hopefully make new friends) at your kid’s soccer match. Look for ways to add newness without adding more to your days. A little zing is good for your marriage.  It’s fun doing new things.  Rick Baker The Generous Husband: Is He Lord of Our Marriages? Let Christ rule there too. Hot, Holy & Humorous: Two to Tango, Two to Change Your Sexual Intimacy Navigating change in the bedroom. Are you shopping online this week? Please start on the Shop and Support TGW page. It won’t change your purchase price, but I will receive a small commission. Links may be monetized.Image courtesy of Tanatat / Leave A Commentposted in the[…]


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  • Marriage Destroyer: Lack of Communication

    The Generous Husband Apr 21, 2014 | 02:01 am

    We all understand communication is vital for a good marriage. But, do we understand what most needs to be communicated? Most couples spend the majority of their time discussing the things necessary to keep a family running. While this is important, something else is far more important. We all have a deep desire to be […]



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You can't have all, do all, and be all. Just be yourself and then see if you can be a little bit better. Just a little. ~ from Rosemary...
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