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Donation Jar © Karen Roach | Dreamstime.comWe appreciate your prayers and financial gifts.  We could not do this without you!  Thank you all for your help.

Note - this page is for donating to the TMB general fund.  To donate toward Paul & Lori's support, go here.

We are a no debt ministry.  Your donations are tax deductible and much appreciated.  We send year end giving statements for all US donations.  If you include an e-mail address, we will use it to notify you that we have recieved a donation of any amount.  For more information, see the donation FAQ.

How to donate:
Donations can be sent through Razzo, JustGive, or PayPal, as well as by mail. Razoo is the easiest, and the best for us, but they all work.



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To mail donations, please print out our donation form and mail with your check or money order to:

The Marriage Bed, Inc.
4641 Lyons Hill Road
Springdale, WA 99173

Phone 509-654-9209




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