The Generous Wife

  • Sweet Dreams

    The Generous WifeMay 21, 2015 | 02:01 am

    Ask your husband to describe his idea of what a good and healthy marriage looks like. (Be willing to share your thoughts too.) With that in mind, is there one very, very, very small thing you each could do to move your marriage that direction? When you get good at that pick another very, very, very small […]


The Generous Husband

  • Is This the Right Time?

    The Generous HusbandMay 21, 2015 | 02:01 am

    Yesterday I talked about choosing your battles. Another aspect of this is choosing when to fight a battle.  I used to jump on things as soon as I saw them. Any wrong, any error, I was all over it immediately. This was an inconvenience for me on many occasions. It also meant I might not […]



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Wait for the Pause ◄ A simple idea with profound effects. via @ GenerousWife
A sexless marriage is like a church that never speaks or sings praise of/to God. #SexTip
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Show Him the Sex! ◄ It does more for him than you can imagine! #XYcode via @themarriagebed
Cracking The Marriage Code ◄ A practical marriage book for men, filled with clear action steps. #AffLnk
Your marriage needs a lot of touch, including plenty of non-sexual touch. #MarriageTip
Prayer Prompt ♥ Ask God to help you stay calm in conversation, to hear your spouse's heart, and to wait for the pause.

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